Reborn Legends

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The unknown Uchiha Sharingan!~

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



~~~~~~~ one year later age 6 ~~~~~~~~~~

Todays the day, it's my sixth birthday

. It's been one year that i've became Lady tsunade's apprentice and my skills have advanced in control of chakra and practice and now i've been allowed to work in the hospital taking care of paitents and surgery's with other doctors while getting lessons every other day from lady tsunade since she is a very busy woman with the hospital and being a senin while helping the yondaime with missions and such. I've continued to devour books in the library from history, family clans, And blood limits and seals. Trying to learn seals by myself is very difficult without having anyone to train me and had to resort in using the sharingan so I could understand what the book was trying to teach me. Having also been promoted in weapon forgery and making, I've been allowed by my mother to design and make any weapon I wish without her hovering over me every little second. Having also upped the level of training I do every morning, that I was in the middle of doing before an Anbu member appeared and was utterly silent as he watched me. Balancing on the wooden pole I had jammed nt the ground earlier this year I did a hand stand with my right hand by my side with my left was holding me up using the top of the pole to hold us all up. I noticed the incoming presence of the Anbu member before they had arrived keeping my heart rate in check I opened one of my eyes spotting the Anbu a yard away who was silently watching.

Yes? I asked as I continued to hold my form without swaying as i kept my balance.

Yondaime-sama, asks for your presence. The masked figure said plainly without emotion.

Placing my right hand untop of my left hand i sprung from the pole doing a back flip and landing on my feet.

I'll be there right away then. I say while flexing my my arms above my head lazily.

In a flash the anbu memebr disappears, probably heading back to the hokage's office or somthing. Flash stepping into the hokage's building which is somthing i usually avoid as this is a very different technique then the one's nina's normaly use, but with this being important and all i didn't want to waste my time running through the village or jumping from the roofs.

Walking down the hall i notice Lady tsunade who was leaning agaisnt the wall by the council meet room a little ways down from the yondaime's room. She see's me as she wave's her hand, ushering me to her.

Good you here Katsumi, it seems we've both been ordered to wait here for them until they call us in. She say's looking cranky, probably cause she was dragged away from a bar by shizune .

Yeah, it seems it's time for everyone to find out. I said leaning against the wall by tsunade while i sighed.

Tsunade already knowing what i mean, since i showed her my sharingan before we got down to training. She seemed to somehow see through me in my most troublesome times, as she gripped my shoulder reasuringly smiling down at me.

Everything will be ok katsumi, and i'll make sure of that. She said grining kindly.

You always seem to calm me down. I said chuckling.

She was about to respond when anbu appeared before us.

Lady tsunade and katsumi Aoi , you may enter now . The masked figure spoke before disapearing once again.

Tsunade opening the door for me, i gave her a warm grin as we entered into the council room.

I already reconized minato, the akamchi, inazuka, uchiha, hyuuga and so forth. But sitting beside Minato was a man i had seen many times in the ninja history books, it was the daimyo of the fire country.

Why is the daimyo here? I thought curiously as i continued to scan the room, not noticing Danzo or the town council member's.

Katsumi Aoi. The Daimyo spoke gaining my attention.

We've come to discuss some of your skills as for my curiosity, while we wish to discuss what will happen now that the uchiha clan will find out about.

The council had instantly glanced at me and then the daimyo and yondaime, curious at what the damiyo was reffering too. But Fugaku was incredible curious as what the damiyo was reffering too, he who is the head of the uchiha clan that i had meet at naruto's filth birthday part.

First let's start with your medical skills, Tsunade? The damiyo spoke looking at my Teacher lady tsunade who stood to the side of me.

Lord daimyo, Katsumi Aoi skill is already surrpassing me, as for experience i've giving her shifts in the hospital while working with other medical ninjas and doctors including she has participated in about 20 different serguerys. Her skill outside of being a medical ninja are also outstanding, her sensoring skills are anbu level as well as her taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu.

I looked at tsunade through the side of my vision, i was floored. I never knew she thought so highly of me. I guess i wasn't the only one floored from the face's of the clan heads as well as the raised eyebrow of surprise from the Daimyo.

