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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

UPDATE 6/24/2019: Updated version, make sure next chapter is version 3 and not two.

Chapter 10 (v.3) - Sin

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Chapter 10: SIN


 Deep in the depths of the Dark Forest where the cold chilly air breezes through the Druids, a Rotten Wolf sniffs around aimlessly to catch the scent of any careless survivor.


“GRAHK! GRRKRKRRRK!” The Rotten Wolf comes across someone’s smell and growls intently like it has a very sick throat.


 It starts running towards the scent and lunges its fangs towards that person, knocking them down on the ground. However, after landing on the ground there were no more sudden movements as both the Rotten Wolf and survivor laid there until the stranger moves the Rotten Wolf away revealing himself to be Mark. He wore a new set of clothing which was a plain dark-blue sweater and cargo pants he received from loot drops including new shoes.


“Ugh! I hate touching these damn things.” Mark says with an expression of disgust for the Rotten Wolf’s skin felt like touching a ball of old dirty sweat.


 Mark walks over to the Rotten Wolf and retrieves his knife from the Rotten Wolf’s neck that was deeply impaled, resulting in a quick instant kill.


“Nothing again? Dammit!” Mark kicks the dead Rotten Wolf for it didn’t drop any loot, having been the third one he has killed in his hunt today.


 Glancing around the area Mark could faintly hear unusual noises making him feel unsafe and decides to move along. Mark plays it safe and returns to the last Safe Zone not wanting to risk encountering a Creeper or Crier. It has been a month since that day when Nancy was taken and his wounds have recovered but there was still some faint pain lingering. During that month, Mark has adapted quickly to the Dark Forest including the threats from both the monsters and other survivors. Mark has avoided extortion attempts for his loot and Creepers trying to grasp his body in order to tear it apart. Such threats happen almost every day and one false move would result in all his loot taken or death.


 As Mark reaches the Safe Zone, he spots a group of three attacking an old man beating him mercilessly.


“Hurry up! Take your fucking loot out! All of it!” A man wearing a gray coat shouts as he viciously stomps his right hand.

“AAHH! Please! Have mercy!” The old man pleads as most of his wounds were not done by those scoundrels. They were wounds after the old man had just gone out to hunt for his food which made him an easy target to go after and wasn’t just for his age.

“Fucking old man! Hurry up and give it!” Another shouts as he kicks and stomps the old man’s legs avoiding to injure his face or upper body to avoid accidentally killing him.


 The old man decides to comply and opens his Menu, giving them one piece of cattle meat, which was all the poor old man had gotten from his hunt.


“The fuck? That’s all?” The gray coat wearing man couldn’t believe that was all the old man had and looks over at his Inventory screen which had nothing else.

“Please! Beg of you-“


 The man with the gray coat kicks him right on the face mercilessly and he kept doing so until the old man’s face was utterly bashed up and kills him.


“Fucking useless!” The man with the gray coat angrily shouts and spits on the dead old man.


 Every other survivor around the Safe Zone only watches each having different kinds of expression from looks of disapproval to being indifferent. Mark was also one of those who simply watch and didn’t act. Not because he was afraid but because he has seen others before who were brave enough to act and help. However, the cruel reality is even if you manage to help someone from another there will always be those waiting and watching for the right opportunity to interfere and harvest from either both sides or the victor who would most likely be injured and weak.


 Those who wanted to help the old man including Mark had seen or experienced themselves the consequences of trying to help others. What Shaun told Mark was unfortunately correct, those who still try having a sense of morals or justice would most likely end up dying sooner in MMRPHG Beta. Thus, results in many trust issues and you normally don’t see a survivor approach another stranger for help or to struck a mere conversation. Most trust bonds only occur outside of Safe Zones when one helps or saves another from death. There are also those who threaten to join them but normally those form of groups have higher chances of backstabbing.


“Jesus!” Mark looks away from the direction of the dead old man as someone had already approached to take his clothes and soon right after another came to cut some of his flesh to eat.


 Not wanting to witness such a crude scene Mark walks over to the furthest empty bonfire and sits down on a rock. Mark opens his Menu and goes over his Inventory seeing all the loot he has grinded for the past month. A total of thirty-five bullets, three pieces of pork meat, one cattle meat, three eight-ounce water bottles, fresh apple, two bandages, and a pair of socks. Mark’s Inventory was quite packed and if anyone would catch wind of such loot, they would target Mark relentlessly for it.


