Soulless promise

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This promise... Why did I forget it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The promise

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“Words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, words mean nothing. They are labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast. The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.”
? Karen Marie Moning

That night I had a dream. I saw two people facing each other. One of them was a boy with a face so scarred, so distorted it was as if he has just survived a punishment from one of the demons from hell. The other person was a girl, her beauty was indescribable, she almost looked like a goddess, she made everything around her radiate in a golden light her beauty was the source of it. I could see her slowly moving her hands, in some way trying to touch and heal the scars of that boy. The boy stopped her hands and held them and I could see a tear dropping from the cheeks of the….

The clock viciously began to ring. I slowly began to open my eyes and wake up from my sleep. “What a weird dream.” I said to myself. I began to get ready for school. I took a shower, wore my uniform and headed out. As I was walking to school I could hear the whispers of the people passing by me they were saying things like “Who’s that weird boy?” “Why is he covering his face by all of those bandages?”. I have grown accustomed of hearing words like these, as this was the daily routine I’m living in.

I finally reached school. The first class has begun and the teacher started to check the attendance. The teacher called, “Zale Victor” although that was my cue, I didn’t say anything. The class and the teachers know me for not being the social or the talkative type. Even if it was for saying something as simple as a “Yes,” I never talk. No one was comfortable with that at the beginning but they got used to it, and with that every classmate who tried to talk to me was it a male or female, got desperate of trying to communicate with me, I’m sure the first question they’ll ask would be, “Why are you wearing bandages?” For that I was classified as the most mysterious student in school, in other words a weirdo. I’m in my math class right now. The lesson is so boring I stopped caring, and kept on looking through the window during the whole class. The bell rang and lunch break has started without me noticing, I could see the teacher and my classmates getting out. Normally, I would stay in my seat throughout the whole break but for today, I decided to follow the trend of my classmates. Smelling some fresh air and grabbing something to eat won’t hurt once in a while. I opened to see an unfamiliar scene; I could see students and teachers rushing to the front gates and the rooftop of the school. “Wasn’t running in the hallway against the rules.” I thought to my self. I kept on walking and really didn’t care about what happened, until I heard a few students. One of them said, “Did you see the person hanging on that pole?” The other asked, “Was it a boy or a girl?” One of them replied, “I think it was a girl.” I didn’t care at first at first but something deep inside me urged me to go. I directly went to the rooftop and I could see students and a few teachers standing there. Some have just started to call for help while others were trying to throw a rope to the person hanging on the pole. The students kept on throwing and pulling and it looks the rope wasn’t tall enough to reach the student who is currently between life and death. I heard one of the teachers shouting at the phone saying ”WHAT DO YOU WON’T MAKE IT IN TIME, AREN’T YOU THE POLICE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” It looks like help will be late. That feeling came to me again and instinctively, I tried to assist them, I kept on looking for something to make the rope taller with, an extension of some sort. I looked and looked again until finally, I found something that might be able to help that student. I quickly picked it up and went toward the students with the rope. All of them were in shock after seeing what was in my hands, what I tried to extend the rope with. One of them said to me, “Are you really going to use that?”. I didn’t answer and pushed him aside. The thing that I’m holding is a barbed wire, from its shape it was clear that school was going to use it as a fence to stop students from escaping school. I tied the wire and the rope together, threw it to the student hanging on the pole in an attempt to save him. I could feel a weight on the rope and some started to shout, “Pull!” None of the others with enough strength wanted to help, they were either too scared of the pain or panicking saying, “That’s inhumane, how can you hold on to something like this with out even flinching or crying out of pain!” they continued “HE IS A FREAK!”. I didn’t care about what they said and started pulling the rope alone; with each pull my hands bled more and more, if it weren’t for these bandages that I’m wearing a pool of blood would have formed under my feet by now. “Heh, to think this body would be of use someday I never could have imagined.” I thought to my self. I continued to pull and pull without hesitation, until I saw students and teachers who are near the edge of the rooftop signaling and saying to me, “It’s fine now, you can leave the rope”. I let the rope go, as I just stood there. That blood loss had an impact on me, my vision started to blur as I ended up on my knees. I could hear the sirens of the police and the ambulance coming to school, and everyone panicking again. “Looks like I’ll end up in the hospital......” I said to myself as I fainted.

