Reborn Legends

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Gift of all Gifts~

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Truthfully i didn't know what to buy naruto, yeah i vistied the place and saw him countless times but didn't mean i knew him. And it seems my idea of getting him a weapon was off limits cause he's only gonna be five, so i was stumped and was dragged through enough shops to make me hate shopping for a very long time.

The door jingled as me and my mother hand in hand walked into the shop, glancing around with my eye's open i had caught sight of a knit hat that was buried in a box near the back. Letting go of my mothers hand i padded over there and started to dig down into the box to pull out a knitted black and white hat, it had black and white eyes and two white looking teeth that hung in the front. (Naruto's sleeping hat)

It was naruto's sleeping hat i realized. On one of my visits to this world i had encountered naruto in the streets being dragged by the pink haired girl sakura who looked more beast than girl at that moment, and naruto still in his pajama's with that strange looking hat he seemed to sleep with.

Carefully looking at the strange hat in my hands. It was perfect i thought with a smile. Walking over to my mother who was flipping through a rack of clothes i tugged on her dress.

Mom! I found what i wanna get naruto. I said smiling happily at my gift. Lifting it up in the air for my mother to see.

She thoughtfully looked at it before asking. Are you sure Katsumi?

I'm Positive Mom! I said Nodding my head for good mesure with a heart melting smile i had used times before that seemed to reasured my parents.

She smiled before she picked my up with my gift in hand to the register were the man kindly warped it into a box with wraping paper. Handing it back over to me i just couldn't help but feel so happy. It was weird, maybe i did care about this boy naruto more than i thought. Being a reaper you never had emotions they always just seemed to get in the way but now being a human it was different. These feelings brought love, worry, anger, and kindness to the human world and some how theese feeling's seemed to care a whole lot about naruto but just not naruto everyone it made me love this village and it's people and some how was dragging me towards a road i thought i crossed off long before.

Carried through the busy street, i clung to the present wraped in orange paper that i had made sure the shop owner wraped with. But that road everything seemed to be dragging me too was followed by a question that i was reluctent to answer. It was one my brother tatsuya had asked before, Do you want to be a ninja? At the beggining i was so sure of myself that i wouldn't want to be a ninja, but i'm not so sure anymore. Danger was coming, and it threatned not only naruto, but the village ,the people and my parents and it would kill them if somthing does not change. It seemed my choice was becoming more and more not a likely option.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Namikaze Estate ~~~~~~

My father knocked on the door smiling as was my mother, waiting for somone to open the door it occured to my that my parents new the Namikaze's very well. The door opened letting out the smell of delicious food i could only imagine , seeing the smiling face of a woman with firey red hair that i noticed was indeed Kushina Namikaze.

Ayame, Daisuke! She cried smiling. I'm glad you could make it! She said before hugging my mother and father warmly with a smile. Her eye's looked around before spoting me, smiling she squatted down to my level before smiling once again and introude herself.

Hi, I'm Kushina. And you are?

I'm Katsumi Aoi, it's a pleasure to meet you Kushina. I said smiling.

Her cheeks glowed a slight pink before she lunged and put me in a back crunching hug.

Awww! Your so CUTE!

A deep chuckle made her release me, as i gulped air down and looked up so see a smiling blonde haired man.

And this must be the yondaime Minato Namikaze the feared yellow flash. I thought.

Please do come in. He said between chuckles.

And it's nice to finaly meet you Katsumi~chan. He said showing off his well known smile.

It's nice to meet you too but i was cut off by a voice i had heard a couple of times but knew it to well .

Is she here?! A blonde spiky blue eye's boy asked as he squeezed in between his parents.

Yes, yes Naruto~kun she's here. Kushina said laughing lightly.

It was different meeting naruto for the first time to where he could see me, a wave of strange feeling's seemed to wash over me. It was strange and left my stomache doing flips. Was this love? I thought. It wasn't anything like what other reapers said it was like, it was different. If i described it, it would be like a friendly sisterly love not romantic love.

Nice to meet you Naruto~kun, I'm Katsumi Aoi. I said with a full blown smile.

Naruto's face turned to a odd shade of pink before stuttering on his words.

I-It's N-Nice To meet Y-You To. He said becoming shy.

It seemed the adults found this some what humourious as they laughed and chuckled.

I was confused at what they found funny so i looked up at my mother who just pushed me forward into the house.

The house was huge and well furnished i observed as Kushina and Minato lead us to the dinning room which was where the other guest were sitting and chattering happily. Noticing different clans like the uchiha's, Nara's, akimichi, yamank's, jiraya the toad senin, and lady tsunade herself.

My mother and father already sitting at the table and talking with the parent's left me guessing they were friends of some sort. A hand gripped mine making me turn and see a still odly pink faced naruto who smile shyly before leading me down the table where the other children sat. His hand let go as i sat near a rather cute plump boy who was muching on some meat.

Hi, I'm katsumi. I said smiling at him.

The boy turns and becomes slightly shy but still replies.

H-Hi, I'm Choji akimichi. He said before glancing to a pine apple looking boy.

The boy noticing the look he was getting from Choji sighed tiredly spoke.

I'm Shikamaru Nara. He said plainly.

And I'm Ino Yamanaka! said the loud looking blonde girl.

I smiled before my eye's caught the sight of a black haired boy clinging to the older black haired teen, who was most likely his brother.

I'm sasuke uchiha. He said quietly.

I smiled as i closed my eye's, it's nice to meet you. I said.

The older black haired boy smiled lightly that you wouldn't have noticed if you werent looking closely like me.

I'm Itachi Uchiha. He said giving a slight curious gleam in his eye's.

Itachi i thought. Wait, this man he's, H-He's what drove sasuke to become an avenger.

This can't be? Will it? Since everything's mostly changed with my appearence does that mean their won't be any Uchiha Massacre or does it mean somthing worse? ( cliff hanger XD)


Authors stuff /

Ok, so i finaly made it longer (yeah for me) This is not my first fanfiction but since all the others i wrote were just plain shit i worked really hard on this, So Please Comment and give me some idea's and stuff and i'm also still deciding the couples for Katsumi! And later on i'll work on the other couples but for now just keep that in mind while i figure out what will happen next so please continu to read thanks :D.

sincerly, Geminine

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