 After double checking his Inventory, Mark moves onto the Map where he has explored 21% of the entire Dark Forest. Mark has only traveled a linear path and was close to reaching the end of the map and wonders if beyond that point he would enter the Infected City.


“Hmm, there’s no point in lingering here any longer.” Mark thinks to himself for he has already reached the maximum level cap of eleven.


 Mark’s thoughts drifted off as he still wonders if he will find any possible clues about his parents. For all Mark knows they could have either died at one of the Haunted Wright Castles or explored all the way into the last area. Regardless of whether he found his parents or not Mark doesn’t plan to live in such a horror-filled world and get to the bottom of who’s responsible for creating such a terrible thing.


 As Mark closes his Menu, he spots someone wearing a large black trench coat with a hoodie over their head. The person walks specifically towards Mark’s direction and without hesitation Mark reaches his right hand over to his back, grabbing his pistol. Mark was ready to react upon the slightest hints of hostility while also glancing at his surroundings making sure he wasn’t getting surrounded. The stranger stops at a close enough distance where they could talk and both knew if one another got closer than they would without a doubt feel threatened and first before the other.


“Hello,” The stranger simply greets and reveals to be a woman which took Mark by a bit of a surprise. “Are you alone?” The unknown woman asks as her face was mostly hidden underneath the hood.


 Mark stays silent not having the slightest intention of letting his guard down while still keeping his surrounding on check.


“Don’t worry, I’m not with another group. Just a lone survivor in this world.” The unknown woman tells Mark knowing he was being vigilant towards a surprise attack.

“You expect me to blindly trust you?” Mark asks not knowing why the woman approached him in the first place since his last normal communication with another survivor was with Shaun. Since then no one has tried speaking to him and vice versa.

“Well… you will probably trust me after I tell you about a certain thing.” The unknown woman says and walks over to one of the rocks. “May I?” She asks Mark wanting permission to sit down.


 Mark simply nods but still kept a lookout while being ready to aim and shoot upon any fishy movement with her hands.


“What do you mean I’ll probably trust you? Who are you?” Mark asks confusingly for he had no female acquaintances in MMRPHG Beta.

“My name is Sin.” The woman simply introduces herself.

“Your real name,” Mark demands thinking she was keeping a real name secretive for some reason.

“That is my real name, you can see for yourself.” Sin says as she opens her Menu and goes into her Status.


 Mark then stands up and points his gun at Sin making her take a small gasp of air. However, Sin knew Mark only did that to make sure she wouldn’t try something when Mark approaches to check her Status. Upon walking over while keeping his gun pointed at Sin, Mark looks at her Status screen and sees that her name is indeed just Sin with no last name with light-black hair up to her shoulders. However, Mark has seen a few others with unusual names and is more surprised by her level which is at twenty-one.


“See, that’s my real name. Now, can you stop aiming that gun at me? It’s making me very uncomfortable.” Sin tells Mark for she stood very immobile in case Mark would pull the trigger upon any movement made.

“What do you want?” Mark asks as he moves away back to his seat but doesn’t stop aiming his pistol at Sin being more cautious towards her since she has been around MMRPHG Beta longer than him.

“I’m trying to find someone who can help me kill a Druid. They drop a legendary item that’s needed for a specific area in the Infected City.” Sin explains to Mark and that was the first time Mark hears about a Legendary item.

“And what makes you trust me with such a thing? Or why should I even trust you?” Mark asks waiting to hear her reasons.

“Of course, I would never just walk up to a random stranger and ask for their help. Before I returned to the Dark Forest, I encountered some trouble back in the Infected City and someone lent me a helping hand. That someone was named Shaun.” Sin says which surprises Mark and gets him interested in further listening. “I asked him for help but Shaun refused since he wanted to keep moving forward onto the next area. However, before he left Shaun told me about someone known as Mark who would most likely be in the Dark Forest whom I can trust. He gave me a thorough detail on how you looked and also claimed you would mostly be a loner. However, before I had encountered Shaun there was still some other group which at first, I didn’t really care much about them until I met Shaun.” Sin explains and was going to continue further but Mark interrupts.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Mark asks wondering if Sin was mentioning what he thinks she means.

