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Lustful Love

Chapter 1

He had dyed black hair, snakebites, a few cuts on his wrist, was wearing all black, and obviously didn’t want to be bothered; clichright? Well, this was the new guy. He sat beside me, not daring to turn in my direction. Simple to say, he was right to do this. I’m not always the little angel that I let people see. Sure anyone can say that, but I’m willing to show you. Trust me; you’ll see what I mean.
He opened a book, still ignoring my presence. I took out a piece of paper and scribbled on it in my best handwriting. I leaned back in my seat and slid the paper over to him. It was childish, I know, but I wanted to see how he would react. He looked at the paper and then at me. I flashed him my sexiest smile and batted my mascara-lined eyelashes at him but not in the ‘oh I’m such a whore notice me’ way. It was more of an ‘I want to get to know you so don’t ignore me’ kinda eyelash bat. He opened the paper, read it, wrote on it, and then slid it back over to me. His name was Christian. I wrote on the paper again.

So where are you from?

He sent it back.
Meet anyone interesting yet?
I think I just did. Wuts ur name?
I walked him to his next class. I took his hand and wrote my cell number on it.
“Text me sometime.”
He really did have an amazing smile. I walked to my locker, already knowing who would be there. He was tall, light brown skin tone, baggy jeans, long t-shirt, and black braids. Can you guess his stereotype? If you guessed basketball player, then you are correct my friend. I smiled the same smile and said, “Hey babe.”
He tried to kiss me, but I put two fingers on his lips.
“You know how I feel about P.D.A.”
He smiled and then hugged me.
“I’m sorry. You coming to the game tonight?”
“You know I am. I gotta get to class though, so I’ll see you there.”
He gave me another hug before I walked to my next class. Let’s see if you can guess this one. He had a very muscular build, contacts instead of glasses, loose blue jeans, a six-pack, amazing green eyes, and brown shaggy hair. Any guesses? And the answer is… player!!
*sigh* I was thankful that all of these different sports didn't really cross too badly, because these were only the first two stops on my list. There was also: the soccer player, captain of the swim team, and the very attractive band geek. It's only cheating if you get caught right?
No one knows about my many ‘boyfriends’ and I prefer that it stays that way. The less people know the less chance that this will all spread. Besides, guys do it all the time, why can’t girls. Besides, I’ve never really been one to follow rules. And it’s not like I’m using them or anything, I’m just having a good time just like they are. There isn’t any real love in this, I don’t think, but this is only high school, it’s not like I’m looking for my soul mate. I didn’t even mean to end up with this many. It started off with a simple relationship. Brian (the soccer player) was the first of this group. He was such a sweetie. I couldn’t just let him go when Shawn (the football player) came along. What can I say; he was drop dead gorgeous and still is. Next was Andrew (the basketball player). He was different. He was the complete opposite of shy and wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. Personally, I think confidence is one of the all-time sexiest things about a guy and he definitely has that. After him was Drey (Captain of the swim team).
He’s the easiest to keep up with simply because he wasn’t the relationship type. I never had to feel bad about ‘cheating’ on him because we weren’t official. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they all had at least one other girl who they assumed I had no idea about, especially Jack (the band geek). He had two, both in band that I found out about two weeks after we supposedly started dating. I could’ve said something, but why spoil his fun. Besides, he only had two; I, on the other hand, have five, maybe even soon to be six. This of course brings us back to Christian. I liked him. We had talked the entire class period and I loved how original he was. He wasn’t just some stereotypical jerk or even prone to the judgment that he received once he entered a room. I was looking forward to getting to know him better.
