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This is just a small snipet of the novel that my friend published you can also find the original version on his profile his name is josanders. You can buy the novel for ten dollars on amazon. It is trhe first in a series. Again do not get in a bunch my friend knows that I did this and he is cool with it. Please support him and buy it and review thank you.check out the link to the side on the left or on my page named Daffodil

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Daffodil-preview

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Derek’s journey begins
The battered man wept in his new apartment. His tears drying the side of the wax candle he was lighting. The smell was sickening but for what he wanted to do he had to work through it. The candles were positioned around the edge of a ceremonial circle made of pure rock salt; a red pentagram painted perfectly in the middle of the circle using owls blood and rattlesnakes venom. After the fire that had taken his daughter away from him three years ago he could never bring himself out of his grief, how could he; now his sorrow had finally gotten the better of him. He was a man of the church, he had been apart of it his entire life, he was even a pastor once. He could recite the bible cover to cover without taking one peak in the book; he could even use it to console the people who were in his current situation. But once the tables had turned, once he lost the one person closest to him the only thing he could do was allow himself to keep replaying her voice over and over again in his head as she burned to death in the apartment building.
Since that day his life has fallen apart; he quit being the pastor in the church; unable to bare the pain of preaching the words of the God whose name he cursed so much. He cursed it with the belief that God had taken the only thing truly left in his life out of spite. For so long he just sat around; lifeless, without drive allowing himself to waste away in his car, grieving and slowly dying until one fated moment that would fill him with hope. The day he found his book of demonic rituals. The reason he had it was because he once studied as an exorcist while he was younger and he figured knowing what was in the book would help him as he progressed in his church life.
As he read the book the only thing he found was a ritual called Roulette Subortus; it was a ritual that reached into the dimensions of the realm of the spirits and pulled one out at random. In desperation he spent the remainder of his life savings buying that apartment and the needed components for the ritual. It was a dangerous gamble but he could only think of his daughter even though it was in a selfish way.
As he finished the preparations for the ritual he grabbed the book. Standing exactly 10 inches from the ceremonial circle and began to read aloud. His heart pounded as the words left his lips. He began to wonder if he was doing the right thing with every phrase. “Portae spiritibus malivolos et solemni te accerso ego beckon vos patefacio tua ianua porta caeli portae ad inferos asperies eam te oro ut ad haec pauper nequam anima vobis volo venire ad me audire in terra”. Everything went eerily silent; unnaturally; not even the spirits he supposedly summoned could be heard. However the man would not allow himself to lose hope. He continued reading the words from the book over and over again; repeatedly until he could hear at least a faint sound, see a glint of light anything would do him at this point. He began shouting the words out at the top of his lungs for hours until his voice went hoarse and his throat grew sore enough to the point that it felt as if someone had shoved barbed wire down his windpipe.
Then he felt drained; the sorrows in his heart felt like anvils on his body, he dropped to his hands and knees slamming the book on the floor. Sob’s and curse words flung from his mouth, his tears soaked the book in front of him, and then from his tear filled eyes he saw another spell that on any other occasion he would never dare to use. It was a demonic spell that combined with this ritual could result in his death. He did not know what would happen if he used it but as of now he was overcome with desperation. He had already thrown away his devotion to God as well as his pastoral title; the veil that made him a vessel of the word. So he decided to take it another step further besides at this moment even death would be a sweet bliss to him. Through the sobs in his throat he whispered “Te invoco Narcissus”. The candles flames blew out despite the breezeless room and the man snapped from his grieving confusion; as if instantly after obtaining the results he wished to gain for so long he finally realized his mistake. Despite that realization however his wish to see his daughter again still trumped any rational thought he had in his head.
“Bring me my daughter back, bring me back my baby girl” he wept; hoping some how that her spirit would hear him and fly through the open portal to embrace him lovingly. Several low screams caught his attention at that moment; they sounded far off; like they were coming from a far distance but yet he could tell that they were coming from inside the apartment. The room was pitch black now that the candle light was out. And the sounds of the angered apartment tenants could be heard from outside the door; they were all complaining that their power had gone out, or that the A.C. was acting up and the room was freezing. The man could recognize this all to well and they were the results that he desired, he knew that any moment now it was possible that his daughter would come rushing to him from beyond the spirit world. But it was only a possibility.
A soft stroking sensation rolled up his spine, and after that his ankles began to burning; as if he were standing in a vat of acid. Soon the burning sensation reached his wrists then the sensation soon turned into agonizing pain. He let out a strained scream as he dropped to his stomach, the energy inside of him felt as if it were literally being snatched away from his body in that instant. His body went cold, he felt almost hypothermic; he had little to no energy left, just enough to shiver. He felt as if he was being surrounded; it was like millions of eyes were glaring down at him from the darkness.
