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Chapter 11
I woke up in the exact same position that I had fallen asleep in. To some people that might not be that surprising, but for me that’s amazing. I’m generally a really aggressive sleeper. I kissed Mike’s chest quickly before sliding down and slipping out of his huge hands. Man, if Nana would’ve walked in on that, she surely would’ve been dying of a heart attack by now. Sure it looked amazingly sluttish, but it worked and I didn’t wake him up. The TV was still playing quietly. This was definitely one of the best times of day. Orange light was streaming in through the blinds, birds were chirping in rhythmic patterns and the wind was blowing across the windows. This was perfect.
I slid my bare feet across the carpet quietly and slowly. It just felt so soft! I couldn’t resist. Before I knew it, I was smiling and strolling into my room to find my phone sitting on my bed that was still made up and untouched. I flopped down on my back and checked my phone. I had missed a call from Nana and Brian. I threw on some clothes and realized that I was hungry. Jeez, my stomach was practically screaming at me. I walked into the kitchen and looked around in the fridge. I hadn’t been eating much so it was still moderately stocked. I pulled out things that I would need and I figured that I might as well fix Mike something while I’m in here.
I scrambled eight eggs, cooked bacon, made a few Pillsbury biscuits, put out some jelly, rinsed a few apples and some grapes, and filled two cups with chocolate milk. It didn’t take long for the smell of all of the food to get to Mike just a few feet away. I heard him shuffling around before I saw his massive shape from the little window above the sink. It all smelled pretty good, but my body just wasn’t that accepting of me trying to fill it. I filled one of the small biscuits with eggs, bacon, and jelly and thought that I would just take it slow for the day. I guess I still had to adjust to the stuff that they had pumped into me yesterday. With my free hand, I propped myself up onto the counter as Mike walked in and pressed his lips to mine quickly.
“Is that all that you’re eating?” he asked while scraping the majority of the eggs onto a plate that he had pulled out of one of the various cabinets. It didn’t surprise me that he ate so much. He was the reason that I had fixed so many eggs in the first place. Well, that and the fact that I prefer to fix them in pairs. I finished off my biscuit slowly and took a sip of my milk.
“I don’t know. It’s like I’m hungry, but I just don’t want to eat.”
“I wouldn’t know what that’s like.”
“Yeah I know.” I said sarcastically with my cup against my lips again. He crowded his plate with bacon and two of the biscuits.
“You should probably eat at least a little bit more. You’ve already been passing out a lot lately.”
I let my legs sway below me. Suddenly, I had a thought. I picked my phone up from beside me and went through my missed calls list. Both of my calls were from late last night. I hadn’t thought about this, but everyone else is in school now. I glanced at the clock above the stove beside me. It was just past ten o’clock. School doesn’t end until two ten. I picked up a few grapes from the bowl that I had set beside me and started popping them into my mouth and chewing them slowly.
“I might step out later.” – I swallowed the grape that I had been chewing. –“I told Brian that we’d talk.”
“That’s fine. I was thinking about going around the town for a while and seeing some old friends. Shockingly enough, a few of them actually decided to go to college here.”
“And the rest are still living with their parents.”
“Yeah, pretty much. Thanks for all of this by the way.”
“No problem. I like cooking in the mornings. It relaxes me for some unknown reason. Oh and I was thinking about applying for a few jobs.”
“Exactly how many is a few?” he asked skeptically.
“Just two.”
“I’m intrigued. Where are you thinking about applying at?”
“Well, the two closest places are Kroger and Hooters. They’re both in walking distance.”
This surprised him enough to look fully at me and stop shoveling food into his mouth.
“You’re thinking about applying at Hooters?”
“I think it’s an option. It’s right down the street and I’m already eighteen. Besides we both know that I could use the money.”
“I don’t think I want to share you with random strangers.” He said with a smile and a short laugh.
“Well, I seem to draw a lot of attention to myself. I might as well make a profit off of it. And you make it seem worse than it is. I think that being a waitress will be challenging and I need a bit of a challenge to keep me busy these days.”
“Okay, fine, but you do realize that with you working there, I’m gonna have to come by constantly, right?”
“As if you didn’t spend all your time there anyway.” I said with a pleasantly cynical smile on my lips.
“I haven’t been since I’ve been here and if I’m remembering this correctly, you were there with me at least a third of those times.”
“That’s completely not the same thing and you know it. I go there for sports and wings and I’m pretty sure that Tilly and Daisy still work there.”
He threw another strip of bacon into his mouth.
“Then I guess you won’t be the only one that I’ll be looking for.”
I let out a fake gasp and threw a grape at him. He snorted as it bounced off of his nose and put his plate down on the counter behind him. He pushed himself off so that he was standing up straight and smiled at me.
