Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



After Naruto and Sasuke’s short arrival, they decided to table up with Kiba and Gaara, eating dinner together and to Kiba’s dislike, they sat with their partners. Kiba and Gaara on one side, Naruto and Sasuke on the other.
Everyone ate in silence after ordering and getting their meals. Kiba hated it and wanted Naruto to know the truth. He hated to keep such a dangerous secret from his friend. But what would happen to Naruto if he knew? Either Sasuke or Gaara was going to kill him, then HIM. (if you didn’t understand that, it’s kill Naruto first then Kiba) Kiba shivered as he remembered Gaara’s words from the other day.
I will do anything to stop you. Even if it means tossing you in a room, tie you up, and Make. You. Mine.
He gripped his silverware tightly and thought it over. Naruto might be in love with Sasuke, who knows. Gaara was always by Sasuke’s side, taking kisses from him whenever he wanted, and the threat was something you tried not to imagine.
“Kiba?” Naruto glanced up from his third bowl of ramen.
He frowned and laid his silverware back onto the table. He had lost his appetite, even if the Akatsuki guys were paying for everything. He got up, avoiding everyone‘s curious gazes.
“Bathroom.” and he walked off.
“Kiba!” Naruto got up, but Sasuke held him back.
“Naruto, sit down. Gaara will take care of it.” Sasuke said, holding onto Naruto’s wrist. Naruto thought about it and nodded.
Gaara got up and went after the pup.

Gaara pinned the glaring pup up against the wall, boring his eyes into the pup’s black eyes.
“Get the fuck away from me.” Kiba spat out.
“What’s wrong with you?” Gaara slightly glared back.
“Just to let you know, I’m bipolar.” Kiba said sarcastically. “And by the end of tonight, I plan not seeing you ever again.”
Kiba tried shoving the red head aside, but was held back up against the wall. His teeth clenched together tightly, black eyes glaring into minty green ones, his hands gripping at the red head’s arm in order to create a gap between them. He never liked how Gaara stole kisses from him, not how he was kidnapped either, and how he was threatened. He had had enough.
“I don’t care anymore.” Kiba growled, gripping even harder. “I hate all this. I hate lying. I hate you all. I hate you.”
A glint of anger bypass Gaara’s eyes. The pain sure wasn’t registering into his mind as he actually felt no pain at all.
“Oh really?” Gaara smirked, suddenly letting go. “Well, I don’t actually think you’re blonde friend thinks that way.” he went to the door and pulled it open, exposing Sasuke and Naruto chatting and flirting away as if they were the only ones in the freaking hotel.
He clenched his fists tight. He made an attempt to run out the door as Gaara tried to grab him, but punched the red head in the jaw. Kiba didn’t give him a slight glance as he ran up to their table where the couple was.
“Ah, Kiba!” Naruto smiled.
Guilt ran all over Kiba’s body, but he couldn’t do it anymore. He was going to get himself and his best friend killed even if he kept it in.
“Naruto, get away from him!” Kiba exclaimed, out of breath, his knuckles throbbing with pain.
“What are you talking about, Kiba?” Naruto’s smile slightly faltered. Sasuke’s face grew grim, glaring at Kiba. Kiba ignored him, staring straight at his friend.
“They’re not who you think they are!”
“Don’t joke around, Kiba.” Naruto laughed nervously. He looked at Sasuke for help, but met no pair of eyes.
“They belong to the Akat-” Kiba struggled as a hand towel covered his mouth, a sweet smell disguising his smell. Then he blacked out.
“Kiba!” Naruto cried out as Gaara carried Kiba (princess-style).
“Don’t worry, he won’t be harmed.” Gaara carried him off.
“Kiba!” Naruto tried to go after them, but Sasuke held him back by the wrist. “Teme! It was your idea wasn’t it?”
Sasuke looked at him, sadly. “I should have told you sooner.”
Hurt and shock ran across the blonde’s eyes and face.
“So…you really belong to them?”
Sasuke avoided his blue eyes and nodded. Naruto had begun to trust the raven, started from text buddy to something he never thought would happen, and then all of it was shattering before him. Naruto backed away.
“Naruto…” Sasuke reached out.
Naruto flinched, a tear sliding down his cheek. “You lied.” he said in almost a whisper.
Sasuke slightly shook his head. “I can explain.” he tried saying it softly.
Naruto vigorously shook his head. “You lied!” and he ran off.

Gaara was surprised at how light the pup was. He laid limp in the red head’s arms as Gaara laid him in the passenger seat of his red sports car. Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

(theraven) don’t do anything to Kiba

(Gaara) like I would. Just sending him off right now

(theraven) Naruto’s angry and now he’s crying

(Gaara) stupid! Go after him! He doesn’t know the way home.

(theraven) like I was that stupid. Be sure to send your pup home

(Gaara) yea yea. Catch you later.

(theraven) you too.

Gaara put up his phone and climbed into his car before revving the engine and driving off.

Meanwhile, Naruto was outside. The air turned chilly, his breath coming out in white puffs. Winter was soon to arrive. He had to find Kiba and get themselves home. He looked around the parking lot and found no red sports car that Kiba had told him before their meals.
Naruto whipped around, fear shown in his eyes. Sasuke jogged to a stop as he saw Naruto’s frantic state, shivering in the cold without a jacket. He took a step closer.
“Get away from me!” Naruto’s scared voice pierced the raven’s heart.
“I’ll get you safely home, Naruto.” he raised both hands as to tell the blonde that he was unarmed.
“Yeah right. I know I’m slow and stupid, but I’m not dumb! If I climb into that car, I’d as well call it suicide.”
Slight anger boiled in Sasuke’s stomach. “What? You’re going to take a taxi home?”
“That’s right!”
“Where’s your money to pay for the fee then, huh?”
Naruto’s slightly widened then he clenched his teeth tightly, knowing the raven was right.
“Well it’s better to walk than ride with you.”
“Just get in the fucking car, Naruto.”
“Don’t call my name as if we’re friends.” Sasuke’s heart burned with pain as Naruto said those words with hatred.
Giving up the argument, he dropped his hands and walked up to Naruto.
“I told you to get away from me!” Naruto backed up until he hit a brick wall and the raven was only a step away.
“I promise you, I’ll get you home safely.”
Naruto noticed a glint of sadness in the dark eyes of his, forcing him to look away. He hated how Sasuke knew everything. Of course he would. He was the one that brought him to dinner here at this five star hotel, they had drove three hours, and now he had no ride unless he went with Sasuke. All he couldn’t believe was…Sasuke being an Akatsuki.

Holy shit!!! This can't be happening!!! Naruto knows about Sasuke!!! Will he ride with him? What's going to happen to Kiba!? Will Gaara really send him home?

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