I regained the feeling of my body again, still somewhat weak from what happened, I tried to get up from bed but, it’s no use. I was somewhat able to see the nurse and she was talking to someone, though not clear. I could hear the other person say, “Is…. Okay?” The nurse replied, “He…. fine, ….o can ch…k on …. If you ….t”. The other person said, “No, I’ll wait”. They stopped talking and I was very tired to hear any more so, I ended up sleeping again. Time passed and I woke up again, feeling much better from before. This time I was able to get up from bed easily. I checked on my hands to see what the nurse did to them, nothing was done except changing the bandages to newer ones and stitching my hands. I stood up and looked around. There was a girl sleeping on a chair. “That girl, who is she?” I said to my self. I walked up to get near her so, that I can get a closer look. I poked her a bit, trying to wake her. She slowly opened her eyes and I think she was a bit startled when she caught a glimpse of me. She began to rub her eyes, trying to fully awake from her sleep. I just stood there watching her...

“What am I doing?” I said to myself. I tried to leave her alone and walk to the door. However, I felt something holding me from my sleeves. That girl held me so, I stopped and we faced each other. This situation is awkward, she wouldn’t leave me alone and she wouldn’t speak. The silence and the tension in this room, I can’t take it anymore. I was going to force her away when she said, “Thank you.” All of that just to say these two simple words. I gazed upon her as she finally let go of me. She is bright red. “Is she shy?” I said to myself. She continued on speaking,

“I don’t think you know me.”

“Let me introduce myself.”

“I’m the person that you saved when you were at the rooftop, my name is

Maya Ray.”

When she finished speaking. She came rushing to me and hugged me, “Thank you, thank you.” She said again and again. This is the first time someone told me those words, hearing them being said to me gave me a burning sensation that ran through my body. She finally let go of me and started to wipe out the tears from her eyes, she looked at me and smiled. That smile made me feel warm,

“What is this feeling?”

“This is the first time I have ever felt like this”. I talked to myself.

Not knowing what to do I went out of the nurse’s office and before going home. I stared at her one last time before going out. She had eyes as blue as the sea, a hair so long and as dark as the night yet it glimmered like the moonlight, her figure looked as it was carefully sculptured by the hands of an artist, she was the most beautiful thing I have ever saw in my life. My heart kept on racing as I stared at her and that feeling stoke me again. “What’s with this feeling that I’m having?” I said to myself. She looked and smiled at me, I got flustered turned away and continued on my way. I had to check the doctor before going out.

“Zale, is that you?” I heard a sound calling me from behind while walking, I turned around to find a doctor in a worn out trench coat, “Who is he?” I said to myself in a quiet voice”.

“Hello there, I didn’t see you for a long time now.” He continued, “How are you doing?” I stayed quite and stared at him trying to recall who is he.

“Hmm, what’s wrong can’t you recognize me?” I shook my head left and right slowly as I was trying to remember him. “It’s me Dr. Lance,” and continued “ You should remember me by now”.

“Dr. Lance, no I don’t think I can remember him”. I looked at him again and he knew that I couldn’t recognize him by now. “It’s unfortunate that you forgot about me.” He said and continued, “Anyway, I know you don’t like chit chat so, I’ll make this quick”, “The nurse there told me everything that happened, I’ll take care of your papers so you go and rest at your house.” I nodded as a thank you and turned away to continue walking. Before I took one step I heard him saying to me, “I know you don’t remember me but never abuse your body again like that, I don’t think she would have liked what you did to yourself today”. I stayed quite for a while and continued on walking. I got out of the hospital, “So he really does know me.” I though to myself and continued on walking towards home.

I finally reached my house, went to my room and I laid down on my bed. I thought of all the things that have happened to me today. My heart began to race as I thought of her and everything that I experienced today. “Tomorrow, will she be there?” I said to myself as I closed my eyes slowly.

“What’s with this darkness?” “Where am I?” “Am I inside a dream”. That’s what I kept on saying until I heard someone speaking, “Now, Now that’s quite unfortunate.” That voice, what an eerie a frightful tone it had, this is the first time I felt like this.

“And I thought you could keep your promise longer...”

“ Sigh, looks like I’ll have to make you remember again”.

I woke up the next morning covered in sweat, it was still early and I was alone in my house.

“That voice, that eerie voice.” “What was it?”

I got goose bumps just thinking about it I looked through the window as I was thinking about what that voice was saying to me, “What is it that I forgot?” “Was it a dream...”, I shouldn’t think that much about it. I went back to sleep again trying to forget about that dream. The night passed and morning came.