Oh, and I guess you’re wondering how I kept this going. Well, these guys have no idea that the other exists. They all have different friends and their paths rarely cross. If anyone ever sees me with one of them, they just assume that I’m a very flirty person. It’s really pretty interesting if you think about it. To these people, I practically wore a halo on my head, but what they didn’t notice was that it was horns that held up that halo. I neither was, am, nor will I ever be an angel, but I know how to act like one when I want to. No one knows this, not my parents, my friends, just me. Sometimes I have to wonder if this side even really exists because I’m so good at hiding it. Maybe I’ll change someday, but until then, I have a basketball game to get to.
I went to the gym as soon as school ended and Andrew was waiting for me by the locker rooms. I smiled at him and he kissed me once I got to him. That’s one of the things about Andrew, he always loved to get me alone, but he respected my boundaries.
“You better go before your coach catches you with me,” I whispered.
“He won’t. He’s talking to JV right now.” He started kissing my neck. If I suddenly developed a hickey, that wouldn’t be good for anyone.
“I’m serious, babe. I don’t want you to get in trouble.” – I smiled the smiled that he couldn’t resist and kissed his cheek. –“I’ll be watching. Good luck.”
“I love how you look out for me. I’ll see you after the game?”
“No, I have to leave right after.”
This wasn’t a lie. I had already told Drey that I would meet him at the movie theatre after I left the basketball game. The look of disappointment on his face almost hurt the little bit of heart that I had, so I gave him another kiss before leaving for the bleachers.
We lost, but Andrew did well. Twenty-seven points and that’s all that I remembered. I parked my car in an open parking spot close to the entrance of the movie theatre and found Drey at the front door with our tickets. He put his arm over my shoulder and led me to the movie. We sat in the top row and saw the first half hour before Drey decided to start a make-out session. At the time, I didn’t really care. We hadn’t ordered popcorn or anything and it distracted me from the screaming and crashing coming from the movie. I don’t really have much of a thing for horror movies.
Ugh, Saturdays are killer! Sometimes I honestly feel like a babysitter for these guys. At least the band guy… aw crap what was his name? Was it John? Maybe it was Josh. Okay, I know it started with a J. James, Jim…JACK! That’s his name. Woo, that could’ve been bad. I usually don’t get their names mixed up, but if I do, I just use nicknames.
By Monday, I was thankful to be back in my favorite class, in my favorite seat, beside the least needy person in my life right now. Christian smiled when he saw me. I flashed him ‘the smile’.
“Miss me?”
“Actually, yeah I did.”
“Do you want to do something later?”
Mondays were my only free days of the week. Having the time off was fun, but I was willing to give that up for a day.
“Did you have something in mind?”
“Does a movie sound good?”
“It sounds fine as long as you pick.”
“Alright then, it’s a date.”
A few hours later, I was walking to the gym and into the workout room. The guys whistled as I walked in. Mr. Stanson, the head football coach stepped out to see what was going on, but once he realized that I was the reason for the sudden noise, he went back into his office. I was a regular there and he treated me like a daughter. I stopped at one of the larger guys.
“Hey, have you seen Shawn?”
He smiled at me a little nervously.
“He’s at the squats.”
I smiled.
“Thank you, baby.”
The whistling grew louder and some guys started yelling. I strolled to the squat machines and stopped at the third one in front of Shawn. He smiled, but didn’t stop his workout.
“Hey baby…you needed something?”
“No. I just had to let you know that I can’t make it to dinner tonight. I have somewhere to go.”
He had learned to not question me, but he did look disappointed.
The football players were yelling again.
“That’s fine. We’ll just have to do it some other time.”
“It’s a date.”
