Reborn Legends

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - ~ the last words of a family~

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



A nightmare. I thought as i walked into the living room. My lovely second oldest brother tatsyua was wearing what appears to be a magical girl costume which him being a boy was horrible disturbing. And for once i found myself not really wanting to know anything on the subject, at all. 

I'm not gonna ask. I say watching as the unsuspecting birthday guests froze before noticing me in the doorway, which only included my mother, father and two brothers well magical girl/boy brother and what appears to be my brothers team mates which appeared to be two other guys who was looking smug a few momments ago, that gave the conclusion to whatever happened to my brother was specificly their fault. 

But might i add brother. I said now looking away from the pink monstrosity. You look terrible in pink. 

Laughter exploding after a couple of thuds sounded, making me peak from the corner of my eye as i spotted his teammates rolling around in howling laughter. 

How it makes the daimyo's words recite in my mind, how it burdens me in the presence of this untold secret i have yet to tell my brothers my mother and lastly my father.

How would they take it? Will they be ok? Will they miss me? What will happen? The thoughts kept rolling in like a thunderstorm, gently placing a hand to my forhead to comfort myself just alittle.

Oi, Katsumi! Shigeru yelled from inside the room.

It was like a swift play i had seen many years ago when i was alive. The child actor dressed in a blue satin dress turns gracefully, her eye's widen like a full moon her porcelean blue eye's grace us with breath taking beauty and suddenly pools of tears spill from her blue sea like eye's as she gazed at a scene none of the audiences had noticed and it had stunned the child actor to tears warm filled tears. 

It was at this momment when i realized what the child actor had seen, it was the fact that within her stage stood people who enjoyed her company, her skills, her love in work and it brought endless tears of joy to her.

I gazed at the time stopping scene of my own, My family and friends stood around a single birthdaycake smiling the most glowing smiles my eye's have ever graced. It might have been just that the momment was right when i saw them but i didn't care all that i did was wanting to catch this momment before it disappeared; slipped away from my every reaching hands.

Oi, Katsumi~! You still their? Tatsyua called playfully from behind the table.

Hahaha, no Tatsyua i think she just noticing your true beauty~! Shigeru spoke smugly as he smiled at his still magical girled brother.

Hey, shigeru! Mom shouted playfully. I think my son makes a beautifull girl. She said smiling cheekily at the now blushing magical girl.

Dad's infectious smile roared in laughter filling the room with other laughter even mine but it sounded so different then the others.

Tears seemed to poor down my face as i continued to laugh. Oh, how i love my famliy. I thought warmly.

Oh, Honey! Why are you crying! Mom shouted before rushing towards.

I just continued to laugh and cry, while i got some strange looks from the others.

Your all gonna be the death of me, yah here! I say as i silently thanked that my voice still worked.

My mom only smiled before pulling me into a hug. I stopped my laughing just letting myself continu and cry on my mothers shoulder, soaking it i didn't care. I was happy, beyond happy and at the same time incredible sad. 

But i was going to be fine, everyone was gonna be fine. Specially if i had something to do with it. I wasn't going to let pain rip throught konoha, nor orochimaru, and hell no will i let their be a fourth shinobi war. I was going to stop it from happening, all of it. And i only hoped from the bottom of my heart and logic that this wasn't too much for me to bear alone, i hoped i wouldn't get anyone involved and hopfully i can solve this whole matter by myself but as always life is unexpected and nothing is as easy as it sounds.


And that was it, that was my happy sixth birthday. A day of sudden change of fate, overflowing happiness and Resolve had occured in one whole day. Now that i think about it, this happened more than once to the future naruto i knew. Maybe thats what made him so hoplessly strong.

Thats what kept me from crying as i left my familys house the next morning, and my resolve kept me strong. I had a goal, and thats what will drive me till their isn't one last breath from my body.

I lazily placed slung my nap sack of goods on my shoulder, that was filled mostly with weapons i designed and a few storeing scrolls that kept some of my larger weapons and some clothes and you know stuff that i had in my room. It was currently six in the morning having slept in longer than i wanted too, i was ready to go and on my way to the uchiha compound my new home.