“So we’re having a food fight now?”
“No because we both know that I’d win. Besides, I spent over half an hour fixing all of this.”
“Or so you think.”
I laughed maniacally.
“No, no, hon. I know.”
He took a few steps in my direction. I tilted my head to the side. He slid his hand onto my cheek and into my hair. I smiled and played along. He kissed me. I kissed him back. He took his lips away from mine and leaned over to my ear. I put the side of my head against his.
“You have morning breath.” He whispered.
“And you taste like eggs.” I whispered back.

I walked out of my room dressed in an old pair of jeans and a blue shirt a few hours later.
“I have to go talk to Brian. You have your key, right?” I asked Mike as I walked past him on the couch and over to the front door.
“I have it. Should I be expecting you back tonight, madam?” he asked in an interestingly cheesy butler voice that even included a strange mixture of various facial expressions.
“Yes you should. I don’t plan on smudging my good girl name by sleeping with Brian.”
And with that, I left for the tree. Brian had beat me there. What a surprise! Yeah, I think not.
“So what did you need to talk about?” he asked while I sat down beside him against the base of our tree.
“I think you already know.”
“Refresh my memory.”
He had such a cocky, smug, and entertained smile on his face that I was honestly considering hitting him.
“You knew about Mike.”
“It wasn’t exactly a secret. Everyone thought that there was something going on between you two. But no one really thought to ask about details.”
“Well, it wasn’t meant to be a secret. We weren’t hiding anything.”
“So you dated officially?”
“From ninth grade up until he left.”
“Wow. So you cheated on him with me?”
I groaned.
“I don’t know. To be honest, looking back, I don’t remember…exactly when we became official.”
“You want to know a secret?”
He leaned closer to me and looked around like he was some kind of spy on a secret mission.
“Sure.” I whispered, playing along. He leaned in closer.
“I don’t remember either. You told me that you didn’t believe in anniversaries once upon a time, so I didn’t bother to remember.”
“I believe that the term that I used was month-aversaries.”
“Oh, ya, that’s right.”
“So where do we go from here?”
“You tell me.”
“I just asked you.” I shot back with a smile, his smile. It’s weird when you think about it. I hadn’t referred to any of smiles in the last week. I just smiled. They didn’t fit with any person but me. I didn’t flash them in any particular order or to any particular person. I think that’s one habit that I’m already learning how to break. Maybe I could eventually be a one-guy girl like back in the old days.
“We started off as good friends; maybe we can end it that way. I’m gonna love you either way.”
And there was that sickeningly sweet guy that I had come to know and perhaps, maybe kinda almost love. Then again, that had been a pretty long day.
“Maybe we can.”
I was zoning out and Brian was kind enough to bring me back to reality.
“So, he’s staying at your place?” he asked calmly and quietly.
“Yeah he is.”
“Has he been on his best behavior?” he asked sarcastically.
“Yes he has.”
“Then do you want to explain what happened to your arm?”
I had actually forgotten about it. I looked down at my still bandaged arm. Surely he didn’t think that Mike did this. Deep down, I honestly think that Mike is incapable of hitting girls. I’ve done some pretty bad things to him before and the worst he’s done is yell at me. But those bad things generally only happened on April Fool’s Day…or his birthday.
“I had an accident with a needle.”
I guess I was too calm about this cause he was having a bit of a conniption.
“Relax, it was just an IV.”
“You were in the hospital?”
“Yeah, yesterday.” I mumbled.
“I just had another pass out scare. It wasn’t anything serious. They just wanted me to get checked out.”
The less he knew, the less he worried and I didn’t feel like going into details.
“I’m still confused on how you ended up with a wrapped up arm.”
“I woke up in the hospital room, scared the crap out of the nurse when she was putting my IV in and she accidentally cut my vein. No big deal.”
“Very big deal! You could’ve died.”
“So I’ve heard.” I mumbled through my teeth.
“You should really be taking this more seriously.”
“And why should I? You guys are wound up too tight. I think that the wrap is kinda sexy. It goes with all of my outfits too.” I smiled and rolled my eyes hoping that he would at least calm down a microscopic amount.
“You know, maybe you’re not wound up tightly enough.”
“Live everyday as if it’s your last one and live life to the fullest, right?”
I walked through my front door a few hours later half expecting to see Mike sitting on the couch. As you may have guessed, he wasn’t there. It had gotten dark outside and there was a thunderstorm warning out for our county and all the counties around us. I did what I usually did at times like this. I pulled out a handful of candles, setting them up where they would be needed the most. This included the living room, kitchen, the main bathroom, the guest bathroom, and finally the guest room. After finding the pack of emergency lighters, I went around and lit the candles.