“… Shaun told me about what happened to you. How a girl was taken away by the wrong people and it seemed a bit familiar to what I saw. So, I took some time to look up the girl in the Status and found out she was indeed the girl named Nancy that I saw with those group of people before I had come across Shaun.” Sin tells Mark.


 After hearing such a thing Mark couldn’t believe he would hear such news, Mark had already accepted the fact that Nancy was most likely killed during his time of rest. But now that he knows Nancy was still alive out there the guilt of having promised to keep her safe and unable to protect Nancy returns to his heart. Since Nancy was also in the Infected City it made things more convenient for Mark who was already planning to head there to also find clues about his parents.


“I know you’re already planning to head down to the Infected City to try and save her. But you shouldn’t recklessly enter that area.” Sin tells Mark noticing his troubled expression.

“Why?” Mark wonders not knowing why he should stick around the Dark Forest to help Sin kill a Druid.

“The Infected City is much more difficult to survive than the Dark Forest. There’s a reason why many choose to stay or return here. Luckily for you, I have plenty of experience in the Infected City and with my help, you can get around faster and save Nancy.” Sin explains to Mark trying to entice him to help her get the Legendary item. “Trust me, rushing into the Infected City recklessly isn’t a good idea. Besides, the ones who have the girl hostage seemed capable. They managed to make it deep into the city so the only thing you should worry about is the girl behaving for the time being.” Sin tells Mark who was deep in thought.


 Mark carefully considers about it since the last time he rushed things resulted in Nancy getting taken away. As he thinks back to that situation Mark couldn’t help but feel responsible for making such a stupid mistake and not think about the fact that this was a world of survival. Although Mark prefers moving solo it was still in his best interest to team up with someone else who would have his back. If it wasn’t for the fact that Shaun kept him safe when he was unconscious then Mark would have probably been cut to pieces and cannibalized by someone.


 Trusting Sin was something that made Mark uncomfortable but at the same time, he couldn’t find any logical reason on why Sin would trick or betray him. Nor does Mark know how else could Sin have found out about what happened a month ago unless she was there but then how would she know Shaun’s name? After some consideration, Mark decides to trust Sin but not fully and would still be wary of any signs of trickery or betrayal.


“Fine, I’ll help you. But if you even think about-“

“Yeah, I know. If I try anything, you’ll not hesitate to kill me.” Sin finishes what Mark was going to say. “Let me invite you to a party.” Sin tells Mark and opens her Menu back up and invites Mark to a party.


 Mark receives the notification which reads “Sin has invited you to a party, would you like to join?” and gives a Yes or No option. Simply tapping on Yes, Mark’s bracelet suddenly lights up and both their names appear in small letters with a small green box. 


“What are those small boxes underneath our names?” Mark asks as he observes the Menu bracelet wondering what it meant for this was his first time being in a party with someone else.

“It’s your physical status, both of ours are green so it means we’re healthy. Depending on your injuries it will turn yellow if it’s light or orange if it’s severe. Red would mean you’re in danger and if either of our names is no longer lit up then that means we’re dead.” Sin casually explains and closes her Menu. “How much ammo do you have?” Sin bluntly asks.

“…thirty-five.” Mark felt hesitant answering his supply but had already agreed to help so decided to only reveal his ammunition but nothing else.

“Wow, you must have grinded a lot without using your gun much.” Sin gets surprised for conserving ammo in MMRPHG Beta isn’t too common and very risky.

“I’ve only been hunting Rotten Wolfs, I didn’t see a need to risk myself in killing a Creeper or anything else,” Mark explains and gets up from the rock he sat on. “Let’s go, I don’t want to waste any more time,” Mark says wanting to reach Nancy as soon as possible.

“Alright, just don’t be trying to be too hasty or we’ll both end up dead.” Sin warns Mark and also gets up from her seat.


 Sin takes the lead while Mark simply follows behind and as they exit the Safe Zone, Mark takes some glances and notices a couple of people who were giving suspicious stares at them. Mark has seen plenty of those looks in the past of people plotting; however, he was unable to tell if they were with Sin planning to ambush him in the Dark Forest or a random group that will target both of them.


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