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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 28 (v.1) - Infected Attraction

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Chapter 28: Infected Attraction
 Having resorted to escaping and leaving Sherry to die in the park area of Death Theme, Mark who forcefully carried Nancy in order to prevent her from returning to Sherry entered inside a building of an attraction. 
“Let go of me!” Nancy punching and scratching Mark angrily. 
“Alright! Stop!” Mark lets Nancy go. 
“Why did you leave her!” Nancy screamed at Mark. “Why! Why! Why!” She constantly shouted as she still hit Mark with tears pouring down. 
 Mark simply stood there, letting Nancy hit him until she began to slowly fall to the ground and stay there crying. 
“I’m sorry, there was just… nothing we could have done for Sherry.” Mark tried to explain the situation. 
“Shut up!” Nancy got up again being more pissed, trying to shove Mark harshly. “You left her to die!” She went back to hitting Mark. 
 At that point, Mark snapped at Nancy’s ignorance and grabbed Nancy a bit harshly, pushing her towards the wall. 
“Enough! Do you truly think we abandoned her! There was nothing! Nothing! We could have done to prevent her death!” Mark shouted back more angrily. 
 Before going further, Mark had realized how Nancy had her arms raised in a weak defensive way, making her remember the times she was abused. Regretting going off on Nancy, Mark took some breaths to cool his head off and soften his grip on Nancy’s shoulders. 
“Nancy, I’m really sorry, but you have to understand that even if we had stayed to try and help her we would have just died as well. I’m certain that Sherry didn’t want not only herself to be killed but along with us. Trust me, if there was truly a chance to save Sherry then without a doubt I would have stayed, however, the situation was too dire.” Mark removes his hands from Nancy. “Did you really wanted to stay behind and die with her? You even said so yourself that you stuck through all the horrible things that have happened for the sake of seeing your sister again, right?.” He asks. 
 Nancy started to see reason more clearly and not get blinded by hatred, regret, and sadness. Wiping her tears away, she knew Mark was right, all Nancy could do was move forward for Sherry’s sake. 
 As both Mark and Nancy were now calmed, Mark checks the area, seeing the entrance gate to enter the Infected Attraction that has no punishment if one receives a low score. Trying to take a glance inside, the only thing Mark was able to see was a boat for four people that floated in a light-greenish river. Taking a quick glance outside of the attraction, he saw Hoyjo whom will only attack if they leave the attraction building, forcing them to make the choice of taking the ride or to deal with Hoyjo. 
“Dammit, what should we do?” Mark trying to think of a way to avoid risks. 
 Opening his Map, Mark took notice that the ride had an outline showing where it would go but still blacked out, indicating it is not yet explored until one passes by. Mark took more interest in the fact that after the ride there would be nothing left to explore among Death Theme.
“The hell? This area was the smallest compared to the others?” Mark wondered. 
 Death Theme was primarily a place to get goods from the Death Theme games since the Jungle of Savages takes a lot of resources but gives little in return. It is also meant to prepare for what is to come for the following areas, one of them being Arctic Shadows, the next area after Death Theme. Sin who was on the Bloody Park area also needed to get past it in order for her to meet up with Mark and Nancy. 
“Hey, we’re entering this ride. Are you ready to go?” Mark asked Nancy. 
 Taking a few long breaths, Nancy simply nods. 
“Alright, don’t leave my side,” Mark said. 
 Inserting their passes onto a machine that allowed them entrance, a sudden holographic sign appears in front of them. 
“All weapons disabled, only attraction weapons allowed.” The sign said. 
“What?” Mark tested out the rules and the trigger for his gun was locked.  
 Guns suddenly appear on the boat that were magnums with a full load of six bullets. Having caution, they hopped onto the boat and the ride began. 
“Shit, pick up a gun,” Mark told Nancy. 
 Both quickly grabbing the magnums that were given to them, the boat was slowly moving onto a very dark tunnel that explained what was going to happen. The same zombies from the infected city would appear to attack both Mark and Nancy. Leaving the boat will result in instant death and those who get knocked over onto the very light-greenish river which was strong acid gets burned to death. Ammo drops from killed zombies like pinatas, going everywhere making it a person's job to pick up ammo that would land onto the boat to reload. Hidden symbols would be around the area that gives something when shot which is either an extra bonus prize when surviving the attraction or another weapon to increase one's chances in going through it. 
“Keep your guard up!” Mark tells Nancy once he read the rules on what was about to happen. 