Nearly lifeless and awaiting to be dragged to his fated afterlife all he could think about was his daughter. The hordes of demons he had conjured did not strike a hint of fear in his soul but that did not matter; the ritual alone along with the other unaware tenants and all of the energy being used in the apartment complex as a whole was enough for the entities to manifest as they wished. He could here them screaming and growling at him, whispering in his ear, trying to possess his spirit so that they could live as they liked. They clawed at his body leaving ritual curse markings, they pressed up against him in attempts to instill fear within his mind and scare him into dropping his guard so that they could obtain his soul. But it would not work, he used to work in situations like this one when he was in his prime. And he was too strong to be scared away but he could still sense a stronger force approaching; his long time dealing with these entities at least left him with that ability.
His daughter was not coming he had already realized that by now. And it even seemed that something with the power to rival Lucifer himself in hostility and pure demonic strength was coming into his house, even worse onto Earth and he was the one that had to carry the blame. The energy currently being siphoned from the apartment was enormous now. The sounds of car alarms echoing through the air went silent as the entities absorbed their power following the sound of the power to the apartment shutting down; leaving a sense of loneliness behind in the silent apartment. The building was now totally drained and the people had stopped complaining; they were caught in this supernatural parameter and drained nearly to their last. The demons grew restless, their screams of victory were boisterous; they were nearly strong enough to manifest bodies of their own and their excitement could be felt in the atmosphere. The man could hear the sounds of crashing and breaking; as if someone were running through it and purposefully destroying what ever they could. He could feel something rough snaking across the length of his body; from his head to his ankles and curving off the bottom of his heels, then vanishing as if dispersing into the black nothingness.
He could hear a screeching sound; like someone clawing against a chalkboard. The sound began to quickly travel around the house bouncing across the walls engulfing the area with a deafening ringing. Unearthly yelps pierced his ears, wails of agony and pain began to echo throughout the house. They all burned in his brain creating a vision of a man being tortured to death in his mind. A horrifying shriek pierced through the darkness followed by the sound of the windows in his apartment shattering; and by the sound of it every piece of glassware in the building had just been shattered as well.
A deathly silence overcame the apartment soon after that. The man could feel a warm blood trail leaking down his cheek from his ears. He felt his body begin to warm as his energy began to return, he forced himself back to his hands and knees but his body was still weak and fatigue kept him from going any farther. Then through the pitch black he felt the rough figure snake across the back of his hands. The candles then reignited illuminating the room with a dim blue fire light; allowing the man to finally catch a glimpse of the snake like figure slithering back to the circle, back to the portal and back into its own dimension.
“Father” said a soft voice that rested gently on the mans ears drums but yet weighed heavy on his heart. “Amy” the man wept “my Amy”. The man began to feel relief drape over him; as if the ordeal may all have been worth it as he crawled over to the flames. Suddenly a dim orange light ignited in the middle of the ceremonial circle. His veil of relief was drenched by a flood of grief as he laid eyes on another female.
She was beautiful, she seemed the same age as his daughter, and certain features were the same. Since she was naked he could see that she was thin like his daughter and her hair was long just like his daughters was; stretching down to her lower back. But it was charcoal black instead of brown, she was very pail unlike his daughter who’s skin always seemed to glow everyday.
This girl’s eyes were pigeons blood-red, like a ruby, instead of blue like his daughters were; this girl’s eyes were unnatural, her gaze was like a laser peering into her soul. But the one thing about her that twisted his heart into knots more than anything else was her face; it was nearly identical, that feature was uncanny it was like Amy’s long lost twin. The height was perfect just like the figure of her body and voice. The girl looked down at him, her eyes showed nothing, no hostility, nothing her expression seemed totally stoic. “Amy?” she said stepping out from the middle of the ceremonial circle. The man forced himself to his feet barley able to stand, he stood up straight and that was when he knew that she was truly the same height as his daughter. “Father” said the girl “Are you hurt?”. The voice was nostalgic that was undoubtedly his daughters voice.
“Did they hurt you” said the girl. By total reflex the man shook his head slowly “No”. The girl smiled in relief. “Good” she said. “Who are you?” said the man. “Father you summoned me I’m your daughter”. The man felt as if he could recognize something about this girl’s aura but he could not quite remember. The demons vanished as she appeared; the spells that he fused out of desperation; something went wrong.