I stepped up to him and when he was standing up straight, I kissed him. I played with his hair a little bit and then let him go. I knew the weight was heavy, but I loved to make a scene, especially in front of the football players. On my way out, one of the guys grabbed my butt. I stopped automatically and turned around. The room was silent. I smiled and walked over to the guy who had done it. I bent down close to his face, put my hand in his hair and pulled his head back. He yelled in pain and shock. I kept my smile.
“If you ever touch me like that again, you won’t have to worry about Shawn coming after you, because accidents do happen here and I’m sure that having all of those weights there on your neck wouldn’t feel too good. Are we clear?”
I nodded his head for him and then let him go. A few of the guys started clapping as I walked to the door. Right before I was fully out the door, I heard one of the guys say, “Man, with a girl like that, I bet you’re not her only one.”
I was laughing. He had no idea. None of them did.
“You ready?”
Christian parked in a space near the entrance. We were seeing the same movie that I had ‘watched’ with Drey. I loved the way he gave me my space. We were friends and I was comfortable with him. He bought me a soda and we split the popcorn and candy. I followed him into the theatre. The previews were already rolling. We sat in the top row. Deja’ vu. We watched the entire movie and by the time it was over, I had an insane sugar rush from the chocolate Goobers that he had bought. I was laughing like a maniac by the time we were out the door. He was watching me, amused.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah…I’m fine. I just can’t believe that movie. It was so dumb!”
“Maybe I should take you home.”
“No. You know what would be fun?”
“Let’s get drunk. I know a great store. They don’t check I.D’s.”
“I think the chocolate was enough for you tonight. Besides, won’t your parents care?”
I leaned against his car.
“No. My mom is too busy with her ass of a husband. I could be gone for a month and she wouldn’t notice. What about you?”
“My parents are both dead. I technically live with my sister and she’s in college.”
This sobered me up a little bit.
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m fine. It happened years ago. So…are you serious about this?”
“Yep, and I’m going whether you drive me there or not. What, are you scared?”
Sugar is my alcohol, but the night was young and I wasn’t ready to go ‘home’. I really wasn’t much of a drinker, but I had my moments. He smiled.
“Fine, I’ll take you. But I’m not going in.”
“That’s fine.”
I was halfway through my first bottle of Vodka nearly ten minutes after we left the store and I was a very happy little girl. I had absolutely no idea of where I was, but I didn’t care.
“This was a bad idea.”
Christian was looking at me concerned and really blurry. I blinked.
I drank more of the Vodka. That was all that I remember before I woke up on a couch that wasn’t mine. There was a quilt blanket on me as everything started to come into focus. I tried to sit up, but the sharp pain in my forehead forced me back down. I looked around slowly. Christian was sitting in a recliner a few feet away. I tried to sit up again and I guess I was louder than I had noticed because he woke up.
“Hey. How are you feeling?”
“Terrible. What time is it?”
He looked at his phone.
“It’s almost eight.”
“Do you honestly want to go to school?”
“No, not really. You had a pretty rough night. You want some water or coffee?”
“Water’s fine. I hate coffee. How bad was I?”
He stood up and walked to what I guess was the kitchen. My vision was still a little blurry.
“You were pretty good until you got to the second bottle. That’s when the stripping started.”
“Are you serious?”
O MY GOSH! He laughed.
“Don’t worry; you passed out once you started unbuttoning your pants.”
I looked down. How was it possible that I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t wearing a shirt? How drunk was I, jeez. I looked around the floor. It was completely spotless. I checked the couch. My shirt was nowhere to be found. I sat up and looked over the top of the couch.
“By any chance, would you happen to know where I left it?”
He smiled and raised his eyebrow.
“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”
I laughed.
“Stop playing you perv.”
He laughed with me.
“It’s in my room, last door on the right.”

