Reborn Legends

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The loss of silverware~

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



The voice's of our parent's called us over for lunch that was already made and perpaired on the table.

But i wasn't worried about that, no that wasn't even in my thoughts.My eye's snapped shut, not for the activation of my sharingan but for the confusion that had shook and settled into the depth of my heart and mind. What was to come? I thought breathlessly. Was something far worse to come? Was somthing going to come and tear the very home i've come to love? I didn't know anymore, i don't know anything! Someone seemed to notice my tense strained figure and my death grip on my shorts.

Katsumi~chan? Is somthing wrong?

Jerking up, i eased my death grip before giving a weak smile to the direction where the voice came from.

I-I'm just fine. I said with a strain to my voice that i hoped everyone would not notice.

I foucused in on the chakira and realized the flow to be from Minato, not that i should be surpised he noticed after all he ain't yondaime/ yellow flash for nothing.

The shudder in his chakira flow made me start getting nervous, he had caught the strain in my voice and my lie. He had noticed. I thought grimly. And what is with all these emotions! I choked in my thoughts. I've never even spent an hour with this kid naruto nor the rest beside my parents but that was only four years! I've lived 12,000 years! And never had i felt sad, angry, or worred! Never! It just doesn't happen! But here all these emotions are so powerfull and over ruleing how can they deal with this, how are human's so strong to deal with this? I thought helplessly. How?

A sudden voice etched its self beautifully in my mind, a voice that was very warming and wise. Be calm my child of grim. The breeze like voice spoke. All shall be fine, and in return a child of god is born and light shall engrave upon the land. And like that the voice was gone, quick as wind and calming like a river. The voice had given me back my peace and has vanquished the storm brewing in my heart and mind.

Katsumi~chan? Minato called out worriedly.

Gaining the attention of my parents and a few others

. Wa~, I need and excuse! I thought panicking. Wait, who's that? A Chakira signature had snuck up on me in my short mental break down, and it was a vile and corrupt definitely not a good thing but I can use its to my advantage.

T-Theirs s-someone here I whispered.

What do you mean sweety? My father had asked curious.

I stiffened , he's here I said.

The front door slammed open causing Minato, jiraya, to stand up. The rest of the room became quite as a figure made its way in the room.

Danzio? Minato said confused.

The mans eyes shot around the room before he landed on me. Why me I thought sweat dropping.

Oh, yeah. I thought smugly. I'm the one who screwed up his plans. I inwardly smiled. Though not really sure what I messed up, all I know is that I did and he must have found out.

You! His voice rang savagely.

Not to mention that vile i had snuck into his drink. I couldn't help but grin like a banchee.

You vile peice of shit, and you! He said pointing to naruto this time. You worthless demon were working for her weren't you! He said spiting out each word disgusted.

I would like to have said i stayed calm, and didn't stab the man but that didn't go as planned.

The room went deathly quite, everyone was shocked including naruto who looked rather hurt at the words. But the skid of my chair brought back some as they watched me.

My bangs covered my eye's not allowing any to see the blood red anger i felt, he had insulted naruto in my presence, words that have been said to him many time's as a kid by the villagers. And he wouldn't look hurt, his face showed only happiness but his blue eye's showed an endless abyss of tears.

Webbing chakra strings from my finger i attached to the silverware knives which with a tiny flick of my fingers all shot forward landing in my hands which took a deadly pose.

Please, repeat that? I said with my voice ice'y and cold that seemed to freeze Danzo.

You heard me. He said spitting the words out.

You and that demon! He yelled but was cut off as a sounding thud shot past his face. Danzo didn't register what had shot past him, turning his head to the side a silver dinning knife was embeded into the wall. The knife being dull it shocked Danzo as a cut laced his cheek, bewildered his head shot back at knife wielding girl who he just pissed off royaley.

Apologize. I hissed between my grinding teeth.

Danzo's shock was replaced quickly by rage, and I was so very close in throwing another knife when an hand gripped my shoulder. Minato's hand relaxed as he smiled quickly down at me before narrowing his eyes at Danzo.

Leave Danzo, or as yondaime I shall have your head for breaking the law. Minato said as his voice shook with authority.

The man was seething mad now but he knew when he was out numbered and right now he was denfinetly out numbered .

Giving a final glare at me he spun on his heels storming out of the house and into the night .

Knowing for sure i had screwed up my acting since i did just throw a dull butter knife at him that sliced his cheek not to mention the fact i had used chakra strings that should be impossible for someone my age to do let alone know. Groaning inwardly about being asked all these fatal questions that could lead to trouble washed away at the warm small hands that wrapped around me.

Wha? I voiced surpirsed. Turning my head to the side i noticed naruto crying as he smiled. when i got a hand that gripped my shoulder once again, looking up i saw the most sincere smile come across Kushina's face.

And somthing happened, it was odd to do but for the first time i felt the bubbly feeling just overwhelm me and i burst out laughing. My childish voice made it sound like bells, as unknowingly all the parents smiled as i continued to laugh and hug naruto back.

It was that day that the road i had tried to evade so many times had become somthing that i welcomed fully as i stepped across the line never looking back and began my journey as a ninja who would protect the village and people i had come to love.

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