Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



A/N: we’re going back to how Gaara and Kiba ended up at the same hotel that Sasuke had reserved for him and Naruto.

“Let go, you jerk!”
Gaara continued to drag Kiba as he struggled against Gaara’s strength. It was no use. Giving up, Kiba obediently followed. He was angry at Gaara, his sister, and mother. Both of his family had betrayed him and letted him go on a date with Gaara, even though he refused. His own mother and sister had already taken a liking to the red head, which caused his anger to boil.
So they like him more than me? Fine! He thought. At least Akamaru was helpful as he blocked the red head’s way.
Then the unexpected happened. After a few growls, Akamaru was…flat on his back, waiting for a tummy rub! What the heck!?
“Let go!!!”
Gaara finally let go and had Kiba fall on his butt.
“Ow…” Kiba rubbed his now throbbing butt as the red head extended his hand to pull him back up. Kiba slapped it away and got up, trying to escape, but was pulled back and his back met a strong hard stomach.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Gaara growled, his arms tightly arm the pup’s waist.
“Let go of me you freaking red gumball!!! I said let-”
Gaara turned his head to meet his and kissed him roughly on the lips. How annoying, Gaara thought. After pulling away, Kiba slapped him in the face. Gaara’s left cheek quickly reddened. Kiba felt the atmosphere tense as Gaara’s eyes flare with anger. Oh shit, Kiba thought, flinching.
Easily, Gaara lifted Kiba onto his shoulders, hearing Kiba give out a yelp. He marched angrily to his red sports car. (don’t know much about cars but sports car are hot, that’s why Gaara and Sasuke have the same cars except shape and form….if you understand what the heck I’m saying)
Gaara opened the door and roughly shoved the pup into the passenger seat, seat belting him and locking the door. Kiba struggled as he tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. The door was locked! Only way out is to have someone open it from the outside. He search desperately for someone in his house and found his older sister waving with a smile. He flipped her off and saw her laugh.
“Damn her.” he gritted his teeth.
“Calm down will you?” Gaara asked angrily, seated in the driver’s seat.
“Why should I when I’m being kidnapped right now?” Kiba retorted, equaling Gaara’s anger with his. “And don’t even dare say that I went along with it because I didn’t!”
Gaara glared at him, watching his flinch and coward away. “Keep your mouth shut, stupid mutt!”
Kiba blinked in shock and hurt. Gaara blinked away his anger, eyes wide for what he had just said. Shit, he thought, I’ve now done it. He saw what had seemed like tears in the pup’s eyes.
Kiba blinked away his tears and scooted as far as he could in his seat, staring out the window. Gaara reached out to touch him, but Kiba shot a glare at him.
“Don’t you dare touch me.”
Gaara pulled away and frowned at what he had done. Not only did he manage to get the pup, but he had hurt him as well. Swallowing down the guilt, he drove off, with an uncomfortable atmosphere in the car, which almost choked him.

It had been a couple of hours and the pup had fallen asleep. Gaara didn’t know how to wake him up after what had happened. So, he got out of the car, unlocking all doors, even Kiba’s and walked out.
Kiba slowly woke up and found the car empty. He panicked. Where was Gaara? Where was he? (as in him himself) He tried the door and to his surprise, it opened. He got out of the car and search for Gaara. Everywhere he saw trees and a playground. The park. He spotted Gaara a few yards away, laying on a bench, his arm over his eyes.
Sleeping? Kiba thought as he approached the red head. He leaned over the back of the bench and looked at the figure of Gaara. Laid back, one knee pointing towards the sky while the other laid straight down, and his arm over his eyes while the other dangled over the edge of the bench.
Wow, he looks very comfortable, Kiba thought and giggled. Gaara shifted in his sleep, forcing Kiba to step back and clamp his mouth shut up. Then he realized…he giggled at an Akatsuki!? It can’t be! Kiba was falling for…
Kiba shook his head, refusing to think that way. He continued to back up when his feet collided with a shrub, making him fall slowly backward. His arms circled, eyes wide, mouth gaping, and the sky in his view. Then a hand shot out, grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him back.
“What do you think you’re doing making so much noise, Kiba?” Gaara looked into the pup’s eyes. Kiba swallowed, staring back into those mint green eyes.
“Um…where are we?”
Gaara raised an eyebrow at him, wrinkling the symbol on his forehead.
“Can’t you just tell?”
Kiba cocked his head like a curious puppy, confused.
“You mean the playground and the giant field?”
“We’re at the park dumbass.”
“Hey, I knew that! I just wasn’t sure.” Kiba stuck out his tongue at him.
“Oi!” Kiba had shook off Gaara’s hand and took off to the playground. He groaned, rolled his eyes, and went after the excited pup.
“Hey! We’re going to be late!”
“So what? You went off to sleep while sunbathing on the bench so why can’t I have a little fun?” Kiba scampered up the twisted slide and ran across the whole equipment like a child’s first time to the park. Then he slid down the tube slide and met Gaara’s waiting appearance and tried to stop but couldn’t and stopped in front the red head. Gaara slightly glared annoyingly at the pup and made an attempt to grab him, but Kiba turned quickly and ran up the slide, both hands planted flatly on either sides of the tube, but was getting anywhere as he was pulled back.
“Hey! Let go!” Kiba squirmed, sliding back down as Gaara’s finger was hooked to the back belt loop of Kiba’s jean.
“We need to go, kid.”
“I’m not a kid!”
Gaara leaned closely, shutting Kiba up. “You were…a few seconds ago.” he smirked and pulled on Kiba’s hand, heading back to the car.
Kiba blushed and pouted as they made their way to the car. Then he pulled back, making Gaara look back.
“Let go…” Kiba blushed reddish pink.
Gaara smirked. “No.”
Kiba pouted even more and tugged at the strength of the red head’s hand. The hand wouldn’t open, but it was hard for Gaara to walk on.
“Stop!” Gaara barked.
“No!” Kiba whined, putting more force.
It was a tug-of-war between the pup and red head like an owner trying to pry the puppy from giving up a toy. Kiba held his ground and tugged, almost catching the red head off guard, but he was fast as well and tugged back.
“Don’t make me do it, Kiba.” Gaara growled, tugging on harder.
“Do it then!” Kiba dared, tugging back equally.
Gaara made as if ready to punched Kiba, but Kiba didn’t flinch. Gaara’s fist flew to hit Kiba, forcing Kiba to close his eyes and felt himself pulled up. Gaara’s fist went behind Kiba’s head and pulled Kiba in. Their lips met, surprising Kiba. Kiba struggled to get free, but only felt the kiss deepen. He was running out of air and struggled to get free. When he opened his mouth for air, Gaara plunged his tongue into Kiba mouth. It made Kiba feel weird, but taste something he had never tasted before and then realized Gaara’s tongue. He brought his teeth onto the tongue, making Gaara pulled back.
Gaara tasted blood. Shit. His tongue was bleeding. The pup had dared to bite him. Angered, he bent down and heaved the pup over his shoulders. Kiba was caught off guard (not knowing how times this happened) and yelped.
“Let me down!!!”
“If you don’t stay still, I’ll rape your ass in the car!”
Kiba shutted up, slumped on the red head’s shoulder, and pouted.

And they headed to the five star hotel and met Naruto and Sasuke there! Did you like it!? I’m sorry for the late updates!! I’ve been too lazy and at the same time, busy. Like it/ leave a Comment!!!

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