Journal of a German Survivor

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Berlin, The Nightmare

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



Have you ever tried to runaway from a nightmare? All you do is just wake up but the nightmare I’m running away from doesn’t go away when I wake up. This nightmare is Berlin. When I lived in Berlin before the and even during the first years of the war, Berlin was a great place to live. We all lived comfortably and our lives were almost never in danger. Now Berlin has become a nightmare, this is where the Russians will fight more viciously to extract maximum pain from us Germans before the war is over. Berlin is no longer a city of good dreams; it’s a city of nightmares.
I ran as fast as I could from the Russians. I don’t think they tried to run me down but I just wanted to get as far away from there as possible. There was only one image in my head that kept being played like a motion picture. I can see it in my head, Erhard being helped up, the Russian stepping behind him, and then Erhard being killed. I made it to a dark alley way and stopped to catch my breath, tears were running down my face. I collapsed to my knees with my hands balled my in a fist. My breath was heavy as I tired to gain control of my emotions. I stayed in that spot for two minutes but it felt like two hours. I stood up and although I was still a bit shaky, I was better than I was a couple minutes ago. I walked to the edge alleyway and kept an eye out for any Russians. I saw nothing so I quickly ran across the street into another alleyway where I made my way towards the Reichstag.
I was making some progress and I didn’t run into any Russian men or tanks. About one hour into my journey I came across a lone Russian standing outside of a house, acting like a sentry. A couple seconds later a scream came from inside the house, the Russian looked over his shoulder and then turned his attention to being a sentry. Another scream came from the house but this time the Russian didn’t turn his head to look over his shoulder. I began thinking of what was happening in the house and if I could just leave this place, thinking about what horrors were taking place inside. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t let them kill however was in there. The Russian had his back towards me so I brought out my knife, my only weapon, and moved towards the sentry.
I stayed low and as much in the shadows as I could. When I got close enough to reach out and grab him, I put my hand around his mouth and stuck my knife in his back. He struggled for about a second but then fell silent and dead. I picked up his gun that he let go off. The door was off its hinges, so I moved in silently. The only light in the house was coming from a room in the middle of the house. I peeked in and saw a frightening sight. In the middle of the room was a family of four, an older man and woman, and two children, one boy and one girl. They were on their knees with their hands on their heads. There was also one officer who stood behind the family with a pistol in his hand. Also present were four other Russians, two with submachine guns and the other two with rifles. All four guns were pointed at the German family. The officer was just pacing back and forth behind the family, thinking about what he was going to do with them.
I knew I wouldn’t have long before he made his choice and I knew that I couldn’t step into the room firing off my weapon carelessly. I had to be smart, so I waited until the officer was close to me than I sprang into the room, knocked the gun out of the officer’s hand, got behind him and held him hostage. With one hand around the officers’ neck and the other holding the Russian submachine gun to the officers’ head I waited for his men’s reaction. They didn’t react too quickly and after the initial shock was gone they kept their guns on the family but their eyes were on me and their officer. I gestured to his men, using my gun, to put down their weapons. They did as they were told and placed their guns on the floor and raised their arms in surrender. “Go now,” I told the family, “go now before it’s too late.”
They quickly got off the floor and headed out the backdoor. I waited a few minutes to make sure they were as far from here as possible. When I knew that they were gone I was left in the room with the five Russians. I had to do something quickly before more Russians arrived or one of them made a move. I knew what I had to do, the thought sickened me but I remembered what had happened to Erhard and my angered instantly rose. I took my arm off of the officer and gave him a quick push towards his men. Before the officer could completely turn around to face me I let loose my gun and killed all five of the Russians with all the ammo this gun could hold.
Shock began to settle in and I looked at what I had done. The bodies of the Russians were slumped together on the floor and the walls were thick with their blood. The barrel of the gun was smoking in my hands as I stayed frozen in my spot by shock. The sounds of more Russians coming brought me out of my shock. I quickly took the round drum out of my gun and put in a new drum I got off one of the dead bodies. I collected some more ammo and a couple grenades, and made my out of the backdoor.
I ran down a couple more alleyways, hoping to get as far away from the house and the Russians as I could. Night was giving away to dawn so it became harder to dodge the Russians. I was hoping to meet up with any German soldiers but all I could find were more Russians. I was beginning to give up hope when I saw a firefight taking place a block from me. The Russians were in a four story building and my comrades were right across from them in another four story building. I ran towards the building that the Russians were fighting in and began to look through each room.
The bottom floor was clear so I moved up a flight of stairs and found two Russians firing out of a window. I tossed a grenade inside the room and waited for it to explode. The grenade exploded and I peeked into the room and saw both Russians dead. I checked the rest of the floor and found no one else. I moved up to the third floor and found two more Russians. I threw my last grenade in and this grenade took out both the Russians. This grenade must have caught the attention of some of the Russians on the top floor because two of them came downstairs to investigate the explosions. I waited in the corner of the room and waited for the Russians to walk into the room. They walked into the room only to find two of their dead comrades. I put a burst of fire into each of their backs and they both fell like stones. Still hearing fire coming from this building, I went up to the top floor to see a Russian machine gunner firing away at my comrades. I crept up behind him with my knife at the ready and then stuck the knife in his neck. The machine gun fell silent.
I made my way back downstairs and found two German soldiers waiting there with their guns pointing at me. “Don’t move!” One of them yelled at me. I gave him a hard look and said “I’m German like you”
The man stared at me for a moment more and then pointed his weapon towards the floor and his friend did the same.
“Our officer sent us here to see why the firing has stopped, were very glad to see that we found another soldier to help us” the one that talked to me first said.
“It’s good to see some more German troops. I was afraid that the Russians had conquered the whole city already” I replied.
“No, the fighting is still fierce although-“he was suddenly cut off when the ground in front of him exploded. All three of us were thrown back the explosion. My ears were ringing and I had trouble getting to me feet. When I finally did I looked down to see both men dead and I took a look outside to see a Russian tank with a smoking barrel.
I was in too much shock to move and I knew that I was about to die when the tank suddenly exploded. I finally gained my wits back and ran towards the building where more of my comrades were taking cover in. I took a look over my shoulder and saw more Russians advancing p the street so I dove through an open window to escape the gun fire. I asked some soldiers in the house where their officer was at and they told me he was dead. So I told them “Come on, we have to get out of here.” “No!” One of them replied “We are supposed to hold this position no matter what.”
More bullets slammed into the wall of the building as more Russians came forward. These men may have orders to stay here and fight but I my orders were to get to the Reichstag. So, with great sorrow, I had to leave them. I ran fast to get out of there because the Russians were bringing up tanks and I knew that they wouldn’t hold for long. I ran for a couple more blocks and then I finally had reached my destination.
I had seen the Reichstag before the war and it looked beautiful then but now, the walkway to the front steps were cluttered with tanks and debris. This was where the heaviest fighting would take place. I ran past all of our defenses and made it into the Reichstag. I found the SS officer in charge. He told me to grab a sniper rifle and then go up to the roof, where I would do my duty as a sniper. As I made my way up the stairs, I realized how hopeless the situation was but as I looked around at the faces of the other men, I knew that I wasn’t going to give up because they were not giving up. I was going to fulfill my oath that I had made when I joined the SS. I was going to die for the Führer.

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