I stood up and he whistled. I wasn’t ashamed to walk around his house like this, besides, I was still wearing my bra and it’s not like he hadn’t already seen me. Plus, I was wearing my favorite bra, I know it sounds a little…not appropriate, but it was black and lacy and really comfortable.

I really don’t know what it was about him, but I was actually comfortable walking around his house in my bra, jeans, and heels. I didn’t even do that at my own house. If my dad were still alive, he would be dying of a heart attack right now. It was really pretty funny. None of my ‘boyfriends’ had ever seen me without a shirt ever, but I had only known this guy for a few days and I had just woken up in his house with a hangover.
Instead of walking to his room, I went into the kitchen and sat on the counter in front of him. He handed me a bottle of water.
“You know, you told me a really interesting story last night.”
I was a little nervous, but curious.
“And what was this story about?”
“Five guys.”
My heart stopped along with my breathing. I was speechless. He kept going.
“So you’re dating five guys right now?”
It took me a while to find my voice, but he waited patiently.
“I don’t think you can really call it dating.”
“Then what is it?”
“I’m not sure, but it’s not dating.”
“So were you hoping to make me your sixth?”
He leaned against the opposite counter and smiled at me devilishly.
“You wouldn’t be my sixth if I’m not dating them.”
“Well the way you described it last night, it really sounds like you’re dating them.”
“I was drunk!”
I was getting just a teeny bit irritated.
“Drunk people are the most honest people there are. You also said that you think my snakebites are sexy.”
“Well, that is true.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“So you’re really using all of these guys?”
“I’m not USING anyone.”
“Well if you are, then I have to say, that’s pretty bold.”
“I’m just saying you’ve been doing this for two years now, right?”
“How have you kept this going for so long without them finding out?”
I sighed. What was the point in lying now? I had already told him enough.
“I didn’t tell you last night?”
“No you didn’t.”
“They don’t know each other. It wasn’t very hard to do.”
“So, I’ve never heard of any of these guys. Were you seriously thinking of making me your sixth? I’m sure that would have to be some kind of record.”
“Why do you have to assume that that was what I was trying to do? What's wrong with just being friends?”
“Nothing’s wrong with that, but maybe I’m interested.”
I tilted my head and started swinging my feet. Was this guy serious?
“I’m ‘dating’ five guys and you want to date me? You’re kidding.”
“Well, I want to get to know you first, but you seem like a pretty interesting person, very different.”
He walked over to me, stopped my feet, and put his arms on both sides of my legs. He was seriously invading my bubble, but I still love his eyes, so I didn’t really care. I leaned back on my hands.
“You’re completely insane, you know that?”
“Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that.”
I jumped and almost kicked him in the stomach as my phone started to vibrate. I took it out and he watched me curiously. Drey was calling me. Christian raised his eyebrows at the expression that I was making. I answered the phone and tried to sound as sick as possible.
“You sound terrible. Are you okay?”
This was the only reason why I kept Drey. He wasn’t sweet all the time, but he was when I wanted him to be.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to rest a little bit. I should be back by tomorrow.”
“Well, I’ll let you sleep. I love you.”
You know, a good friend of mine once told me a rather interesting quote: “I love you is eighteen letters long, well so is bullshit.” And for those of you who don’t swear, bullcrap works too.
I hung up the phone before he could say anything else. Christian was laughing his head off.
“He told you he loved you? Are you serious?”
“You could hear that?”
“I have pretty good hearing thank you. You don’t love him?”
“There’s no love in any of these relationships if you can even call them that. I’ve never told any of them that I love them and I don’t plan on it. If they ever say that they love me, it’s because they’re worried about losing me…except for maybe Brian. He might actually mean it.”
“So there is one?”
“One what?”
“You might actually have feelings for one of them.”
“I have feelings for all of them, but I’ve been with Brian for the longest. Plus he’s not full of it like the others usually are. It wouldn’t really bother me if the others found out, but I would really hate to hurt him. I can’t have that pressure on me. Maybe I should just end it with him now.”
I was talking to myself more than to him at this point and my head was starting to hurt again. I put my head between my legs for a second and then jumped up nearly knocking Christian over. I ran to the bathroom and shut the door.
A few minutes later, Christian knocked on the door.
“Do you want me to get you something?”
“Some ginger…ale, and ….a toothbrush please.”
“Alright, I’ll be back in a minute.”

I stood up slowly, holding onto the sink and looked at my self in the mirror. Ewww, I was a mess. Thank goodness I hadn’t worn eyeliner or makeup the day before, because if I had, it would be running right about now. I rinsed my face and mouth and went into Christian’s room to get my shirt. His room was actually pretty plain and organized. I wasn’t completely sure of what I had expected, but it wasn’t this. He had a plain queen size bed in the corner that was made up, a regular sized TV, a stereo with a pile of CD’s on it, and a desk that had a few papers and a laptop on it. My shirt was on his bed. I put it on and heard the front door open. When I walked back into the living room, it wasn’t Christian who was standing in front of the door.

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She's a bitch, Christian sounds hott. Don't care about the cuts on his arms. Snakebites... hott.

Sun, July 27th, 2008 11:06pm


hahaha well it gets a lot more fun and he gets hotter. but thanks for reading!

Sun, July 27th, 2008 5:27pm


Luv IT! IT'S unique in its own way. PLEASE update SOON! +hecate+

Mon, July 28th, 2008 3:44pm


hey! and thanks so much! i will either when i get a few more comments or when i have a bit more time. whichever comes first teehee

Mon, July 28th, 2008 8:46am


i love this story! she is crazyyyy! cristian sounds super hottt!!! keep me posted for more chapters! please


Tue, July 29th, 2008 7:13pm


ha no prob and tell your friends cuz i got pleeeeeeeeeenty more to post hahaha

Tue, July 29th, 2008 1:10pm

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