Tales of a Russian Sniper

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Seelow Hieghts

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



It appears that the Germans have decided to make a final last stand. Their final defensive positions are located on the Seelow heights outside of the city limits of Berlin. The Seelow heights are a bunch of hills that were originally nice vacation spots but now the Germans have turned the hills into a defensive blockade. I was brought up to the front to help take out MG positions and other strongpoint’s. I was partnered up with an Ukrainian sniper named Ivan. He was a strange man that preferred to snipe with a gas operated anti-tank rifle, the ptrs-41, than with the mosin-nagant. I told him that his loud rifle will attract enemy snipers, but he told me that his rifle will put fear into the German hearts. At first I was surprised that I was partnered up with somebody since we usually just went on our own but when Ivan told me about the number of Russian snipers being brought into the area, I understood why I had a partner.
Ivan and I began to scout the area looking for a nice place to get a good view of the battlefield. We found a nice place in a destroyed German bunker about a kilometer from the foot of the heights. We set up camp and the radio and began radioing command the German positions we could see. The assault started the next day with our rocket artillery bombarding the surface of the hill. Then our tanks began to move forward with the infantry right behind them on foot. As our tanks got close to the foot of the hills, German 88s and other anti-tank guns opened fire on our tanks. That’s when we went to work. I quickly took out two machine gun positions while Ivan took out the crew of an 88. Over the sounds of shells being fired and MG's doing there work, I heard the distinct firing of a German sniper rifle, the Kar 98k.
That sniper was a pretty good shot cause the next thing I knew our radio was shot. Ivan and I immediately stopped firing know that our muzzle flashes would give away our position. We began searching for him though, for about half an hour when Ivan said " I see the Fascist b******". He fired off a shot and we both thought that he got him but then Ivan’s ptrs was cut in half by a shot fired by the enemy sniper. Nothing could describe the look on Ivan’s face; it was a mixture of many emotions, mostly surprise and shock. I saw the muzzle flash and saw the sniper. BANG! One shot, one kill, "well," I said to Ivan "want to go back and get a new rifle." He looked like he was going to hit somebody but then he got control of himself and started acting as a spotter pointing out targets to me with his scope.
As our tanks and infantry began to overwhelm the German defenses we made our way back to command bringing along the broken radio and the two pieces of his sniper rifle. We made it back to command where one of the clerks took the broken sniper rifle and radio to the repair area. While we waited for a new radio and sniper rifle, a commissar came up to us asking what we were doing there. We told him about the radio and sniper rifle and then he got angry. He told me that I didn't need to come back and if I didn't go back out to the front immediately I would be shot. Ivan asked what he was suppose to do, so the commissar told him to go get a sniper rifle off a dead sniper. Ivan and I went back out to the Seelow heights and spent hours finding a dead sniper. When Ivan finally found one, it was a German rifle. Since he was still pissed at the commissar he turned around and began looking for the commissar down below us. He found him and then said to him "I found a rifle prick" and then fired. It was nice shot, taking off the commissars’ right arm.
We moved quickly away from the command center and found ourselves on the frontlines again. This time there were German tanks raining hell on our comrades and we could do nothing to help our comrades but to pick off as many enemy infantry as we could. We ended the day killing many Germans and helping to make headway against the German defenses. Ivan and I stayed at the top of the hills and looked toward Berlin. We could make out a couple of buildings but the rest were just outlines. I knew that soon I would be stepping into that city, my only question was, "would I get out alive?"

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