Reborn Legends

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The training of an Exreaper~

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



It had been a full week after the whole danzo incident and telling my parents i wanted to be a ninja , now i'm training my body into getting as fast as my previous speed, strength and power and this is how i've been labeled as a prodigy.

Placing chakra weights on my arms and legs i set out to start my training this morning as in 4:00 am. Sitting atop a tree stump i meditated, as i foucused on my chakra control and in sensing people im refreshing my concentration. Which lasted for an hour until i fluently set both my hands on the wood lifting my body into a hand stand. lifting my left hand up in the air as i did a one handed hand stand for atleast anouther thirty minutes when i placed my hand back down on the stump as i sprung from my hands backwards landing silently on the ground.

Still blindfolded i stand calmly and controlled feeling my chakra circulate and move as with my blood and heart. When i fling forward going through a flurry of stances slow at times and fast in others, the style is used to counter and attack and in some case's can be used to kill if one wished too. The style is called "Kaze No Dansu" meaning 'Wind Dance". It is a long lost style from many era's ago and has been taught to the reaper's by a master who worked along the reapers. It's slow and delicate like the wind and fast and peircing in a flurry of a storm, the style is delicate as it is harmful.

Finally relaxing , as i concentrate on my breathing before going on . I slowly settle into a stance as i move through Tai chi for twenty minutes for any longer and i would've burned my muscles. Focusing back on my chakra i start gathering it in different parts of my body, arms, legs, feet , chest when i finally release it and let it circulate throughout my body once again.

Dropping down i do about 80 pushup's anymore and i would've collapsed face first into the ground, then anouther 80 curl ups and 50 laps around the training grounds as i do stretches and warm ups here and now when i finally sat down on the tree stump and pulled out my water bottle and rested.

It's been like this all week , get up at 4:00 am stop at lunch then on my way back home to shower, eat, and then leave to the libray as i read, ninjutsu books, healing herbs, and medical books. And last but not least get home 8:00 for dinner and bed. I've also designed sketches of weapon's i work best with when i don't go to the library an i go learn how to craft weapons from my mother which is releativly easy and remarkable hard at the same time. Jumping off the stump i do a few stretches so my muscles won't stiffen, i grab my water bottle and towel as i head my way home. Still blind folded i continued my practice on sense's and chakra when i felt a familar one, actually two.

Walking on the same dirt path that lead to all the training grounds i had managed to bump into Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. Being now 5 years old as my birthday was just yesterday, i had anouther year before the secret was out that i had the sharingan one with no uchiha blood. Having used it on rare occasions when i know no anbu is checking up on me after the danzo issue, i praticed spinning the wheel in my eye's and using it on some books and tranning with shawdow clones i realized it was a pretty nifty thing to have. But back to the bumping into the uchiha's.

Katsumi~chan? Why are you wearing a blind fold? Asked sasuke who had opened up to me when we bumped into each other at the market mutiply times and had gotten to know each other even though he had the same strange thing naruto did when his face became a strange redish pink when talking to me at times.

Oh, it's for training. I said calmly as i sensed his face turn that strange color when he glanced at me again.

I was wearing a sports bra that was still flat as i'm only five and short black shorts with chinese simple shoes and my hair away from it's normal low pig tails was tied in a pony tail that swayed at the middle of my back. Was it odd to wear somthing like this when training? I thought curiously.

Your training? For what? Asked sasuke as it seemed he was thinking of other things and had forgotten.

To be a ninja silly. I said smiling this time.

I've been doing this all week. I added as i moved my hands up to the blind fold allowing it to slide off and blinked a couple of times to readjust to the sunlight.

So you training with your brother? I asked as i looked up to the lightly grinning brother who watched us amusingly.

He was different from the one i met, the other itachi was cold hard and thought of himself as a tool. But this itachi did not, he was still an anbu and prodigy but he was less cold and happy more not to mention he didn't think of himself as a killer and spent lots of time with his brother who had turned 5 a couple of months before naruto.

Oh, yeah! Ni~chan's going to start traning me! Sasuke said happily as he looked at his brother smiling.

That's awesome! I said happily as i calculated the time by the sun.

well have a good traning session sasuke, maybe i'll see you tomorow or somthing. I said smiling at him an his brother.

Bye! I waved as i continued down the dirt path to my home.

My house was a simple two story house with 4 bed rooms and 2 baths meaning it was a struggle to use the bathroom, a large nice kitchen and dinning room with a rather big back yard. Stepping inside the house i slipped my shoes off.

I'm home mom! I yelled through the quite house waiting for a reply when i did it was a quick. 'Hi! Honey!" and then nothing more as she was busy at work crafting weapons and such. Even though i was labeled as a prodigy i didn't want to start the academy early, i'll start when i'm six with everyone else but doesn't mean i'm gonna be slacking of or anything. I'm gonna be continuing my training as i up the levels more and more.

Grabing a red skirt and white flowery shirt and girly nessitys like underwear and such i walked into the bathroom starting the shower.

~~~~ hour time skip~~~

After showering and eating i left my house on my way to the library to finish the last book on ninjustsu and such while i still have 3 more books of medical learning to read so i would be ready to pass the test to become a trainey for working in the hospital.

Walking through the streets i receivce smiles and hello's and such, but it always made me sick thinking about how it was the exact opposite to what naruto got when walking through. Entering the library i waved at the librarin who was very kind and helped me alot in finding certain books although she did find it odd for a five year old to read such high level books she still did help without too much questioning.

Moving over to the table i ususally sat in i pulled out 4 books from the shelf that was labled "Medical" and ' Chakra/Ninjustsu'. Flipping the pages open on the Ninjustsu book which taught the sutly the basic's of creating a justsu, when i mean sutely i mean the writer actually gave hints on how to creat new ninjustsu throught out the book but since many haven't done so it meant they either failed at it or never ' looked underneath the underneath' I heard naruto say once when i was a reaper and kept the saying close as it was true in many ways.

Being busy with reading and uncovering the hint's i got to work on writing stuff done in a notebook that i kept with me at all times having already filled out 4 others this was my fith and i was half way through it with all i had written in it. Closing the book i reached over for the medical books and began to read through those as well, carefully scaning it and thinking of ways to improve them and such i was kept awfully busy to notice the very curious anbu who was hidden carfully in the library after receiving orders from the yodaime himself .

As the grandfather clock in the library stroke 8:00, i closed the finaly medical book as i blew a loose peice of hair out of my face; getting up as i put the books back on their shelves and exited the closing library while i gave a finaly goodbye to the librarin i walked out feeling absoultly like i was about to explode with knowledge from all that i had just read.

Heading back home i was busy thinking over the medical books and my improvements too them. Rubbing the back of my head tiredly i decided to race home for dinner and get some sleep early tonight.


author/ ( i do not own naruto so don't sue me please! ^_^)

Yeah, finished two chapters today so i'm super happy! Please continu to read and please give comments so i know if i'm doing a bad job or not and i'll Start on chapter 6!








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