That's very impressive Katsumi, as we all know how unexpected to hear such High words from your teacher Tsunade. The Daimyo spoke grinning lightly, almost ghostly but i had been watching him and had caught it.

Now, onto the uchiha matter. The Daimyo said after sighing and then turned towards fugaku.

Six years ago the day of Katsumi Aoi's birth, the doctors were quite shocked when she opened her eye's having the sharingan and not just that but a matured sharingan. Daimyo said, never leaving fugaku.

The council room was deathly quite when Fugaku spouted a "what"? That can't be? Fugaku added still breathless.

The Daimyo triedly nodded his head before he continued on with the explanation.

Katsumi Aoi is one of the very rare case's in which a child of no blood is born with a clan's prized kenkai genkai.

To prove his point i turned to face the council before blinking one and allowing my sharingan to activate, the stunned looks and breathless words that came out of fugaku's and the rest of the clan head's mouth was making it harder for me not to laugh.

Getting back some of his whits back, fugaku went back into clan head mode. Have you done any training with the sharingan? He asked curiously.

I nodded my head before speaking. I have practiced with it from time to time but I prefer to not be so reliable to its ability so I usually just use it for learning new subjects in the library and such.

Fugaku nodded his head in already knowing that any of my training with my sharingan was lacking. . Before Fugaku was able to speak the daimyo spoke up.

That is why I wish for these next six years that you live with the uchiha clan and be taught how to use the sharingan. He said with finality.

I knew something like this was gonna happen so I already packed my stuff this morning with a storage scroll I had made but I wasn't expecting to live with them for six years! And I definetly could not argue with the daimyo, that would be a disaster and just make things a lot worse . Tsunade's hand firmly planted itself on my shoulder giving me a reassuring squeeze, to comfort my shock.

Also, Katsumi Aoi since you do have the sharingan a clan blood limit, their will be chaos with the elders of the uchiha clan so to solve this matter I have decided you will also belong to not only your family clan but the uchiha clan also. He said watching my reaction to what was just spoken, more like a spoken law.

You will be now known as katsumi uchiha Aoi.

He said finishing, as he turned to Fugaku next to see his reaction. Fugaku seemed to like this very so much from what I can tell from his elite attitude to the whole situation, unlike mine even though I was calm and looked collected it was more like me imitating a gaping fish.

And that was it, it was final. I was to live With the most arrogant clan besides the Hyuuga, even though their attitude has improved with my appearance to the world they still happen to have that "stick up their ass "as naruto used to put it. And not to mention for a total six years, how was I supposed to live with them? And as an uchiha! The bastard elders have probably already know about me being a prodigy not to mention have the sharingan will all its glory and to have a girl have it! Hell I'll be lucky if they don't try to force me into a marriage with one of the uchiha kids! Yay for me! I thought groaning.

Going home I walked slowly down the street, the shops starting to put up lanterns for the fall night as people chatted happily and woman gossiped about some odd things. I didn't think till I stepped out on the street how I was going to break this to my family, they knew something would happen but not this.

Stuffing my hands in my shorts I made my way through the busy street to my home, my home I thought sadly.

Mom! Dad! I'm home! I called from the hallway as i slipped my shoes off, their wasn't any answer which I thought to be weird. Maybe it was a surprise party? I thought warmly to shake off the unease of not hearing them, it was just silence and it picked at my mind as odd.

Going through the hall I passed the kitchen to find it empty,going back to the hallway as I peaked in the living room. I halted, I was rooted to the floor, and for some reason i really didn't want to know. i thought sweat dropping.


Author/writer ~ Again i do not own Naruto so please don't sue me. :D

so just yesterday i got my computer taken away cause i forgot to feed the cats, which i did but you know parents they just sometimes are very unfair. Anyway yes i left a cliff hanger so please dear readers keep reading and please comment so i know if i'm doing ok or not. Cause you know i'm writing something and i'm like so "is it good? or am i posting this stuff online while appearing to be an idiot?" so comment! thanks :D



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