Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



Chapter 8: Patty's Cafe

A/N: sorry for updating so slow!!!! >.<

Kankuro and Temari sat in a booth with their tea as they waited. Clang! Both Akatsukis’ looked up and spotted the Jinchuurikis, but narrowed their eyes as another accompanied them. The one named Shikamaru. The three casually went up to them and stood there, nodding in greeting.
“Sit down, Neji. Tenten. Shikamaru.”
The three sat down and watched cautiously.
“I thought it was only you two. How come he had to tag along?” Temari glared at Shikamaru.
“Oi. I didn’t want to come either.” Shikamaru replied, annoyed.
She sat back, keeping an eye on him. “We’ve got nothing to tell you guys, if that’s what you want to ask.”
“Temari.” Kankuro warned.
“What? It’s true though.” she said calmly. “You guys aren’t here just to be on friendly terms like we were. You guys only want the information that we don’t even have access to.”
“Stop lying, you bitch!” Tenten pointed. “You guys helped kill the innocent people in that club. You guys are too be blamed as well!”
Neji pulled her down back into the seat.
“I’m not sure what happened there, but I want to know why you guys didn’t kill us? Or attempt to?”
“Like Temari said, we were there on friendly terms. We didn’t know that our own leader would plan to kill you guys.” Kankuro answered before Temari could.
“Or it could just be one of Akatsuki’s plan to kill us one by one.”
Both Akatsukis shot a glare at Shikamaru, who just returned a calm look.
“You guys wanted the truth, didn’t you?” Temari spat. “The truth is right in front of you! We’re shoving it in your faces, but you guys won’t even accept it. What do we have to do? Strip!?” Temari flared in anger, although she sat there with calmly.
“But is it an exact truth?” Shikamaru asked.
Temari glared dangerously at him, hating his guts, face, brain, and thoughts.
“Kankuro, let’s go.” she stood and readied her bag when Kankuro pulled her back down.
The Jinchuurikis expected Kankuro to followed, but were slightly surprised when he pulled Temari back down.
“Look.” he pointed to another booth across from theirs.
All four teens turned to where Kankuro was pointing and spotted Kiba and Gaara together. They couldn’t believe it. Enemies hanging out? The Jinchuurikis turned back to Kankuro for an explanation.
He shrugged with a slight smile. “There you have it. We’re only on friendly terms.”

Kiba entered Patty’s Café like Gaara had instructed and went straight to a booth. Soon enough, the red head sat himself across the pup with a tray for two. Kiba blinked in confusion. Gaara had threatened him and now…a treat?
“Is this a trap?” Kiba growled.
“What the hell are you talking about? If you don’t want it, you can leave.” Gaara purposely waved a deliciously looking shaped fry in front of the pup’s face. Suddenly, someone’s stomach growled. Both teens blinked surprisingly then Gaara starts laughing as Kiba blushed.
“It’s not funny!” Kiba exclaimed.
Gaara held his stomach then pushed the tray towards the hungry pup.
“Eat it.”
Kiba pouted but didn’t refuse. He chugged the soda, gobbled the burger, and chewed the fries hungrily in Gaara’s amusement.
Gaara never knew the pup would be so enjoyable as he watched the pup eat with joy. He propped an elbow on the table with his face leaning on his hand, watching as the pup ate his fill.

Kankuro whistled a low whistle. “Never knew Gaara would laugh like that.”
The Jinchuurikis looked at him in disbelief.
“You mean you haven’t seen you’re brother laugh like that?” Shikamaru asked with shock.
“Of course not! Have you?” Temari countered with her arms crossed.
Shikamaru sat back down, knowing he hadn’t seen it either. Nor did Neji or Tenten. They watched as their own gobbled up the food offered to him.
“I hope he didn’t put any poison in that food.” Neji mumbled.
“Hell to the fuck no!” Kankuro exclaimed. “Gaara would never do such a thing! If he did, Pain would have raised his rank to superior commander or something.”
“Really? Is it really that competitive?” Tenten asked, sipping her drink after ordering.
“Jeez. You guys know nothing.” Temari laid back, relaxed and watched her brother. “Pain is strict and would do anything to obtain his goal.”
“And that goal is?” Shikamaru asked, laying back as well.
Both siblings looked at each other then frowned.
“Sorry, but we can’t reveal anything…for now.” Kankuro spoke up.
“You guys don’t like Pain, but are willing to obey him? Don’t you think he’s going a bit overboard?” Neji looked at Kiba.
“Not a bit but a lot.” Temari confessed. “We don’t like it either, but in order to survive, we’re forced to listen and obey like puppies.”
“Why don’t you guys just join us?” Tenten offered.
“And get ourselves killed? No way. Not gonna risk it. Once Pain finds out, he’ll track you down like a hunting dog.” Temari scowled.
“Then don’t tell him.”
“Forget it. He’s got eyes and ears everywhere.”
“Even when they‘re hanging out with their worst enemy?”
Temari sat up, glaring at Shikamaru. “I’m done with you, big brain. This conversation is over.”
Both Akatsuki left the booth.

What the hell are they doing here? Gaara thought as he saw Temari and Kankuro leave the café. He barely blinked as his siblings walked off.
“Gaara? What’s wrong?” Kiba asked, looking around.
“Nothing.” he grumbled.

Naruto had just gotten home when his phone started vibrating like crazy. He ran up the stairs to his room and slammed the door closed. He heard Iruka call but ignored him as he flipped the phone open. [2] Inbox.

[theraven] have you gotten home yet?
[theraven] where are you?

Naruto smiled as the messages filled him with feelings. He blushed as he realized it. Dropping his books onto his desk, he laid on his bed and texted away.

[kyuubi] I’m at home right now.

[theraven] In your room?

Naruto blushed.
[kyuubi] yes…

[theraven] I’d like to see it someday. Can I?

[kyuubi] but it’s messy!

[theraven] so what?
[kyuubi] I don’t think it’s a good idea.

[theraven] oh ok…if it makes you uncomfortable tell me.

Naruto thought Sasuke got the wrong idea.
[kyuubi] no! I mean…it’s just embarrassing for anyone to see my room right now. The only ones who’s seen it are my guardians and Sakura.

[theraven] what about me? Will you allow me to see it?

Naruto sat there, blushing madly red. What should he say!? (>.<) His heart thumped fast.

[kyuubi] I don’t know you that much…maybe when I get to know you better…

A few minutes later, no replies. Naruto got worried and flipped open his phone for the tenth time. He shouldn’t have said that…maybe it was better letting Sasuke guess…then his phone vibrated, making Naruto jump.

[theraven] sorry. Um…let’s go on a date this weekend?

[kyuubi] a date!?

[theraven] yes…unless you’ve got something else planned. ):

[kyuubi] I’ll go!

Naruto wasn’t ready to give up Sasuke. He wanted to get closer. Start off somewhere. Anywhere was fine…to him.

[theraven] okay. I’ll pick you up Saturday morning. Be sure to tell your guardians.

[kyuubi] okay. See you then.

[theraven] (: bye.

Naruto’s heart beat fast as his mind ran through conclusions. A date. A date with someone he had just known for one night and partially a day. Excitedly, he dialed Sakura’s number.

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