Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 03, 2012



Kiba sat in his room as he thought the night’s incident. He just couldn’t believe it. He had kissed an Akatsuki. The enemy his clan hates most. But his clan wasn’t strict as the Akatsuki. They weren’t going around killing innocent people. There were laws between the two clans, but there was none that said that they couldn’t befriend one another. Besides, thinking over for the past two years, the current Jinchuuriki leader, Tsunade, had decided to close the gap between then and called for an alliance so there could be peace. The Akatsuki had declined.
Lady Tsunade wasn’t as strict as the first three leaders. She had laid out new laws saying, “The clan has the freedom to make their own choices. Everyone should know well enough if they have gone over the line or not. We are not like the Akatsuki and randomly kill the innocent for fun or property. Everyone has the freedom to speak with whomever, give aid to whomever, and always treat others the way you may want to be treated. From here on, I will allow outsiders to join our clan if they wish.” Many family and clan members complained but soon quieted as Lady Tsunade bought back their attention by breaking a nearby chair.
“As I was saying, I don’t care if you interact with the Akatsuki, but you should know that there are some limitations to your actions. Such as betraying your loyalty for bloodshed or relationships. It is up to you if you want to leave or stay.”

Naruto sat at his desk, face in his arms, staring into his little fish tank at the head of the desk, as he thought of the raven named Sasuke. Tall, lean, broad, his sexy voice, the burn of his touch, and the intense feelings in his eyes. Naruto remembered them all. No other guy made him feeling this way. Not even Sai. Naruto sat straight up and twirled his pencil, pouting. There were laws in the clan saying that they couldn’t have relationships with the Akatsuki, specifically saying no boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Naruto shook his head. What had he been thinking? This Sasuke guy…being in a relationship with him? Of course they could be friends, but become gay!? Well he was already gay since he was engaged to Sai by the agreement of the third leader (third hokage if you didn’t know).
Naruto blushed as he imagined the raven’s face close by, leaning in for a kiss which he had requested. His eyes then widen at the sudden thought and slammed his head onto his head.
“Ow~” Naruto slowly propped his chin on his desk, rubbing the sore red spot on his forehead.
“Naruto? What are you doing in there?” Iruka.
Naruto quickly opened his draw, grabbed it, and opened it to a random page. Iruka opened the door and spotted Naruto at his desk, studying. He smiled and quietly closed the door. Naruto glanced back then sighed in relief. Just as he sighed, his phone vibrated, making him jump. He flipped it open. Inbox (1). He opened it and saw a message from [theraven].

[theraven] Hey. I’m sorry for what happened tonight. I was thinking maybe…

Naruto stared at the message. Who the fuck is the raven? Then Sasuke popped into his mind, making him blush scarlet. He had forgotten that he had given Sasuke his number. Not knowing what to say, he waited.
Vibration. Flip. Click. Click.

[theraven] …maybe we shouldn’t meet anymore.

Why did he anticipated for the mail? Why didn’t he want to meet up anymore? What was his reason? Naruto felt sad.

[kyuubi] oh…then why

It felt wrong. Why was he replying? He wasn’t sure of himself, but his fingers worked it’s way to the delete button, letters, and then pressed ‘send.’

Sasuke laid on his bed, phone in hand. Why had he sent that message? He felt stupid. He had finally met with the blonde he adored and now he’s calling it off? Well they didn’t have anything to begin with, but he felt closer to the blonde. He had also forgotten to ask for the blonde’s name. Shit. Then his phone vibrated.

[kyuubi] so soon? If so, then maybe we can be…let’s say…text buddies??

Sasuke blinked once, rereading the message. He chuckled. Of course, he didn’t want to cut off the connection, but what harm will become of him if they became text buddies?

[theraven] ok. (:
[kyuubi] (:

Naruto couldn’t believe what he had just sent. Taking back the messages was impossible. Naruto blushed again. A text buddy. At least it was better than having the relationship severed. Then again, he wondered…when would they be able to meet again?

A few days went by smoothly…only not for the young Jinchuurikis. Neji had reported the incident at the club and no one was happy about it, especially Lady Tsunade. She was furious. She shouted out every possible way she could think of, of what would had happened. They would have been murdered, kidnapped, tortured, etc. And that wasn’t all. She revoked their permission to go out late on weekends. The young Jinchuurikis begged, but Tsunade did not budge. Then somehow, Iruka heard about it and lectured Naruto. He was even grounded for the time being.

“This sucks so bad! We didn’t even do anything!” Ino complained one day in the school cafeteria.
“I know right.” Sakura shoved a dumpling into her mouth. “It’s their fault we got in trouble. They just came barging in with weapons.” Ino and Hinata nodded in agreement.
“Hey you guys.”
The girls looked up from their lunch and saw Naruto.
“Hey.” Sakura smiled. “What’s up?”
“Have you guys seen Kiba lately?” They all shook their heads. “Oh okay then.” Naruto turned back around and went in search for Kiba.
The girls watched as he turned the corner.
“I-is there something wrong with Kiba?” Hinata asked.
Ino nodded as Sakura explained. “Kiba’s gay.”
“Well I know that.” Hinata said, taking a sip of her milk. “I mean, like in general.”
Sakura leaned on her elbow, hand by her chin and shrugged. They didn’t have a clue until Kiba appeared.
“Hey guys.”
They looked up and was surprised to see Kiba. His puppy face was content as ever, his eyes shining for adventure, and behind those eyes, they had no clue what was going. Boys, they thought.
“Where have you been, Kiba?” Ino asked.
“At home. Fell ill for a while.”
“Hope you’re feeling better.” Hinata smiled.
“I am.” he smiled back, making Hinata blush.
“Naruto was looking for you earlier.” Sakura mentioned.
“Really? Which direction?” Sakura barely lifted her finger when Kiba ran towards the direction Naruto gone.
Ino shook her head. “Him and his nose.”
“I know right.”