Time for school came again I woke up as always, got ready, wore my uniform and went on my way. After a long walk I finally reached school all of the students were whispering amongst each other saying,

“Isn’t that the guy from yesterday?”

“Yeah, the freak that was on the rooftop.”

“A freak?”

“Can’t you see all of the bandages covering his body, and haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“He is the one that saved that girl yesterday.”

“Doesn’t that make him a hero?”

“It does, but he used a barbed wire to help her!”

“Wow man, I don’t think he is human.”

“I know what you mean that scene was freaky as hell, some even say that he didn’t even scream or bleed when he used the wire.”

“Now that’s really scary.”

“Not only I also heard that....”

And the chatter continued on until they saw me, all stopped talking when I was walking through the gates of the school, it was so quite as if someone has just died. I continued on to my class I was hearing noises when I was outside but once I opened the door everyone became quite and looked at me. I didn’t care about anyone and just went to my seat and sat like nothing has happened. The teacher entered and class started and didn’t mention anything about yesterday. The time went slowly as the teacher continued on explaining, during the class all I kept thinking about was her. She wouldn’t leave my mind no matter how hard I tried. Class finally finished, and break started, with all of this talk and rumors going on about me I decided to stay in my seat and chill for the time being. When suddenly the door opened and a familiar figure entered. “It’s her.” I said to myself. That figure was Maya, I don’t know how she found out where I was or what class I belonged to. She came to me walking while all of my classmates were staring at her. She reached me smiled at my face, and asked me, “Would you like to have lunch with me”. The faces of my classmates, when they heard her, it was as if a jolt of lightning passed through their bodies. I pretty much ignored her and looked through the window. But she was persistent she just won’t leave me alone. I stood took her hand and went out with in a desperate try to shut her up. I looked at face after going out the class, she was happy like a child opening his Christmas present and I ended up going with her for lunch. Day after day the routine continued, and I don’t for how long but each time I was sitting with her I always had that warm feeling in my chest. Even though the only thing we did was sitting together I could see that enjoyed it, and I can’t deny I was kind of happy every time I was with her. School finished for the day and I went back home. Tired and bored as usual I instantly go to bed and sleep....

Darkness again... Could it be it’s that same dream....

“Ah, I see you’re already here.”

“It’s that eerie voice again!”

The voice laughs sarcastically at me and says, “Man, I never thought someone will make you break your promise, and a girl at that too. I wish I could clap my hands here but I don’t think you’ll be able to hear it.”

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have made you forget but still, I think things will take an interesting turn here.” He continued, “I even feel generous today so, I’ll give you one more chance, I’m sure you know what I mean.”

“One more chance? What do you mean by that?!” He laughed and said, “Just think about it what was it that you didn’t live without for all of your life?”

“Something that I lived without all of my life...”

“Well not your life. Remember the incident?”

“How do you know about that?!” I angrily replied.

“You keep on breaking the promise but you don’t know... Anyway it’s time for you to wake up. Next time I won’t be as nice as today, and you might even finally see me”.

“Wait!” I screamed while waking up from my sleep. I woke up a bit earlier than planned, while breathing heavily. “That dream. No, I don’t think it is a dream.” “It was too real to be a dream.” “What is the promise that I forgot...” “What is it that I lived without ever since that incident...”. Many question come rushing to my mind as I was talking to myself. The clock rang and I remembered that time for school came. Even with all of those questions rushing through my mind I had to get ready. I wouldn’t want her to get worried over me I’m pretty sure she’s that kind of person. I go to school as usual rumors and stories finally are beginning to diminish among the students and the whispers became less. I went my class and waited for the teacher to finish. Break finally started and I waited for her to come as usual. Minutes passed and she still didn’t come. I went out to the school hallways in an attempt to find her. I looked around “it’s weird that I can’t find her”. I thought to myself, as she is the one that always finds me. I tried the school garden the place that almost no one goes to the school is very strict about this policy because many student cut the plants or play with the tools of the garden. I went there and to my surprise I found her talking to another male student and I could hear a conversation going on between them.

“So, I heard you’ve been hanging out with that freak.” He said.

“Ever since he saved you that day.”

“And why do you care?” Maya replied.

“Come on don’t be that harsh babe.” He continued, “You know I was the first one to call him a freak, he took the spotlights from me.” Maya had that fearful look and said, “Are you the one that pushed me that day?”