I already had gone through the loving goodbyes this morning and i felt better knowing they loved me so. Walking through the still awaking town street, i followed a path to the compound having explored konoha to it's fullest when i was bored days it was easy to find my way to the compound but it wasn't like i ever did want to go to the compound till now. 

Wearing just a black turtle neck shirt with short cut off sleeves, white shorts with a red tail cape which wraps around my waist where it opens up in the front where it's tied down by a brown belt with a gold buckle. Short black hand gloves with gold metal ringlets that are really just heavy weights i always wear even when not training. Hair let loose it's layerd look giving a lioness look while still being cute and black chinese styled shoes that i perfured then the ninja shoes every ninja wore.

Anyway i finally made it to the compound that was already up and alive.  Walking through the street as i headed for the house that looked exactly like it was described to me, i got quite a few looks at me though not bad looks and more smiles and hello's than i can count from people i didn't know.

I realized Fugaku must have already announced me as being apart of the family though i doubt they would be this friendly if i didn't have the sharingan. Standing in front of the door that will become my new home until i'm 12 years old, i knock on the door shifting my bag alittle before waiting for somone to answer.

None to soon the door opened revealing a beautifull dark haired woman who smiled warmly at me.

I'm glad you got here ok Katsumi~chan! Mikoto screamed girlishly before bear hugging me to death.

I got the feeling she really was desperate in having a female in the same house, after all she's probably surrounded by boys all day. Even i couldn't stand that, though i was lucky i had my mother but i can't say the same about Mikoto who is still bear hugging me.

Oh, you must be hungry come right in dear were actually just getting ready to eat breakfast so perfect timing! Mikoto chirped happily before pulling me in, swiping my bag away from me while pushing me deeper inside the house.

Slideing a door to the side, i was encountered by stares of not only Sasuke, or Itachi but also his cousin Shusui ( sorry if i got his name wrong, i'm having trouble remembering it )  while anouther figure walked in from anouther door. It was none other than fugaku, with his calculating gaze as he studied the paper in his hands. 

Feeling it to be alittle odd standing here doing nothing, i decided to say the first thing before the others got the chance.

Good morning, Fugaku, Itachi, Shusui, sasuke and you too Mrs. Mikoto. I say smiling a light and cheery smile. 

I in return got more good mornings from everyone and a stern talking Mikoto for calling her Mrs. Mikoto.

Please Katsumi~chan Call me Mom~! I've always wanted a daughter ! She squealed happily once again making fugaku and both shusui and Itachi sweat drop while sasuke just kept smiling.

Sitting down at the table by sasuke, i watch as we begin to dig in to breakfast before i was interupted by a question from Fugaku.

When do you ususally train Katsumi? Fugaku asked as he looked away from his paper focusing in on me.

I start my training at four in the morning till eight o'clock am, then i'm off to work in the hospital till 2 in the afternoon unless i have a surgery i'm needed in and then i usually settle myself in the libaray to finish off some new medical books i had recently ordered not long ago. 

The looks i got from Itachi and Shusui were priceless, along with Mikoto's widen of the eye's gave me that sudden knowledge that what i was doing was an incredibly feat at my age. 

Fugaku nodded his head in approval before moving on to more pressing matters, my sharingan.

For training your sharingan you will have to cut down on the hours you spend in the libaray. Fugaku said alittle more strictly.

I nodded my head while knowing if i argued back it would just mean my defeat with other consequences so i calmly kept my emotions in check before continuing to eat.

Actually, that will be perfect. Shuisui said cheekily while glancing at me. Why don't you join me and Itachi while we train Little sasuke over here! 

Sasuke pouting at the "little" shusui used in the sentence, was given a chuckle from shusui and Itachi.

That'll be fine, i hadn't been able to train today anyway not to mention i'm off from my shift at the hospital. I said shrugging at shusui who gained a cheery smile to which if you didn't know the guy you would have thought that, but truly it was a devious smile and how he had plans for our Katsumi.


Author/ Naruto does not belong to me! so don't try to sue me! :D


Anyway this is to tell you i kinda got side tracked and didn't really update in like a week or so and felt really bummed out in myself so i wrote this chapter and will try (deeply try) to continu updating every day or so. Now please remember to comment and stuff, i'm still wondering if this story sucks or not and if it's moving way to slowly. So pleace comment! :D

Sincerly, Geminine



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