Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



Chapter 7: Two Sides To A Story

A/N: corrected s few parts in the last chapter.

Kiba kept quiet. He didn’t want to upset Naruto. They were best friends! But he didn’t want to lie to him either! Kiba sighed in frustration. He had no choice but to keep quiet. If he didn’t…Kiba blushed red as his imagination lead him to a locked room where no one could find him, tied to a bed, naked, and awaiting for Gaara’s move. Kiba gasped out loud and shook his head vigorously.
“What the hell am I thinking!?”
Naruto stopped in his tracks and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”
Kiba then realizes what he had just blurted and smiled nervously. “N-nothing. Nothing at all.”
Naruto blinked once before walking pass him down the hall. Kiba again sighed. He had to tell Naruto somehow without that murderer knowing!!

“Ne, Gaara. What did you tell to that pup of yours?”
“That if he’s not careful, I’ll rape his ass.”
Sasuke blinked in surprise then bursts into laughter. Gaara stood there, bearing down his annoyance as he watched the raven laugh.
“Shut up. If I were you, I’d already would have claimed that little blondie of yours long ago.” Gaara smirked.
Sasuke stopped and side glanced. “Yeah right. Like you’ve already done that? You should have gone ahead and taken the pup. That way, it’d give me the opportunity.”
“I wish I could, but the pup’s harder to get than blondie.”

Hours went by and Naruto couldn’t stop daydreaming of his meet with Sasuke. The spiked hair, dark eyes, lean and broad body, sexy voice-
Naruto jumped back into reality, meeting Sakura’s face. “Oh uh…hey Sakura chan. What’s up?”
Sakura stood up straight and raised a curious eyebrow at her friend. “What’s wrong? You’ve been spacing out all day.”
Naruto pouted and shrugged. He didn’t feel like doing anything but daydream. School was so boring. Classes were even worst. Physical education was what he enjoyed most and the best part was going home. He sighed as the long day awaited.

For reasonable reasons, Neji and Tenten were part of the discipline committee. They were out patrolling the halls, making sure students weren’t bullying the weak or doing anything suspicious. Then the sight of the teen Akatsukis from the night before appeared, made them tense up. They stiffly walked pass them, keeping a close eye. Kankuro and Temari did the same, stopping in their steps as did Tenten and Neji. Students quickly picked up their pace as they felt the atmosphere become tense, dangerous, and murderous. Just in time, Kakashi came by with his book in hand when he noticed the aura. He closed the book and walked in between them.
“Hai Hai. Break it up and there won’t be any blood shed.”
The teen Jinchuurikis continued to glared at the Akatsuki as they glared back equally.
“After school, Patty’s Café.” Neji finally said, breaking eye contact with them.
Temari let out a ‘hmph’ as Kankuro walked off. Kakashi watched silently as the Akatsuki turned around the corner before looking at the young Jinchuurikis curiously.
“What are you two doing? You know there’ll be consequences for challenging an Akatsuki.” Kakashi stared.
“We’re not picking a fight, Kakashi sensei.” Tenten replied. “We just want the truth out of their own mouths.”
“We don’t know what they’re planning next, but we should be careful around them also, Kakashi sensei.” Neji added.
“Hai hai. You two are so wise that it goes into your heads. You two need to relax.” he thumped Neji in the head with his book. “Relax. Not all individuals are trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become ally with them.” he walked off then paused and glanced back at them. “There are always two sides to a story. Remember that, Neji, Tenten.”
They watched confusingly at Kakashi as he went outside with his face in his book.

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