Sure they were emergency candles, but they’re scented emergency candles which makes them even better. The entire house was filled with the smell of apple cinnamon. I took the flashlight that we always kept in the top right kitchen drawer and put it on the living room table. Walking around the house I made sure that all of the electronics were off and then laid down in the living room. For a second, it seemed to get even darker than it already was and the first crack of lightning lit up the living room followed by the crash of thunder. I changed into yet another pair of shorts and a tank and sat down in the recliner, pushing it all the way back.
Okay, I know this all may seem a bit extreme, but it was more of a tradition really. I used to be absolutely petrified of thunderstorms when I was younger. I was so scared, in fact that I would keep a flashlight under my bed so that I could be ready. It’s been a while since I’ve been under my bed, but I’m pretty sure that that flashlight is still under there to this day. Nowadays, storms, to a certain extent, actually calm me down. I love to listen to the rain and the thunder doesn’t phase me like it used to. Today was a bit different though. I had never been alone during a storm before. Considering that I generally had an idea of when a storm was going to come, I would at least make it home by the time it hit and there would usually be someone here. No one could be here, at least not anyone from my family. The alone feeling was starting to hit me again and I pulled my knees up to my chest while I tried to control my breathing.
I let my eyes close while I listened to the rain tap on the windows and before I knew it, I was waking up to the feeling of a blanket against my skin. I stood up and walked to the guest room to find Mike lying down. He looked up at the sound of my footsteps. If it weren’t for that one creaky spot, he never would’ve known that I was there. He sat up and I was pretty sure that he was squinting his eyes. Neither one of us could really see that well. It was almost pitch black. I walked over and crawled under the covers with him. He moved over so that I wouldn’t have to worry about falling off.
I’m not completely sure why he was whispering, but the house was silent so I guess it would’ve been awkward to talk much louder than that.
“Hey,” I whispered back with a smile. Obviously this wasn’t the first time that I’ve realized this but, just being around him made me feel better, “Thanks for the blanket.”
“No problem. How are you holding up?”
“I’m fine. I just really don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“Well you’re free to stay.”
I could see the white of his teeth as he smiled. I smiled back. He shivered when I ran my fingers along his chest. And yes…it was bare. There was just such a good vibe coming from him and it felt amazing. He kissed my forehead and then my cheek and my chin, his lips searching for mine. I let him find them and it felt like something in my brain exploded and then rained all over the inside of my head. He had kissed me in some interesting ways before, but this was electric! It was slow, passionate, and flat out WOAH! How else could I possibly describe it? I’m stumped. I can’t possibly put that into words better than the words that I used.
His hand snaked its way up to my neck, brushing against my stomach on the way. I moved closer to him, which, safe to say, meant that we were very close. I was done fighting him and I was done pushing him away. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so I was planning on enjoying my life while I had it. I pulled my tank top over my head and decided that he could have the honor of dealing with my bra.
“Are you sure?” he breathed.
I played with the elastic on his boxers to prove to him that I was really serious about this. And that is all that I am going to say on the subject simply because it’s just that personal. All you technically need to know is that the love of my life and I made love during a thunderstorm on a Wednesday night…twice. See, that just sounds so freaky! Now don’t you see why I’d have an issue with telling you strangers about something like that? But for those of you who are just dying to know about my epic first time, here are a few words that can sum it up: intense pain, insane pleasure, a bit of screaming, groaning, moaning, heavy breathing, and finally…laughing. Oh yeah, it was all there. I hope you’re all happy now.
And just for the record, there was no conversation after. There were no questions or romantic speeches. I simply fell asleep in his arms. I dreamt of nothing. It was like I hadn’t even fallen asleep.
I rolled over in the dark to find that he wasn’t beside me. I flicked my hair over my shoulder so that I could see. The lamp was on now. My eyes were still adjusting painfully slow. Gripping the sheets that were already up to my neck, I pulled them even higher up over my face. A familiar laugh came from the other end of the room. I pulled the sheet below my eyes and glared at him across the room. He had his boxers back on and his art material was spread out around his feet. His easel was set up and everything. Now I was curious.
“You remember that surprise that I refused to tell you?” he asked, smiling at me. The look on his face was new to me. He was just so calm and serene. He was happy and in love…with me. He usually drew out of boredom or when big events happen in his life. I guess considering that it was four in the morning, it might have been a mix of both.
“You know that I do.”
Just waking up had made me frustratingly hoarse. He smiled even wider and nodded.
“Come here.”

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I was wondering if she was going to decide to with him or not.
Well... apparently she did!

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