At that moment the man decided on two choices. He decided that he was either going to exorcise this demon before she went hostile or if she was not he would find out what she was. But looking at that face of hers he almost immediately went to his second choice, but he was still split between the choices regardless. “Put some clothes on” he said. The girl looked at him in surprise. “Do you accept me?” she said.
“What?” said the man
“Do you accept me as your daughter?”.
recklessly the man answered “Yes I guess”.
The blue flames jumped from the candles wrapping around the girls body and vanishing in a cloud of blue sparks. The ceremonial circle vanished from the floor as if it were never there; the lights turned back on and the sound of the power being restored to the apartment complex chimed.
“Thank you Father Derek Dowry in return I have returned the power that I took to manifest back to your world. I could not have done this without your acceptance”. The man backed up but stumbled as glass pierced his bare feet. “Tell me who you are” he said. He had a feeling that the source of the power emanating in this house was not all of those demons combined, but this girl; he could not explain it but her aura it felt nostalgic somehow.
“Yes father” the girl said “I am as we are called on Earth a demon but I am of the highest class where less than a dozen may reside”. The man sat on the floor and just listened. The girl walked over to him placing a hand on his gashed, leaking feet. An unexplainable sensation came over his body, a feeling of a thousand tiny snakes slithering from his feet up his legs and throughout the rest of his body. The girl stood to her feet and backed away from him as he stood up. “You are healed” said the girl.
“Is that all you would like to know?” she said. The man still in a daze after the girls healing trick he said “No”. Despite every thing he had to know one last thing, he had been trying to piece together this puzzle since this girl showed up. “What is your name?” he said “What or who are you?”. The girl stared at him before answering immediately. “I am the demon Daffodil the one that devours her kin”. The man quickly came to realize that his fears were all too true. He had indeed summoned a powerful demon. A melody that had been sang for many centuries now by Satanist, witches and gothic rock groups rang in his head. Daffodil Daffodil come right in, sit amidst the darkness when you invite her in, Narcissus Narcissus beside my bed, the whispers in my head say my futures dead. Daffodil the Narcissus eats her kin. Chant the magic words and Narcissus comes in. Ego te invitem in. Narcissus te voco in.
Daffodil a demon who devours other demons. Said to be created by the hatred and evil that dwells within mankind. Said to only leave the depths of Hell if summoned. Legends say she is apart of the hearts and minds of all women and men, any boy or girl. It is said that if she turns up in your house she will turn any destiny around in a backward spiral. Any one person’s soul she enters once she leaves even the happiest person will go insane and slip into rage and despair. This girl who resembles Derek’s daughter was Daffodil; he had no doubt about that. That night the man only had guilt on his mind. The fact that he summoned demons ate at him mercilessly. And now he had a being from famous folklore in his house and somehow by mysterious means (most likely his own) his daughters spirit was absorbed by this being. All he wanted to do was pray for atonement; he wanted to beg God for forgiveness and hopefully get a sign from the lord that he would be given another chance.
The man was stuck however. He was stuck between the fact that the being in the next room had his daughter within that body of hers somewhere and that fact alone pissed him off greatly. He wanted forgiveness, he wanted the lord to come to him and smile down with his graces. He knew what he had to do, he knew he had to forget his daughter and go on with his life. But he was finding it difficult. He would not grieve though he, would not cry anymore, he knew that that in itself was progress so he felt that he could only keep progressing from there. The man still had a problem though the biggest problem in his life right now which had just walked into his room. Daffodil stood in his doorway wearing one of his over grown shirts that went down to her ankles. “Father Derek” she said in a voice that differed from before; it was not like his daughters it seemed more ominous.
He was sure this was the same girl, she even said his name but Derek could sense something, something that put him on edge. He wasn’t afraid though, she could not harm him not while the pact was still in effect. “Are you going to exorcise me?” she asked. Derek just sat on his bed confused by the nature of this question. “I heard you praying is this your decision”.
The Christian in Derek wanted to expel this girl from this world; he knew she probably would not fight back much. But Derek felt as if he was being forced to his next decision. “No” he exclaimed. The girl’s eyes opened wide in surprise as Derek continued. “But in return you must help me find someone before I reach my final decision. While we do this I will be atoning for the treasons I’ve committed against Christ and your power will help me do this”.
“How shall I do this?” said Daffodil “I’ll do anything”.
“I will exorcise demons wherever needed for as long as you stay by my side even if that shall be forever “. Daffodil nodded her head in agreement. “No matter how strong, this is my service to God” said Derek. “And this is my service to you” said Daffodil. “I no longer carry the title of pastor” said Derek “From here on I am an exorcist”. “I will do as you say Father Derek” said Daffodil obediently.

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