 Exiting from the very dark tunnel, they pass through robes that covered the exit which started the attraction. The only light visible was only shining from the light-green river, making it difficult to see anything beyond outside of it unless it got very near. 
“Hm?” Mark started to hear running footsteps to his left. 
 Keeping focused on the sound as it drew closer and closer until it finally jumped out of the darkness trying to lunge at Mark, however, Mark was ready for it and shoots it as soon as it got near the light. 
“GRAH! RAGH!” The zombie had fallen onto the acidic river burns away completely within three seconds. 
“Shit!” Nancy gets paranoid once she saw the first zombie suddenly appear out of the darkness to jump at Mark. 
“Don’t worry! Just stay close!” Mark making sure Nancy doesn’t leave his side. 
 More steps commenced being heard from both left and right that made it clear more was running towards them.
“Dammit! This was a bad idea!” Mark also starts getting a bit paranoid. 
“RAAGH!” The howls get closer.
 One appeared from the right, not lunging but jumping onto the boat, Mark who was about to shoot gets grabbed by another to his left. 
“Fuck!” Mark quickly got rid of the left zombie in order to kill the other, however, Nancy had him covered and killed the zombie on the left while Mark was able to focus on the right one. 
“You don’t have to worry about me!” Nancy yelled out to Mark, feeling mad that Mark thinks she couldn’t defend herself. 
 About to argue back, more screams of zombies are heard, increasing in more numbers. Having no time to communicate, Mark had no choice but to believe in Nancy to hold her own. The attraction was complete chaos when groups of zombies would appear from the darkness and at the same time having the difficulty of picking up bullets from the floor to reload. 
“AH!” Nancy screamed as a zombie managed to lunge over at Nancy, although the zombie missed it still almost pushed her towards the acidic river.
“Nancy!” Mark immediately turned and helped her back up. 
 As he pulled her onto the boat, a zombie grabs Mark from behind and bites his shoulder like a rabid animal. 
“AAHH!” Mark withstanding the pain, making it a priority to save Nancy first. 
 Once she got back onto the boat, Nancy had still touched the acid river on the side of her right leg, receiving a nasty burn. Mark fought off the zombie who chomped away a lot of Mark’s left shoulder, pushing it off the boat and into the river. 
“Dam!” Mark bleeding out from the wound along with having an infected status as he falls to his knees in pain. 
 There was no room for errors among the attraction and already reaching their limits, zombies still continued to charge towards the boat.  
“AGH!” Mark tried to stand and fight, however, the very flesh and deep wound only made him fall completely on the floor. 
 As the sounds of hungry zombies draw near, smelling the blood of Mark that made their roars grow louder in lust for his human flesh. Mark tried to force his own body to get up but Nancy steps in to stop him. 
“What are you-”
“Let me handle this, you can’t stand with the way you are now,” Nancy told Mark. 
“I can’t! Move out of the way!” Mark insisting. 
“Please, just this once let me help someone.” Nancy pleaded.
 Looking straight into the eyes of Nancy, Mark in that small moment was able to clearly see that she wanted to change herself. No longer wanting to just stand by and get help but to also give it. 
 Accepting Nancy’s determination, Mark shoots a zombie who was behind Nancy. 
“I’ll have your back then,” Mark says. 
 And so they fought desperately against the zombies who hungered for their flesh, taking numerous bites and scratches from them. However, in the end, they survived the whole 10-minute attraction, being the first to pass it without using a bonus, although they never spotted one. 
 The boat entered a passageway that eventually leads to a room where two chests are present on the ground outside the river for Mark and Nancy to receive along with two cures to remove the infection. 
“We did it!” A very wounded Nancy covered in gruesome bites said in relief. 
 Grabbing the cures, she takes hers first and turned to give Mark his only to find that his eyes were completely shut. 
“Mark?” Nancy quickly rushed to his side. “Mark? Hey? Wake up!” She cried desperately, injecting him with the cure but still didn’t open his eyes or have any reaction. “Please! Wake up!” Shaking him in desperation with tears beginning to rush down, she suddenly hears a voice. 
“Ow! I didn’t think you would be this caring for me.” Mark said as he laughed a bit, having faked being dead. 
“That wasn’t funny!” Nancy punched Mark on the shoulder. 
“Ouch! Hey! Alright, I’m sorry. Damn that hurts!” Mark holding his left shoulder in pain. 
 The pain was no longer felt when Mark saw something for the first time ever in that moment. 
“Haha! I’m really glad you’re alive.” Nancy laughed with a genuine smile. 
 Ever since Nancy was brought onto the horrific world of MMRPHG, doing such expressions had almost seized to exist for her until now. 

© Copyright 2020 GGEZ024. All rights reserved.


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