Teme and Dobe

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter 9: A Worried Iruka

A/N: edited the last chapter. made a mistake of putting Naruto's text name as 'orangefreak' when it should be 'kyuubi.' My bad!

Saturday morning, Naruto got up extra early and had showered. Last night, he had Sakura come over and pick out his outfit. He had already informed Iruka and Kakashi, receiving a painful slap to the back by Kakashi.

~Night when Sasuke asked Naruto out~

Sakura pulled the phone away as Naruto screamed in her ear. Well someone’s happy, she thought. Putting the phone back to her ear, she could hear hangers shifted back and forth.
“What’s going on, Naruto?”
“You can’t believe who just asked me out!” he replied excitedly.
“Um…Naruto, you sound like a girl.” she giggled.
“So what?” Naruto also giggled. “Anyways, I think you know him.”
Sakura thought it out, but came up with no one. “I don’t think I do.”
“It’s Sasuke!!”
“What!? You mean, Uchiha Sasuke!? You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Sakura couldn’t believe it. The most popular and hottest guy at their school had just asked her best friend out. Then she thought again as he held the Akatsuki tattoo on his neck. The red cloud. Her smiled faltered. Akatsuki. Her friend might get himself killed! She had to protect him…but how? Of course she didn’t want to ruin Naruto’s happy mood by telling him straight up that Sasuke was an Akatsuki member. No. She didn’t have the guts to tell him at all. She bit her lips in frustration.
“Sakura? Are you there?”
“Huh? Oh sorry Naruto.”
Naruto sighed. “Anyways, like I was saying, I need help on picking out my outfit.”
“Do you know where you guys are going?”
“That’ll be a problem, but it doesn’t matter.”
“Yes it does!”
“Okay fine. Let me gather my stuff. I’ll be there in a few.”

Half an hour later, Sakura had arrived at Naruto’s house, greeted by Iruka.
“Hi, Iruka sensei.”
“Well, hello Sakura chan. Naruto called you again?”
“Yeah. Has he told you yet?”
“About his date?”
Sakura smiled and nodded. “Yes.”
“Yeah. He said something about his clothes. Are you here for that?”
Sakura nodded again.
Iruka chuckled. “Well he’s upstairs in his room. I’ll making something-”
“Oh no thank you. After I finish helping Naruto, I’ll have to go back home.”
“Oh okay.”

“Sakura~” Naruto glomped Sakura as soon as she entered his room. “What should I do?”
Sakura looked at him with concern, but pulled him off of her and went straight to his closet. He sure did have a lot of orange. Sliding the clothes one by one, checking them thoroughly, she pulled out a few and had Naruto try them out. It had taken a while, but then they finally had the perfect outfit…well any of his clothes would have looked perfect, but with Naruto fussing, Sakura had no choice but assure him.
“Look, don’t worry. He’ll think it’ll be cute. Besides, why in the world would he choose you out of all the others in our school?” Sakura said, putting her hands on her hips.
Naruto laid back on his bed, pouting. “You’re right…but I’m still nervous. I mean, we’ve almost kissed but…that was…”
“Wait, what? You kissed him!?”
“No! I said almost! Jeez, Sakura, no need to make it such a big deal.”
Sakura sighed. “Out of all the guys in our school, you’ve got to go with Sasuke.”
“Hey, he asked me out not vice versa.”
“Yeah. Wouldn’t you do the same?”
“You think I have the guts? I don’t even have the confidence to look at Sai straight in the eyes!”
“Yeah, but at least you could brush him off.”
Both teens stopped at that, then looked at each other and laughed.
“Well I got to go. Good luck with your ‘date.’” Sakura went for the door.
Sakura turned around and was suddenly hugged. Smiling warmly, she hugged him back.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Naruto.”

~Back to Saturday~

Naruto quickly pulled on his outfit for the day and heard a car door slammed close. He must be here, he thought. Heart pounding, he ran to his window, and there he was. Standing in the bright light, leaning against his black sports car. He was wearing a tight black shirt that showed his silhouette, along with his black jeans. A chain hung from his neck as it sparkled in the sun.

Sasuke looked up and spotted the blonde coming out. Last night, he couldn’t sleep as he thought of spending his day with the blonde. He also couldn't stop having the feeling as if he was being watched, which was irritating him. But it didn’t matter now since the blonde was looking actually cute. Orange sleeveless jacket with a gray tee under and tight orange jeans.
He wanted to call out the blonde’s name, but couldn’t remember his name. Instead, he waved coolly. The blonde shyly walked up to him and smiled while waving back.

Iruka watched with slight shock. He had expected a girl, but a boy? Iruka let it slip until his eyes came upon the tattoo on the raven’s neck.
“Naruto.” he turned to quickly go downstairs and get Naruto awake from that raven, but he was held back by a pair of strong arms.
“Whoa, and where are you heading to?” Kakashi said, looking at his lover’s distraught face. “Ah~ let me guess, you saw the tattoo.”
Iruka’s eyes widen and gritted his teeth. “If you knew, why didn’t you stop him!? It’s dangerous letting Naruto go with that…that murderer!!”
“Calm down, Iruka san.” Kakashi half carried, half dragged Iruka back inside the room he was in earlier. “I’ve looked into that kid. He’s dangerous, but…”
“but what?”
“…he’s…I guess I could say he found something in Naruto.”
“What?” Iruka, confused.
“What I mean is that, let the kid relax and have fun. He’s bound to date someone soon.”
“But a guy!?”
Iruka avoided his eyes. “Yes I know. We’re the same. But that black hair kid is different! He’s from the Akatsuki!”
“So what? There’s no rule saying that we’re restricted from dating our enemy.”
“But it could be a trap! Or worst…and that is going against a rule. Tsunade had said that day when she was appointed leader, that we shouldn’t go overboard. What happens if Naruto ends up dead?” Iruka shivered as he trembled with fear. Kakashi wrapped his arms around him.
“It’ll be okay.”
Iruka buried his face into Kakashi’s chest, mumbling, “I hope so.”

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