Shook took over me as I was realizing what she just, “She was pushed?!” I whispered to myself. That guy laughed hysterically and answered her, “Yes, it was me, I’m guilty.” He continued, “ I pushed you out of hatred after you rejected me, I kept on looking for the perfect chance, unfortunately luck struck and you hanged on that pole.”

“You pathetic creature!” She replied, “How could you?”

That guy didn’t give her much attention and continued, “At that moment I thought to myself, I could be a hero, I can save her and make her fall in love with me and no one would know.”

She replied, “I would never love someone as you!” That guy said to her,

“Oh, you would, but only if that freak didn’t come and ruin it, I called for the teachers, I had the rope that we used to save you in the beginning, remember?”

“You mean the one that wasn’t tall enough?”

“Yup that’s it exactly, I in fact had another rope in my bag that I was planning on using after all hope would be lost, which would have amplified the crowd happiness and your love to me, If only that freak didn’t come and use that barbed wire.”

At that moment Maya snapped and said, “DON’T CALL HIM A FREAK!” He laughed at her and said to her, “Didn’t I already tell you that I was the first to call him that, I mean what kind of human would think of using a barbed wire. To help someone else.” He continued, “ I even asked him if he was going to use that but all he did was push me aside.”

“So he was that student.” I said to myself as I remembered him.

He kept on going saying to Maya, “But now I’ve been hearing that you are all lovey-dovey with him, the idea of that alone made me sick, so I thought to myself why not give her another chance and ask her out again.”

“I refuse.” She replied.

He looked at her with eyes like the devil and said, “So, you choose him over me a sane normal guy, looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

“W-what are going to do?” Maya replied scarily.

“Don’t worry, I heard it doesn’t hurt very much the first time.” He said that as he laughed creepily. “S-stay away from me!” He pushed her down and started to take of his belt. Rage exploded through my body as I heard that my fist tightened, and I completely broke the door. “STOP!” I shouted with all the power that I had I never knew my voice could be that high. Both of them tried to recognize me and recognize the voice, that guy stopped and looked at me even Maya was surprised as this was the first time she ever heard me. “Oh, look who we have here if it isn’t the freak.” He spoke in a sarcastic way, “Let her go.” I said to him. “So, you can speak, rumor is you never have spoken a single word ever since you entered this school.” I didn’t reply to him and looked at Maya, “Are you OK?” I asked her.

She quickly kicked him and ran behind me. “I’m OK.” She answered. He stood up and talking to her saying, “Unbelievable, even after everything I did to you, you still choose him, and I was going to give you the greatest pleasure of all time”. What he said just now made me angrier as I tightened my fists more. I turned to Maya and said, “Go, and ask for help be sure to call an ambulance too.” She nodded and quickly ran away. “Now, it’s only you and me.” He said. I didn’t say anything to him instead I slowly walked towards him getting ready to punch him in the face while he just stood there smiling. I attacked him and tried to punch him but he was able to avoid my punches, he said to me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t have escaped before fighting a freak like you?” He continued, “I mean come on, you pulled a person alone using a barbed wire.” I tried punching faster and harder but he just kept on avoiding it. “Lets end this shall we?” As he said that I found myself lying on ground the without any prior notice of what have happened. He laughed as he continued punching me in the face, he was so fast I didn’t know what to do he kept punching me and I could see the bandages loosen up from my face, “Finally, I’ll be able to see your face, and verify wither you’re human or not.” The bandages became lose and from that torrent of attacks I became angry, my body reacted on its own and I see myself catching him from his head immobilizing his movement. However I was a bit too late, the bandages started falling down from my head revealing my face. “HAHAHAHA, so that’s what you look like, you aren’t human.” He said to me with a fearful look in his, replying to him I said, “This body is nearing its limit, if I can use it to help someone then I gladly well.” I stomped him to the ground as fast as I can, in attempt to knock him out unconscious I could see him bleed and he was finally knocked out. I rushed to get my bandages to cover my face again, when she came again. “Zale.” She yelled in attempt to catch my attention. I was able to quickly cover up my face before she noticed. “Hey.” I answered her as she was looking at what happened. She was checking the other guy out while I was standing there trying not to fall. “Well he be, OK?” She asked, I nodded and answered her ”Yes, he is one tough guy”. “Anyway, are you hurt?” She asked, I was going to answer her when I fell down, “Damn, these legs always fail me at hard times.” I said to myself I could hear the sirens and I catch a glimpse of her rushing down to me. I got unconscious before I could see her at my side.

