Tales of a Russian Sniper

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This is the story of a Russian sniper who finds many things in the rubble of Berlin, including love and comradeship. Follow the Russian sniper through the rubble of Berlin as he tries to outlast the war.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



My comrades and I were sent into a village on the outskirts of Berlin that contained supplies for the enemy. There were six of us. We were to destroy one of these supply drops in our raid. We sneaked to the village quite easily. It’s when we stepped into the village that the trouble started. Bang bang, sniper fire rang out, killing one of my comrades. I knew he was dead because the shot knocked him down and he wasn't going to shake off a shot like that anytime soon. The rest of the squad scrambled and immediately went in different directions. The men with machine guns and SMG's went immediately to the village church while I found a position to watch the only road out of the village. I could hear the gunfire going on around the church and one German was trying to be sneaky and flank the church but he was walking along the road I was guarding and BAM, he's dead. After the echo of the shot dies away, I realize that there is no more gunfire coming from the church.
I then see one of my comrades run across the road with the headed for objective B. He plants the bomb and here more rifle fire lance out and it sounds close to me. I see another comrade die this time at the top of the road. I turn around and find out that a GERMAN SNIPER IS STANDING ONLY FEET AWAY FROM ME! I couldn't believe he didn't see me yet, so I took out my pistol and shot him once in the shoulder so he would feel the pain and then ended his life with a shot to the heart. After I had killed the sniper, the only surviving squad member met up with me. The bomb had blown up the objective. It was time to get back to our unit. We went by the church on our way out of the village and saw three dead comrades there along with a couple of dead Germans. We got out of the village just in time to meet up with our tanks and watch them steam roll through the village leaving no German alive.

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