Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



Chapter 10: Date

“Where are we going?” Naruto asked, looking straight ahead.
“You’ll see.” Sasuke smirked, poking Naruto once on the shoulder, making him jump.
Sasuke chuckles. “Scared?”
“N-no…more like nervous.”
“Why?” revs the engine to life and speeds away.
“I don’t know…”
“Well don’t be. I don’t bite.”
“I know.” Naruto smiles, catching Sasuke off guard. “Watch the road!”
“sorry.” he said sheepishly, side glances at Naruto.

After about twenty minutes, Naruto had drifted off to sleep as Sasuke came to a stop. The sea was calming, the sun was slowly setting, making the sky bright red orange, and the breeze was cool. Naruto opened his eyes and had to turn away from the bright sunset.
“Up yet?”
Naruto turned to his window and saw Sasuke standing there, leaning in on the window.
“um…yea. Where are we?” Naruto groaned as he got up.
“Look.” Sasuke pointed to the sea. Naruto turned and squinted at the red orange sky. It was beautiful, he thought. Then he smiled, making Sasuke unable to breath normally.
“Ne, do you want to take a picture?” Naruto asked.
“What?” Sasuke gave him a funny face. He never liked taking pictures much.
Naruto fumbled with his pockets and pulled out his cell.
“I want a picture of this.”
“Oh ok.” he opened the door for the blonde and stepped away.
“Come on!” Naruto grabbed his hand and faced his back to the sea, pointing his phone’s camera towards them and the sea behind. Sasuke tried hard not to squirm away. It wasn’t because he was uncomfortable, but instead he felt himself unable to control himself when he came close to the blonde.
Naruto frowned.
“I look weird in this one.” Delete!
“Let’s take another one!” Click!
Looks at it and laughs. “Sasuke, you look funny!” turns it to him.
Makes a face and takes the phone away.
“Sasuke, give it back! No, don’t delete it! Please!”
“No, I’m deleting this!”
Both struggles to delete and prevent when Naruto uses too much force and makes Sasuke trip over his own foot. Naruto went down with him.
“Ah, sorry! Are you hurt?” Naruto exclaimed, a panicked face.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” rubs the back of his head. “Shouldn’t use so much force.”
“Sorry, but you had my phone and you were taller so what could I do? Break your arms?”
Sasuke chuckled. “Well first of all, you might want to think about our position.”
Naruto cocked his head to the side, slightly confused. Then he looked down and saw himself straddling the raven by the waist with both his legs. He blushed hard and quickly got up.
“I-it’s your fault!”
Sasuke gave him a small smile. “Yeah. Totally.”
Naruto pouted, grabbing his phone from the raven’s hand. “At least you didn’t delete this.” flips his phone open and takes another look at the photo.
Sasuke rolled his eyes and walked across the street. “Whatever. I’m hungry.”
Naruto quickly caught up to him, putting away his phone. Standing on the other side was a few street vendors selling food, accessories, etc. Sasuke paid for a couple of hotdogs, handing Naruto one.
“Thank you.” Naruto gratefully accepted the hotdog and quickly devoured it.
Sasuke consciously wiped away the ketchup from the side of the blonde’s mouth and licked it. Naruto blushed and stepped away. Sasuke stepped forward, closing the gap Naruto had left.
“Are you scared?” Sasuke whispered into his ear after closing the entire gap between them. Naruto shiver as he felt Sasuke touch him lightly. He was scared, but at the same time, he felt happy. Why? He asked himself.
Looking at the time, Sasuke stepped away and held out his hand. Naruto looked up too quickly, hurt and confusion in his eyes. Was it disappointment that just seared through his body? He mentally shook his head.
“Let’s go. We’ll be late for our reservation.”
“Reservation?” Sasuke gave him a wink, making Naruto blush once more.

They came to a stop at a five star hotel. Naruto blinked in surprise at how big it was. He had never gone to a five star hotel before and then blushed as he wasn’t in the right attire. He looked over his shoulders to Sasuke as saw him not in the proper attire either.
Sasuke noticed and chuckled. “Don’t worry. Just enjoy the meal.”
Naruto nervously nodded and walked behind him. They took the elevator to the fifth floor. It opened up to a restaurant, amazing Naruto. He stared in awe, taking in every beautiful thing in sight. Then he spotted a couple that looked too familiar.
The pup looked up in surprise and grinned widely.
The pup got up and hugged Naruto. Naruto smiled and hugged him back. Sasuke went up to Gaara and high fived.
“How did you know I was here, Naruto?” Kiba asked then frowned. “Don’t tell me this guy kidnapped you like that red gumball did?”
Naruto giggled. “Nope. We went to the sea to look at the sunset, ate a hotdog, then came here.”
“Ehh…that sounded…romantic.” Kiba smiled. “At least you had fun while I had my ass dragged.”
“Really? Gaara didn’t hurt you did he?” looks around for injuries.
“No, not really.”
“That’s good then.”
“Would you two stop babbling and sit?” Gaara ordered them, slightly glaring impatiently.
Kiba pouted and made Naruto sit with him while Sasuke sat beside Gaara. The red head growled at the pup who had disobeyed him. Sasuke laughed and leaned forward to his ear.
“Have you done him yet?”
Gaara frowned. “If I have, we wouldn’t be here.”
Sasuke pat once, hard, on Gaara’s shoulder with a smirk. “Come on. You can do better than that.”
“The pups arrogant. I’m waiting until he spills our secret. That’s when I’ll make him mine.” the red head smirked, sending chills up Kiba’s back. “What about you? Why haven’t you done anything?”
“What the heck? Did you…I can’t believe you just said fragile. He won’t break that easily, Sasuke.”
“I know.” Sasuke mentally rolls his eyes. “And I don’t know how long I can wait.”
“He’s not fighting back is he?”
“He doesn’t know shit.”
Gaara cracked a smile. “That’s better than having him hate you for who you really are. Then again, you’d want to take him before he actually does find out.”
“Yeah. I know.”
“That’s not fair!” Kiba exclaimed, pointing a finger at both of them. “You guys speak among each other, hiding secrets while we can’t!”
Both Akatsukis looked at each other then at their partners. Naruto looked at Kiba, blushing in embarrassment.

I'm such a disappointing author for not updating.....don't know when i'll update the next chapter but i know that it's coming....soon....

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