The police and the ambulance came while Maya was there this month has been really hectic to the school many things kept on happening. Maya was now sitting beside Zale in the ambulance the other guy his name was “Dio Smith.” Got up before Zale and fortunately the police was there to arrest him, he uttered words to Maya before going with the cops saying, “That guy is not a human, his face and body is from hell itself you’ll be disgusted by him once you see what he looks like.” He said that and entered the police car laughing. Maya didn’t reply to him, as she knew Zale had his reasons to cover his face. They finally reached the hospital. The same one, that he was admitted to, when he saved Maya. Dr. Lance was there in the emergency section of the hospital. He saw Zale and immediately left everything to take him into his care of him, he saw Maya with him asked the nurses to take Zale and test him to see if something happened to his body. While Dr. Lance sat with Maya who was worried sick about Zale. Where Dr. Lance told her a bit about Zale’s past.

“You must be really worried about him. You’re shaking like crazy.”

“He will be fine won’t he?”

“I see that he didn’t tell you...”

“Tell me what?”

“About his body.”

“Everyone knows about the bandages covering his whole body, but I always thought they were a temporary thing.”

“Unfortunately they are not.”

“What do you mean, doctor?”

“I’ll tell you a bit about his past although I know he won’t like it.”

“Please tell me I want to understand him more.”

“When Zale was a little boy he went through an incident that changed his whole body, you see all of his body was burned. “

Maya looked at the doctor in shook after hearing him say that, “Then how is he still alive?”

The doctor replied, “Fortunately, with technology that was kind of new at its time he was saved. However....”

“However, what?” Maya said.

“He is dead, but he is alive, Zale is living without his heart even beating.” The doctor said.

“But didn’t you just say that you used a new technology?” Asked Maya.

“Yes, we did but the experiment was a failure, how he is living is something the doctors can’t even answer.” Dr. Lance said that with a look of regret in his eyes, he continued “Some called him a zombie at first. But even though his heart didn’t beat all the functions of his brain were working, unlike a zombie, it was as if his soul doesn’t want to leave his body.”

“Does that mean he is an immortal?” Asked Maya.

“No, as we speak his body is decomposing, the reason I want to take care of him is because I’m the only one that know how to treat him.” Answered Dr. Lance.

“Now you know a bit about his past, the reason I told you a bit about him is because ever since that day he never interacted with any other being, no matter how hard we tried to ask him, he just wouldn’t even flinch or talk.” He continued, “However, not only have I seen you with him once but twice that is why I wanted to tell you.”

Maya sat there trying to digest all of the information she was given she looked at the doctor and said, “Zale, can I go and see him?”

The doctor agreed without any second thoughts. They went to his room where he was in a comma Maya sat near him holding his hands. Praying that he would wake up soon.

“This darkness again, am I dreaming?” A voice answered me, “Nope, you’re not unfortunately.” Suddenly all of the darkness went away and the whole place became white all I could see was some kind of a throne that was a few steps away, when I heard that voice again from behind me, “Well, well I didn’t see you for a long time now Zale.” I quickly turned around to see who is that. He was a young man wearing a white suit with a red tie, “Who are you?” I asked.

“Who am I, huh? Well what do you call that thing that collects souls?”

I answered him, “Are you the grim reaper?”

He looked at me with a bit sad and angry look saying, “Why the hell do all humans mix me with my twin! I mean I’m cool and I wear a white suit” He sighed and told me, “I’m the soul reaper.” He continued, “The soul reaper collects souls the grim reaper counts and sends them up.” He looked and at and said to me, “Anyway that is not our subject right now.”

“What do you want?” I asked him. He said to me, “You forget fast, don’t you remember that eerie voice from you dream?” Now that I think of it his and the voice from the dream are kind of similar.” He laughed and said,” Well I like cinematic effect I can do in the dreams don’t blame me.” I asked him, “What do you want?” He answered me in a serious tone, “I’m here to make you remember your promise, and what happened at that incident.”

“What do you know about that day?” I asked him.

