Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



“Where have you been, Naruto?” Iruka asked as Naruto stepped inside his home.
“Um…outside.” Naruto replied, knowing that he was in trouble.
“Doing what?”
“Just taking a walk.”
“Naruto.” Iruka said, crossing his arms.
“Okay okay. I was out by the construction site.”
“Again!? Naruto, how many times have I told you not to go there?” Iruka exclaimed.
“Sorry Iruka san but there’s this puppy that I couldn’t help but feed him.”
“No more excuses. You’re grounded, Naruto and that’s it!”
“Eh!! Come on, Iruka san! That puppy needs me!”
“I’m sorry but no.” Iruka pointed up to the stairs.
Naruto frowned but obeyed as his guardian made sure that he made his way up to bed. Then the door next to Naruto’s room opens.
“Oh hey, Naruto.” naked, towel wrapping around the lower body, another around his neck, wet gray hair, mask, and eye patch.
“Kakashi sensei!” Naruto said happily. “When did you get here?”
“About a few hours ago.” Kakashi smiled. “I’m guessing that you got in trouble again. Something I should know?”
“Nah.” Naruto heads to his room. “Don’t want another lecture. Maybe you can coax Iruka sensei somehow to let me go out next weekend?”
“Sure, just make sure it’s legal.”
“Oh it’s legal alright.” Naruto smiled, thanking Kakashi before closing his bedroom door.
“Naruto, are you in your roo- Kakashi!” Iruka blushed. “P-put on some clothes!”
“Eh? What’s wrong with this?” Kakashi asked.
“Y-you’re setting up a bad example for Naruto!!”
“Come on, Iruka. We’re all men. We do this all the time.” He pulls Iruka close and kisses him. Then Iruka pulls away, although he was feeling weak to the knees.
“Naruto’s been at the construction site again.” Iruka said with a sad face.
“And is that a problem?” Kakashi asked, holding Iruka by the waist.
“It is! Don’t you know that it’s by the Akatsuki’s borders? If he was found out, he might get kill!”
“Give the kid some slack, will ya? You’re wearing yourself out by worrying too much.” Kakashi kisses him on the forehead. “I can talk to him if you want.”
“Please do.”
“’kay but I have condition.”
“And what is that?”
“Let Naruto go out next weekend with his friends.”
“What!? You talked to him already?” Iruka frowned.
“Yea. Right before you came up.”
“But he’s grounded, didn’t he tell you that?”
“Nope but he did asked for me to coax you to letting him go out next weekend.”
“And you think that’s going to work?”
“Hm…let’s try and find out.” Kakashi picks Iruka up (princess style), surprising Iruka that he let out a yelp. Kakashi opens the door to their room and plops Iruka onto their double queen-size bed. Quickly, he shuts the door and climbs on top Iruka, planting hot kisses on his lips and neck.
Meanwhile, Naruto sat in the room, pouting. Hearing the moans of his guardian, he knew that Kakashi was doing his part. Coaxing guardian, check. Now to make sure if the plans were still ongoing, Naruto dials a number into his cell.
After a few rings, “Hello, Sakura here.”
“Sakura chan.”
“Hey! So, did you get that puppy fed?”
“Uh huh…” Naruto then dragged the word ‘huh.’
“Oh…you got into trouble again didn’t you?” Sakura replied, noticing.
“Yea. And now, I’m grounded.”
“What!? Really? So that means you can’t go next weekend?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Kakashi sensei’s helping out so I think I’m okay for next weekend.”
“You know, you shouldn’t depend on Kakashi sensei so much, even if he’s partially your guardian. I mean, what kind of teacher comes to class late every single day while reading Makeout Paradise?”
“I don’t know but he’s quite dependable when it comes to Iruka san.” Naruto smiled to himself.
Sakura laughs. “Ok but what if Iruka sensei holds you back, you’ll have to call me if you can’t make it.”
“No way am I backing out! I told you already, I‘m ok for next weekend.”
“Fine, but if anything happens call me ‘kay?” Sakura sighed.
“Oh and by the way, how’s you and that ‘guy’ coping?”
“Ugh. Don’t remind me. We’re doing fine, but he’s too much of a stalker. Make sure he wasn’t invited okay? I’d hate it if he clung to me all night and wouldn’t let go.”
“Ok but what if he finds out and decides to join?”
“Make sure Ino is there.” Naruto replied almost immediately.
“It’s settled then.”
“Wait, who’s all going then?”
“I’m not sure but I heard some other guys from some other class are joining us as well. I heard they’re pretty cute.”
“Don’t disgust me, Sakura.” Naruto laughed.
“Just saying.” Sakura joined him.
“Then we’ll discuss it at school tomorrow?”
“Yea, tomorrow.”
“Ok. Bye Sakura.”
“Bye Naruto.”

Naruto looks up and was immediately glomped by Sakura.
“Sakura chan…you’re choking me.”
“Eh? Ah, sorry! I’m just excited. Anyways, I’ve got a list of people that’s going.”
Together, they walked to class. At their lockers as they were getting their books, some idiots tries to knock into them.
“Hey, watch it!” Sakura threatened.
“Sakura chan it’s okay.” Naruto said, not wanting too much attention.
“Geez, immature brats. Treating their senpai like this is too much. They think they own the school or something.” Sakura, crouching with Naruto to pick up his books. Then a pale hand appears and starts helping as well.
“Sai!!” Naruto and Sakura exclaimed, almost dropping the books again.
Sai stared at them then smiled, handing Naruto his books.
“W-what?” Naruto tensed as he felt Sai’s fingers touching his.
“You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? It makes me sad thinking that you are.”
“I-I’m not! It-it’s just that you’re timing is wrong, that’s all.” Naruto tried to smile. “Besides, we have class to get to or we’ll be late. See ya, Sai.” Quickly, Naruto and Sakura hurried to class without glancing back at Sai.
“I can’t believe you brushed him off like that, Naruto.” Sakura said after getting to class.
“Yea me too. I got nervous just looking at him.” Naruto confessed. “You think he might find out about our plans?”
“Don’t worry about it. We’ll figure something out. Besides, we still have Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Ino, Tenten, and Neji.”
“Yeah but I don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun just for my sake.” Naruto said sadly.
Sakura, trying not to make the mood worst, spots her boyfriend and waves. “Lee!!”
Lee looks up and waves crazily. “Sakura chan!!”
“I’ll see you later, Naruto and remember, we’ll figure something out so don’t worry.” Sakura kisses him on the cheek before running towards Lee.
Naruto smiles and watches as the couple happily walks to their class hand in hand. He wished his life could be as simple as that. Being stalked by Sai wasn’t what he liked, but he didn’t hate it either. Maybe he could give Sai a go for once, then Naruto shook his head as he pushed aside the thought of going out with Sai. He didn’t like Sai THAT way but was already stuck with him the rest of his life. Yep. The head of the Jinchuuriki had decided to engage him to Sai and he couldn’t do anything against that…unless he had decided to run away with someone else…but who? Anyways, Naruto rushes into class as he tries to forget about his engagement and running away.

A/N: a few of my yaoi pairings are going to be off a bit and you guys might not like it so i'm telling you guys now...as a warning or something :)

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