After his absence, Kiba felt refresh and lighthearted. The worry in his heart had vanished, but still lingered in his heart. His search for Naruto wasn’t hard as he spotted the orange t-shirt from across the hall.
Naruto looked up and smiled. He backed out of the classroom he was in with a handful of paper and accidentally bumped into an upperclassman. The paper spilled everywhere. Kiba stood there with eyes wide open.
Naruto crouched down to pick up the sheets.
That familiar voice. Deep and mature. Naruto looked up from the ground and came face to face with Sasuke. He blushed and fell back, landing on his butt. Kiba immediately went to his side, protectively. He growled.
“What you do guys want?”
Sasuke and Gaara stood there, watching emotionless.
“You guys attend this school too?” Naruto asked, looking past Kiba to Sasuke.
“Yeah.” Sasuke replied briefly.
Unexpectedly, Gaara spotted the pup being twitchy, as if he had something to say. Then last night’s incident flashed into his mind, making him grit his teeth and clench his fists. Kiba noticed, but kept a protective arm around Naruto. Unexpectedly, Gaara grabs Kiba by the arm and pulls him over to a corner. Kiba gave out a grunt as he was pushed against the wall against a mass of strength greater than his.
“Does he know?” Gaara demanded, slightly trying to intimidate the pup, only it didn’t work.
“Of course not. I was absent for the pass two days.” Kiba growled. “I was going to tell him until you two interfered.”
Gaara smirked. “What do you want?”
“To keep your mouth shut.”
“There’s no way I’ll keep-”
Gaara kissed him hotly. Kiba felt weak to the knee and breathless. Then his mind started to work again as Gaara pulled away. Kiba reflectively slapped him across the face, imprinting a hand print on his left cheek.
Gaara kept his ground from stepping back or flinching from the hit. It only made him angrier.
“I’ll make you a deal.”
“Cut the crap! I’m not dealing with you murderers!”
“That’s not my fault!” Gaara grit his teeth.
“The famous red head of the west side of town is named Gaara. He belongs to the clan called Akatsuki.” Gaara’s eyes widen at that. Kiba continued. “Killed many, left none. All that is true isn’t it?”
This time, Gaara looked away. He knew he had done wrong. Kiba blinked in shock as the face before him forced him to sympathize the red head.
“Just this once. Don’t tell that blonde about us. About Sasuke.”
Kiba bit his lips, trying to hold back rude comments. “How do I know that you’re not lying?”
Gaara leaned closer to him and whispered, “After school, Patty’s café.” he backed off, leaving an astonished pup standing.

Naruto watched as his friend was dragged away from him. “What are you guys doing?” he asked, worriedly.
“Don’t worry.” the raven replied. “Just discussing some stuff.” He noticed Naruto wasn’t paying any attention to him as much as his friend.
“Oi.” Still no rely.
He lifted a finger and flicked the blonde in the forehead.
“Teme!!” Naruto slightly glared at him, hand on his forehead. “That hurts!”
“Well you should pay attention when someone’s talking to you, Dobe.”
Naruto pouted, which Sasuke liked very much, and looked at him. “What?”
“Nothing. Just wondering what your name was since I didn’t catch it the last time.”
To Naruto’s surprise, Sasuke looked as if he was happy to hear his name. Then the messages from last night popped into his mind, making him blush with embarrassment. Sasuke obviously noticed.
“N-ne.” Naruto sat up to pick up the fallen sheets of paper.
“Um…about last night’s message…about us…”
“Being text buddies?”
“Y-you don’t have to say it out loud!”
Sasuke laughed. “No one’s around, Dobe.” Naruto pointed to the two at the corner.
“They’re different.”
Naruto had to agree with that. Gaara and Kiba were different. They were gay. They shared many common things. And there was no point in hiding secrets. Then Naruto spotted a familiar red shape by Sasuke’s neck.
“Is that…” his eyes widen. Akatsuki’s symbol. The red cloud.
Feeling the aura become tense with fear, Sasuke’s hand quickly went and covered the tattoo.
“It’s nothing. I thought it looked pretty awesome so I thought I’d have it on my neck.” Sasuke smiled nervously.
Naruto’s mind jumbled. Sasuke didn’t seem to be a bad guy. The red cloud must have been a tattoo for fun. Fear was replaced by relief. Sasuke noticed when Naruto’s face relaxed. He also relaxed, feeling his secret concealed. So Naruto’s actually pretty slow, he thought (not in a mean way).

Meanwhile, Gaara and Kiba was still arguing. Kiba wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, even if he received a million kisses from the red head. Many threats were bit back as Gaara held back his inner-most anger. He couldn’t blow off and beat this pup into pulp, but Kiba was getting on his last nerves. Finally, he drew his face up-close to Kiba’s, shutting the pup for a second.
“If you don’t shut up, your blonde friend will become upset. My friend will be upset. You’ll hurt your blonde friend more than my friend will. If that isn’t enough…” he locked eyes with Kiba. “I will do anything to stop you. Even if it means tossing you in a room, tie you up, and Make. You. Mine.”

A/N: I'm slacking off big time. So I made this chapter longer than it should have. Hope you enjoyed it!!
P.s. i am under a lot of pressure lately. It makes me feel depress, unthinkable, slow, empty...I don't know why. My mind just functions like that. But after i get my mind reassembled, more chapters will be coming your way!!

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