“Talking is a bother let me just show you.” He replied to me while he was walking to the throne and sat there. “Show me? How are you going to do that?” He just pointed at me when and shouted, “Remember!” The moment he said that images came flowing through my mind and I recalled that day. “ I used to be a normal happy kid before that incident. However, all changed when on that day.” I said as I recalled what happened. I unexpectedly ended up at a house. When I saw a little kid running towards me saying, “Mommy.” Repeating it over and over. I looked at him and I was going to say that I’m not his mom, but he passed through my body as if I was a ghost. When I turned around to see him I saw someone else that familiar, “Mom!” I shouted to myself as I saw that kids mom, “It couldn’t be” I said to myself, “She is long gone, she died on that day.” The soul reaper appeared out of nowhere saying to me, “This is your memory from that day, but I’m going to skip to the important part.” I saw the day passing by as both of my parents ended up sleeping and me too as a kid. “Now is the time for action.” Said the soul reaper. The house started to burn when everyone was sleeping flames kept on eating the house, when my parents woke up it was late my mom and dad both tried coming to my room, my dad saved mom from a certain death as pillar of fire came from the roof and he pushed her to save from her doom, his last words to her were, “Take care of our son, take care of Zale.” My mom continued towards my room as she was crying, she finally reached me where I was helplessly crying for help. She came to me and hugged me assuring me everything is going to be OK. She said, “I won’t let anything happen to you my little baby”. However the help was late and flames were everywhere there was no escape. The flames reached the inside of my room and they slowly started approaching us little by little as they started to eat us both mom tried to cover me but it was all useless. That is when she saw a man descending to her from up even when she could barely speak because of all the pain her last words to that man were, “My soul for his life”.

After that line I saw that everything stopped and the soul reaper talked to me, “Zale this is where you made your promise, that man was me, your mom traded her soul for your life, however her soul alone wasn’t enough.” He continued, “Now let me skip to the part where you made your promise”. He snapped his fingers and I could see a young me in the same place that I was when all of this started, the young soul reaper was sitting on the throne with me staring at him. And they had a conversation going on.

“Your mom sacrificed herself for you, her son.” Said the soul reaper.

The young me was in a shock he couldn’t comprehend what had happened and his body is all burned from the fire and he can barely even stand I can even say that he is almost fleshless.

The soul reaper spoke again, ”However her soul alone isn’t enough, so I should take something from you.” He continued, “You have 5 senses and you lost 3 from the fire all is left for you is sight, and hearing, I won’t be able to take anymore or else everything will be in vain”. The soul reaper sat there thinking about what he should take and when he got the idea. “Ah, I know what to do, the problem is that I can’t take it but you should be able to live without it.” All could the young me do is look at him, the young soul reaper knew that so he continued speaking, “I want you to live without emotions, which means you won’t happy, you won’t be sad, you won’t be angry, also you will live without hope and most importantly, you will never love.” He went on saying, “Zale, I want you to promise that, and if you break the promise death will be your fate.” The young me looked at him and tried to utter and speak the young me said, “I promise.” The young soul reaper replied to him, “Very will then, your soul will not leave your body until you break the promise.” After those words everything stopped and we were back to our original place. “I used to be a badass when I was young now everything changed”, said the soul reaper. He continued, “Now you remember, to live or to die is your choice now but remember how much did mother suffer only to let you live”. Even before telling me all of this I made up my mind a long time ago, “I want you to meet me where it all started.” I said to him.

“Whoa, that was fast.” He continued, “So you have decided, fine I’ll meet you there and I think I’ll invite my twin he wanted to meet you for a while now.” He kept on going saying, “You were sleeping for one week now, and I’ll let you wake up now see you there in a few hours”.

I quickly opened my eyes and I saw Maya beside as I was on the hospital bed. “You finally woke up” Maya happily said. I was happy too because now I won’t regret my decision. “Maya, I want you to came with me to a certain place.” I looked at her as I asked her. She looked back at me and said “You just woke up you should get some rest.” I reached for her hands held them, looked her in the eye and said to her, “Please”. Maya looked at me a bit shocked she knew something was wrong and she said, “If it’s for you Zale”. I was happy to hear those and I urged to take me outside the hospital, the time was tight and I had to get there as soon as possible. Dr. Lance saw us going out the hospital and he tried to stop us I looked at him and said, “Doctor, thank you all the help you have given over the years but now there is something that I must do”. Dr. Lance was surprised to hear me speak he knew it was something urgent, he said to me,

