Down: The Story of a Teenage Dealer: Book Two

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - No Control...Right?

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013




Adam stood in the kitchen, glaring at Mary. “You can wipe that look off of your face.” she said sternly. Adam turned around, threw his dinner in the trash, and tried to walk past Mary before she stopped him. “You aren’t going anywhere.” she said. Adam stared at her and tried to think of a possible way to get out the situation. “I quit my job at Alfred’s.” he said. Mary smiled. “Good! Now you can spend more time here.” Adam laughed. “I got a job somewhere else, though.” he said.

“It pays better.” he lied.

“Oh? And where’s this?” Mary asked with both hands on her hips.

“It’s called The Crazy Daisy. It’s a flower shop.”

“So let me get this straight: You quit your job at Alfred’s so you can go work at some flower store I’ve never heard of because it supposedly pays much better than what you were making at Alfred’s.”

Adam nodded. “Alright, Adam. I obviously cannot control anything you do. You always have an excuse for everything, so I can never win.” Mary left the room. Adam stood in the center of the kitchen. He felt so ashamed.


Alice sat on her bed and stared at her phone. “I love you and I’m so happy that we’re going to be having a baby. I’m going to be there for him AND YOU!!! -Armando” the screen read. She let out a sigh. Alice fell back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. She tried to imagine where she was a year ago, but she couldn’t remember. Her whole life seemed to have not existed until the moment her and Adam started to sell drugs. Nothing significant happened before any of that. Her life was actually exciting now, she actually-.  Whoa there she thought. Was her life actually exciting now? Or was it on the way of becoming more dangerous?  She didn’t know. She tried to imagine her life a year from now on. She thought hard but couldn’t think of anything. It scared her.

Her thoughts and fears were interrupted by the sound of her phone buzzing. She picked it up. 1 NEW MESSAGE! it read. “did you tell your parents? –Armando” Fuck. Alice thought. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Alice got up from her bed and walked downstairs. Her mom and dad were in the living room and watching TV. She was shocked to see that they were actually in the same room as each other. She walked in, turned off the TV, and readied for her big announcement. Her parents stared at her, which made her even more nervous. “I’m pregnant.” she blurted out. “By Armando.”


“Yes, now throw that in there. Careful, though! Not too much.” Juan instructed. Adam was making meth. Adam, Juan, and Sabrina were all in the pool. The lab was finally ready. Alice walked into the room holding many bags. “Did I tell you guys that I’m pregnant?” she asked. Adam dropped a chemical on the floor. Juan panicked and immediately started to clean it up. Sabrina opened her mouth to ask a question, but Alice answered it by blurting out “By Armando.” Adam chocked on his own spit. “They kicked me out, saying they don’t care about me, Armando, or my, as they said it, dumbass baby.” she told while throwing down her bags, making a bed for herself. Once comfortable, she looked up at Adam and asked, “Can I stay with you?” almost as if she wasn’t affected by any of what just happened to her. Adam nodded. “Katherine is such a shithead.” Sabrina murmured, talking about her sister.


“I don’t give a shit, Matthew!” James shouted. “If you had the opportunity to do the hottest guy at your school, you wouldn’t take that chance?” Matthew glared at James. “No, I wouldn’t.” he stated. James sighed. “What’s the big deal? So what? I fucked another guy. It’s the least I can do to get back at you for all that shit with your girlfriend coming to visit you.” Matthew threw his arms up in the air. “You said you weren’t even mad about that!” he screamed. “Besides,” James said, annoyed. “You’re turning eighteen next year. I’m barely going to be sixteen. Statutory rapist, much, Matthew?” James smiled. Matthew grabbed a nearby flower vase and threw it against the wall. James got up from the couch, grabbed his bag, and started to head out. “I’m going to go get a motel room. Call me when you calm the fuck down.”



“Well, I’d just like to say congratulations to you both.” Sabrina said, performing a toast to Alice and Armando. She, Adam, Alice, Armando, and Juan all sat around the dinner table. Everyone clinked glasses, took a sip, and began to eat. “Delicious.” Adam said. “Yeah Sabrina, great job.” Alice said. “What is this?” Juan asked. “It’s some casserole recipe I found online. The recipe was with-” Sabrina was interrupted by the loud sound of knocking on the front door. “Open the door! Diamond Police!” the man shouted. Sabrina waved a signal at Juan, he ran upstairs to go put everything out of sight in the pool. Sabrina opened the door, but flew back when four police men stomped inside. “Armando Fuentes?” they asked Armando. He nodded. “You’re under arrest for the suspected rape of Alice Thornton.” They stated. They grabbed Armando and began to cuff him. Armando locked eyes with Alice, the words rape ringing through his ears. “You have the right to remain-” the police officer was interrupted by Armando. “I did it. I raped her. It was statutory.” he confessed. The police took Armando out. Alice stood in silence, shocked by what just happened. “My fucking parents called the cops.” she said under her breath. “I think your parents do actually care about you.” Adam whispered to Alice. The police car drove off.



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