Journal of a German Survivor

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Depot

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



Erhard knew the way to the depot and I didn't so I let him lead us to it. He told me that we would have to stock up quickly and then make our way to the Reichstag. I didn't see the point in going to the depot first, when we could go straight to the Reichstag but I followed anyways. I was too tired to argue and if we could find some food that would be great. We had been moving through the night for about two hours. We had to move slowly and take many detours because of the threat of snipers. One street we saw had about five soldiers’ bodies lying in the middle of the street. They had tried to cross but a sniper had taken them all out.
When we finally reached the depot, nobody was there! There was no seen of a fight or evidence of a raid, the place was deserted. I was surprised and so was Erhard but his surprise slowly turned to anger. "I can't believe they left their post," seethed Erhard "they should have waited for us". He was angry but he was calmed down a bit when he saw some food and ammunition waiting for us in a garage. We sat down eating our food fast but not too fast. We were sitting for about fifteen minutes when Erhard got up to check one of the cars out. He checked it over and was surprised that it still had gas in it. This scene was getting weirder by the second. First nobody's here, all the food and ammunition is still here, and now a working vehicle.
Erhard was immediately suspicious at the ordeal and so was I. Erhard ran up to one of the windows and looked outside. He kept a watch outside and he told me "stay out of the light and get the car ready." I jumped inside the car and started to prep it, doing everything except starting it up. "Look!" Erhard suddenly said. I ran up to the window and saw a Russian tank pull up a couple meters from the garage. Just as soon as the tank had arrived, Russian infantry began to surround the tank in a defensive posture. We also saw some movement up on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings and knew at once that there were snipers up there. Neither of us moved but we still kept a watch outside. We kept a watch on the infantry expecting them to start clearing out buildings but they stayed around the tank.
Erhard and I had our eyes glued to the scene outside. It seemed that the Russians were waiting for somebody. Suddenly, the top hatch on the tank opened and out came an officer. I noticed at once though he was no regular officer, it was a very high ranking Russian officer. He stepped off the tank and onto the ground. He looked around for awhile and then he spoke in very good German "I know you are here, I have come here just as you requested, it is now time to discuss your surrender." Neither of us could move, we didn't know what to do. If we tried to escape in the car we'd be shot to pieces and if we stayed where we were we'd be caught and possibly executed.
Erhard had a plan though, we were going to escape on foot but first we needed a diversion. The plan was to send the car outside as a rolling bomb while we escaped out the back. I was charged with converting the car into a bomb while Erhard was going to open the doors and give us covering fire. He picked a spot where he could open up the doors and not be exposed to snipers when he started to shoot. The Russian officer was getting very impatient and I knew that we only a couple of minutes to get going or the Russians would have us surrounded. I soon signaled to Erhard I was ready and then he started to count down in his head. He reared back his leg and kicked open the door, that was my signal to move so I put the car in gear and stepped on the gas pedal.
The look on their faces was so funny I almost forgot to jump out. The officer was the quickest to move, by jumping on top of the tank but he didn't escape the blast fast enough. Those who didn't move were run over by the car. Erhard layed down covering fire while I ran back to the garage. The plan was going good and it looked like we had a chance to get away but all that was ended by the crack of a rifle. I looked around and saw Erhard lying on the ground. We both thought he was safe where he was but a sniper saw part of his leg and shot him in the leg. He was crawling away from the doorway, so I ran to him and helped him away from the door.
I was starting to pick him up when he pushed himself back down. "Go! You can't help me now" Erhard told me. I was in shock, I couldn't just leave him but he told me to go so I did. I couldn't really leave him though so I found a house where there was a good view of the garage doorway. Apparently, so did a Russian sniper because when I got to the top room I found a Russian watching the garage door. I quietly sneaked up behind him and covered up his mouth while I stabbed him in the throat. I didn't realize till later that was the sniper that had shot Erhard, but at the moment I only cared about the scene down below.
I picked up the sniper rifle and looked through the scope. I saw that the exploding car had down quite a bit of damage. The officer was dead along with many of his guards. More Russians were arriving on the scene, along with another tank. The Russians started clearing out the nearby buildings, but the majority of them and an officer went straight to Erhard. They immediately surrounded him and started pointing their weapons at him. The officer just stared at Erhard for the longest time and then sent all of his men away from Erhard. Such an odd move, I thought to myself and I kept watching. The officer reached down and helped Erhard stand up. Erhard just stood there swaying a bit, I thought to myself he might fall back down. The officer began circling around Erhard and when he was right behind Erhard he stopped. The officer pulled up Erhards left sleeve and saw Erhards SS tattoo. He then said something to Erhard and, to my horror, brought up his pistol and shot Erhard in the back of the head, executioner style.
I lied prone in that spot staring at Erhard's dead body. I couldn't believe my eyes; the officer just executed Erhard for no reason. I was so shocked that I dropped the rifle. Bad move, I soon attracted the attention of all the Russian soldiers in the area. I jumped from my spot and ran from the house into the alleyway.

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