Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



Sorry guys! Been almost a month since my last update which I apologize for. Been busy catching up with class and now it's finally Christmas break!!! Updates are still slow, I know, but Thank you to my readers and fans that read my work, though they're not as good as others. I appreciate it alot! I mean it! Especially when it comes to comments. Thanks again for waiting patiently with me and reading! Enjoy!

Naruto nearly dropped his phone when those words echoed in his mind. Because I like you. He couldn't help but doubt those words. Why? Why him? What would happen if they meet? If they were to be caught, either one or both of them might end up getting killed. But Naruto wasn't thinking that. All he thought was how he was going to face Sasuke.

"Naruto? Naruto!"

"Huh?" Naruto jumped and realized Sasuke was still there. "S-sorry."

He heard Sasuke sigh. "Look, if you don't want to talk then it's fine. I just wanted to apologize for what happened a few nights ago. I didn't know anything about the attack. If you're scared, then I understand." Naruto panicked when he got the feeling Sasuke was about to hang up.


"Arf! Arf!" arf arf?? "Stop it!" Sasuke growled. Naruto couldn't believe it.

"I-is that..."

"Huh? Oh um yea." Naruto smiled. "You haven't been feeding him properly so I took him in. He's really annoying by the way." Naruto giggled, hearing Sasuke constantly yell at the puppy when he suddenly realized.

"Wait, how do you know I feed him?"

"Um...well...I've been watching you actually." Naruto could feel the raven blush through the phone, making Naruto blush as well. "So will you go to the Dango place and meet me there?"

Naruto hesitated but agreed. "Will you bring him along as well?"


"The puppy!"

Sasuke groaned, making Naruto smile. "Fine

Naruto fidgeted in his seat, fearing of being found out and nervous about how he would react to Sasuke.

"Arf! Arf!"

Naruto looked up and approaching him calmly was Sasuke, holding a leash attached to the puppy's collar. Naruto beamed up and cuddled the puppy, cooing at how clean and cute it was then blushed when he realised Sasuke was looking at him funny.

"W-what?" Naruto blushed.

"Nothing." Sasuke looked away and settled in a seat across from Naruto's.



"Have you named him yet?" Naruto snuggled the puppy as it licked him. Sasuke envied the puppy as it took away the blonde's attention from him.

"Piyo." Naruto looked up at him, then the puppy, then back at him and bursts out laughing. Sasuke slightly blushed and frowned. "Hey, I didn't name him okay? My brother did."

Naruto wiped away his laughing tears and scratched the puppy under it's chin. "Piyo...I like it." he replied, letting it go and watched as it played with Sasuke's pants. The look took Sasuke by surprise, making him want the blonde more.

"I like you."

Naruto tensed. "But you can't."

"Why not?" Sasuke half yelled. Naruto avoided his eyes. "Is it because we're both guys?" Rage burned inside him as he felt Naruto slipping away from him. "Or is it because both our clans are at war and you fear that we might get caught? Answer me, Naruto!" He searched the blonde for an answer, though he received none. Then he reached out and placed a hand on top of Naruto's. Naruto was about to pull away, but felt the raven grip harder, unwilling to let go.

"Let go of me, Sasuke." he felt tears creep into his eyes. Sasuke didn't want to hear it so he placed both hands on either sides of Naruto's face, eyes meeting.

"Answer me, Naruto." Sasuke pleaded, his fierce eyes now gentle. "I want to know how you feel towards me. Do you hate me?" he looked hurt, to the blonde's surprise.

He closed his eyes as the tears spilled like waterfall, his heart pouding loudly as his feelings seemed to explode.

"I...I like you." Naruto sobbed as he cried. Sasuke couldn't help but want to tease him more.

"Say it louder." the rave whispered, practically leaning over the table, hands still attached to the blonde's head.

Naruto bit his bottom lip, a turn on on Sasuke, and avoided looking into the raven's eyes. "I like you."

Sasuke grinned slightly and leaned forward, kissing him on the forehead. Naruto shifted uncomfortably as he felt Sasuke's warmth. The he felt eyes on him. Sasuke must have felt it too when his hands tensed.

"Act normal." Sasuke suddenly demanded. Naruto shakily nodded and painfully felt the cold air hit his head where Sasuke's hands used to be. Already, he missed the raven's warm hands. Darting his eyes left to right, he spotted a few Akatsukis not too far. They acted casual, though they edged closer each ticking seconds.

"Naruto." Naruto shifted his eyes up, showing excitement and fear. It had been so long since someone had wanted to capture him, but he feared more than being excited. "Grab Piyo and run when I tell you. Do not turn back."

"W-what?" Naruto panicked. "What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. Make sure you get home safe, understand?"


"Oi, Sasuke, who allowed you to leave Akatsuki turf?" A member laid a firm grip onto Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke tried not to tense at the sudden approach as he calculated how much time he had to get Naruto home. Then everything blurred within a few seconds. Sasuke got up and swung an elbow to the back of the man's neck, knocking him out instantly. The ones waiting stood up and approached as their comrade laid on the ground.


Not thinking twice, Naruto grabbed Piyo, yelping in surprise, and ran for his life. He heard Sasuke fighting and footsteps close behind. He glanced behind and saw two men following. Since Sasuke could beat them, why can't he? Smiling to himself, he took a turn away from the road towards home and into an alley. The alley was smelly with trash, rats here and there, and a chain gate awaited no less than 50 feet away. He had climbed so many trees and jumped many fences that it was no big of a deal when Naruto tucked Piyo into his orange jacket, making sure he didn't fall out, and gracefully jumped with one hand on the top rail.

Swoosh. Something flew by past his head, landing on a box with a THUNK. A kunai. It was only seconds that he got his feet to go over the fence when a large hand grabbed his ankle and pulled. Losing grip on the rail, Naruto landed on the asphalt, hard. Piyo yelped in pain and shocked, making him run off.

The two men laughed and stepped forward. The man who grabbed him held a knife and charged in stupidly. Naruto swung his feet swiftly, catching the man's wrist, making him drop the knife. Naruto clenched his teeth tightly together as the pain in his left ankle numbed. The man had popped his ankle or twisted it. He couldn't walk, but he stood up, leaning towards his right and stood in a stance, readying himself.

The two men laughed and charged at him the second time. Naruto landed a fist full of teeth in the second man's face while his other fist landed in the stomach of the other, but Naruto never expected the third man. He crept up behind him and grabbed both arms, pinning them behind. Naruto struggled, but it was no use if he couldn't use his feet. Fear crawled over his heart as the first man smiled evilly, bringing the knife to Naruto's neck.

"You put up a good fight, blondie." his voice sent chills up Naruto's spine. "But it's too bad we have to end it."

Where was Sasuke when you needed him? Tears filled Naruto's eyes as he felt betrayed. Maybe Sasuke lured him here to get him killed, pretending to fend them off. The tears spilled across his cheeks, making the men laugh.

"Look at that. He's crying and shaking. Maybe we should make this quick." the cold metal pressed up against Naruto's neck even hard, spilling tiny bits of blood. Naruto tried not to sob or swallow. He regretted believing Sasuke. He regretted taking this road. Regretted taking them on. And worst of all, telling Sasuke he liked him.


I don't like the ending of this chapter....

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