“Zale this is the first time I heard you speak, I always wanted to know what you sound like, it must be something really important to you....” He was quite for a moment and continued, “Go now and Godspeed”. We went out of the hospital and to our luck we found a cab waiting we rode it and before I could ask the driver to take us to our certain destination he said to me, ”I was hired by a friend of yours so I know the destination don’t worry I’ll take you there”. Maya was surprised by everything that happened today. Me rushing out of the hospital; the driver that knows where I’m going and she sat there looking at me. I patted her on the head and said to her, “Everything is going to be fine”. We finally reached our destination. This place is deserted now ever since that day, no one lives here anymore. Maya was near me and she asked me, “What’s this place?” I answered her, “This is my original home”. She looked at me in surprise and I’m pretty sure she is thinking why would I come here again. Even if someone doesn’t know my past just looking at the place evokes painful memories. I can see two people descending from the sky one of them was the soul reaper the other I didn’t know but he wore black suit a with a white tie. Maya panicked when she saw the two of them, I held her and whispered into her ears, “Don’t worry, I’m with you”. Both of them finally reached the ground the soul reaper said, “Yo” in a spontaneous way while the other guy looked much more colder and serious than the soul reaper although they looked alike. The other guy spoke, ”Let me introduce my self.” He continued, “I’m this idiots twin, the grim reaper and you must be Zale?” I nodded in a yes. “So what will it be now Zale, and I can see you brought your woman with you”. I looked at Maya and then again looked at both of the reapers. The time has finally come for me to make my decision. To continue on living again without emotions and forget all of the feelings that I experienced, or to die and let my moms sacrifice and pains go to waste. I looked at both of the reapers and I uttered what could be my last words, “I choose to die”. The reapers didn’t show any emotions in fact, I felt that they kind of expected the answer. However the grim reaper asked me this, “To choose death of your own free will, no human have ever done it, why did you do that?” I looked to him and answered, “A life without emotions is no life at all, being happy, being sad, getting frustrated and finding love that is what a human lives for.” I continued, “Without those a human can’t shape his life, I know mom sacrificed herself to save me, but I don’t think she would like seeing me live a meaningless life.” The reaper looked at me with respect and said, “Very well then young man, however go say goodbye to her for you shouldn’t have existed at all, everyone will forget about and you’ll be erased from the pages of history”. I looked at Maya to see her getting sad and tears started to flow from her eyes. I wanted to go to her but I was cutoff by the soul reaper, “Wait.” He said to me. I looked at him and he snapped his fingers, “This is what your body would look like if it wasn’t for that incident.” He continued, “Go now and say goodbye to her”. I continued to walk towards her as I slowly took my bandages off. I could see that my hands were normal I could feel the wind blowing and I could smell the nature. I reached Maya who was by now crying she knew this was the last time she would ever see me. She didn’t know that I was beside her, I held her up and looked at her in the face, I wiped her tears with my hands and told her, “Maya, this is my last time talking to you.” Maya looked at me she was expecting a distorted face but thanks to the soul reaper I’m a normal human now. I looked through her eyes that were as beautiful as sea the sea itself, and I said to her,

“Maya, thank you for making forget my promise, thank you for letting me live my life even if it was only for a few day, and most of all thank you for making me experience love.” She looked at me with teary eyes; she was at the brink of breaking down and crying. “Maya ray, I love you”. When I uttered those words to her she reached her limit she was going to cry, all I could do to compensate her before I could hear her cry. Something to let her remember and something for me not forget her. I kissed her, this was my first and last kiss to the girl that made heart beat even though it wasn’t alive, to the girl that I loved more than what I could imagine. A goodbye kiss that didn’t even last long. As my body started to vanish slowly, “I love you.” I said to her those were my last words. I didn’t want to say goodbye to her, I would have cried if I did. Grim reaper went to her and said, “Poor child, to lose whom you love so fast”. Maya looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked, “Why? Why did he die why?” He replied to her, “That was his decision but he gave you a gift.” He said with a smile. She asked “What gift?” The grim reaper replied, “The gift to appreciate life and not to live without a purpose”. Maya looked at him and will power has filled her up again, “I will never forget him, never!” The grim reaper laughed and said, “That’s the spirit, however, how can you remember what didn’t exist from the first place?”, Maya looked at him she knew she was going to forget about Zale and replied, “The mind will forget, the people will forget, but my heart will always belong to him.” The grim reaper looked at her and he looked happy and said, “Go forth my child live your life and don’t let any obstacle bring you down”. My story ended there and everyone forgot about me even, Maya. Did I choose the right decision? Until now I’m not sure. But, I’m sure that live isn’t worth living without fights, without happiness, without sadness and surely not without love. After all those emotions are what shape us as humans.

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