Reborn Legends

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The youngest Medical Ninja!~

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



Todays the day. I thought as i ran a brush through my hair, grabing a a peice of red ribbion that i placed on my lips as i braided my hair to the side. Reaching over i took the ribbion from my lips after tying it up with a rubber band and then tying a bow with the ribbion, pulling on some regular jean pants and a plain black bussiness flanel. Walking down stairs for some lunch before i go, i saw my mother already sitting down at the table with a sandwitch. Smiling at her she looks up and smiles back as she gets up and pulls anouther sandwitch from the kitchen.

Thanks mom! I say happily as i start to eat it right up.

Give it all you got honey, cause i know you'll do great. My mother said watching me eat my sandwitch smiling.

Of course i will. I say smiling cheekily.

She laughs before i finish the sandwitch, going into the kitchen i put the plate in the sink and start to wash it. Leaving the dish in the drying rack i walk to the front door slipping on some shoes.

I'm going mom! see you later! i yell as i open the front door.

See you soon Honey! Make sure to shock the hell out of them! She yells back.

Laughing i leave my house as i walk through the village saying good morning to some and waving to others before i finally reach the hospital. Walking in through the opening glass doors i head for the information desk.

I'm Katsumi aoi, and i'm here to take my Medical exam test. I said smiling at the nurse.

She gave me a questioning look before she looked at her clip board as she raised an eyebrow, turning back to face me she informs me that the exam place had been changed and i was to head to the hokage's building.

I wonder why they changed it? I thought leaving the hospital as i walked over to the hokage's building which was just a couple blocks away.

Going through the hokage's building was a new experience for me, i've seen the yondaime but never been in his office or the building before. Asking a chunin at one of the information desks which way to go, he answered easily as he smiled.

Going through the building i noticed the closer i got to the hokage's office the more anbu i sensed, wondering if they'll deem me as a threat i kept my chakra level low and calm as i knocked on the big double doors that held a sign above it saying "yondaime".

Come in a voice called from behind the door. Reaching for the handle i push it open rather easily dispite it's looks, letting the door close on it's own, i notice lady tsunade and Minato in the room.

Katsumi Aoi, you wish to take the medical exam to become a medical ninja do you not? Minato asked as i noticed his voice was different from the times i meet him at my house or at the party, here his voice was full of authority and leader like air too it.

Yes, that is correct hokage~sama. I say determindly as i watch his eye's narrow.

If you do manage to pass this test, will you be able to overcome the possibility of losing a patient under your care? He asked as he watched me carefully.

Not missing a beat i answered, knowing i positively would be able to.

Yes, Hokage~sama. I will take full responseibility if such does happen. I spoke now with determination and understandment.

His eye's relaxed as he gave a nod, and turned to tsunade.

Then do please give her the test. He said watching tsunades harden face.

~~~~~~~One hour later and Pov tsunade

She was surpirsed to hear a five year old wanted to take the medical exam and become a medical ninja , but after watching Minato trying to scare the girl, she herself noticed the determined look and honesty and what more the girl had guts. After and hour of asking high level situatuions that could happen in the hospital and such, i was floored with all the girl new. This girl being a prodigy was no lie after seeing her medical healing chakira and percision not to mention the Chakra scalpels she could do and knowledge of plants, i was surprised she wasn't called a genius. This girl, if she was taught more she could well beyond surpass me in the near future.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pov change Katsumi

Finally answering hopefully the last quiestion. I was inwardly groaning and wondering how much longer this was gonna take, it's already been about two hours since we started.

Tsunade turned towards Minato giving his a floored look and turned back to me.

Katsumi aoi you've passed the medical test fully, congratz. She said smiling at me now.

I let out a sigh and smiled back at her then at the hokage. Tsunade turned back to Minato before asking a question.

If i may Yondaime, i wish to make Katsumi Aoi my aprentice. She said speaking determindly.

The look of surprise flashed in Minato's eye's before they turned to a more thinking look, before he looked at me once then back at her.

I agree to her becoming your apprentice but, he said turning back to me.

Do you want to become her aprentice? He asked truly curiuos in my answer.

I couldn't belive it? Lady tsunade want's to teach me and make me her apprentice! I thought excitedly.

It would be my pleasure and greatest honor to be so. I said smiling at him.

Then it is settled, Katsumi Aoi having passed your exam you are now a certified Medical Leaf ninja and apprentice to lady Tsunade herself and also the title of the youngest Medical Leaf Ninja. Congradulations. Minato said happily at the blooming smile on my face.

Thank you again Hokage~sama and lady tsunade . I said still smiling as my face began to hurt.

Tsunade smiled too before she spoke.

I'll have you shadow and help doctors to get real experience and then later on in the day you can help me while i teach you; i'll send over a shift chart for you so you know when to come by. She said still grinning.

I smiled before bowing and closed the hokage's door behind me. I couldn't beleive it! I had passed and had been asked to be the apprentice of lady tsunade herself and she requested me ! I took off in a full dash racing to my house to spread the good news, racing through the village i skillfuly dodged people and carts. Before i even knew it i was at my front door as i hurriedly slipped my shoes of and raced into the dinning room. My mother and father sat at the table chatting as were my brothers when i raced in totally out of breath but smiling like a doofus.

what happened? You get chanced by a stampede of bull's or somthing? Tatsuya asked grinning up at me while i was still catching my breath.

Mom! I passed the test! I yelled happily having my brothers give me weird looks as did my father.

I looked at her who was looking gulity .

You didn't tell them did you? I asked quiter.

She shook her head while i just heaved a heavy sigh before turning to my brothers and father. I was studying to become a certified medical leaf ninja and today i got to take the test and passed it. I stated proudly smiling.

The looks i got were amazing my brothers looked floored and my father looked stunned.

And best part yet, i said grinning like a fox. Lady tsunade herself want's me as an apprentice actually i am officialy her apprentice. The room only got quiter with silence.

My mother got the nerve to break the sitffiling silence.

That's wonderfull honey! she gushed as she got up and squished me in a bear hug. while my brothers just gaped like fishes.

Congradulations Katsumi~chan! My father said with pride from across the table.

Great job kiddo! Tatsuya said as once again he went back to grinning.

Wow! Thats amazing! Katsumi! Shigeru said smiling.

And that my readers was the first day of being the Youngest Medical Leaf Ninja ever as well as lady tsunade's apprentice!


Author/ naruto is not mine so don't sue me please!

Wow, i'm on a role today cause this is my third chapter i posted anyway please comment and tell me how i'm doing cause either way i'll probably look upon this story and redo it but for now i feel pretty confident about it ( i hope) and please post respectable comments with things i can fix and things you don't like don't be all like "this fucking sucks" or somthing.

Sincerly, Geminine






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