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Chapter 3

“Layla, what has gotten into you? You’ve never fought in school before. And what’s this with you and this guy? Where were you last night?”
I sat on the couch in my living room while my mom lectured me. Unfortunately, a forged note couldn’t get me out of suspension; and the thing about me fighting wasn’t true. I had fought in school before. I had just never been caught before. I crossed my arms impatiently. The sound of keys jingling rang in my ears and I stiffened.
The fun was about to start and we both new it. The man that I refuse to call my step dad was coming in. I sat back in the couch and got ready for it. The loud thuds of his feet hitting the ground were a clear sign that he knew about what had happened. The door slammed loudly behind him, rattling the glass door.
I said nothing.
“You had us scared to death.” – Ha, the thought of him actually caring made me laugh. – “We trust you enough to not ask you about every move that you make and you go off all night and don’t even call? And then you fight a guy at school? What makes you think that you being as small as you are could take a guy?”
This caught my attention and severely pissed me off. I tilted my head to the side and fully looked at him for the first time.
“Don’t underestimate me.” I whispered.
He laughed.
“And what if I do? Are you gonna fight me too?”
I raised my eyebrows. This made him mad. He was easily over six feet tall, over three hundred pounds and somewhat muscular for his age, but every guy has their weak spot and every girl knows where that spot is. He surprised me by leaning forward and grabbing me by my neck. He lifted me off of the couch and I couldn’t breathe. I was gasping and kicking my feet. My mother finally stepped in and rammed him the same way I had rammed Jack, only he didn’t fall. He merely dropped me back on the couch and I was furious.
I ran to my room and came back with my dad’s bat. It was nearly half my height, wooden and could leave some mean splinters in a person’s face. He was walking towards my mom and I stood between them, clocking him hard in the face. He fell to the ground hard. I tightened my grip on the bat as he cringed after touching the side of his face that I had hit him on. It was a deep red even with his tanned skin. He stood back up slowly, and glared at me.
“COME ON,” I yelled at him, ignoring my mom’s scream. “Get up! Try it! I want to see you do it!”
He started to walk toward me, balling his hands into fists. I got ready.
“You ungrateful little- UH!”
I hit him again. This time in his stomach and then in his back. He fell again. I waited for him to get up. He stood up again and started moving towards my mom. I jumped between them again.
“Get out,” I growled. He raised his hand again and I hit him again in the stomach. He took a few deep breaths and then finally walked out. Both me and my mom collapsed on the floor. If he came back, we would be ready.
It was the first day of my three-day suspension and I was serving my time in my room. But on the positive, since my ‘step dad’ had caused such a scene, my mom was too distracted to punish me for fighting or going missing, which in my opinion, if it weren’t for the school calling, she never would’ve noticed. I was lying on my bed, listening to my I-pod when my phone started to light up. I forgot that I had put it on silent. I had a text message from Andrew.
Hey beautiful, what was the fight about; and where have you been? I haven’t heard from you since the game?
I rolled my eyes and closed my phone. Maybe I would reply to the message later. It really wasn’t at the top of my priority list. In fact, none of my guys really were. They were really starting to get amazingly clingy, and I had never gotten the chance to talk to Brian all ‘cause of stupid Jack. I could always do it in a text or over the phone, sure, but this was something that I really wanted to do in person. Brian was the perfect boyfriend. He gave me my space when I needed it; he never even thought about cheating on me; he never pushed my boundaries; and he truly respected me even though I didn’t deserve.
I think I was actually starting to feel a tear form. I had to let him go. Perfection is not what I need right now. I need room for errors, but not huge ones. I need a guy that truly sees how bad of a person I really am. I need him to understand what I’m really capable of. I think… I need Christian. He was the only one who knew about my little secret and he had stuck up for me anyway. He knows what I am capable of, and he’s okay with it. UGH! It’s not supposed to be this hard! I looked on the floor at the two outfits that I had borrowed from him. I could at least wash them before I gave them back.
I stood up and took them to the laundry room. I might as well wash the rest of my clothes. Why not my mom’s too; she wouldn’t have time to do them herself. Oh gosh, this was a bad sign. Apparently, I was more upset than I was letting myself realize. I was feeling the need to clean. This only happened when I was upset, or on Sundays, occasionally both. It started with washing clothes, and then dusting, a little bit of sweeping, a lot of vacuuming, and finally came the rearranging. By the time I was done, the house was spotless and I was exhausted. I went back to my room and opened my phone. I didn’t pay attention to any of the text messages except for the one that I had from Brian and the one that I had from Christian. I read Brian’s first.
R U OK? I’m gonna kill Jack when he gets back. Wut happened?
I took a deep breath and opened Christian’s.
Hey partner in crime. How r u holdin up?
I texted Christian back, still not completely sure about what I was going to say to Brian.
Hey. I’m fine. Thx. How’s your face?
I went back to Brian’s message. I knew what I had to do.
I’m fine. Meet me @ the tree, ok?
This physically hurt me. I had an intense pain in my chest, but it was for his own good. He’s an amazing guy, don’t get me wrong. But he’s not afraid to show anything that he’s feeling and that can be really hard to deal with sometimes. I left, my mom was probably asleep anyway and she had had a bad enough time. I took slow, deep breaths as I went to our tree. What’s so special about this particular tree, you may ask. Well this tree was where we spent our nights from time to time. Sounds pretty clich right? It was his idea, not mine, but I didn’t exactly mind it.
While I drove, I got another text from Christian.
Perfect, thank u very much. My sis found out about the fight though, so she has me on house arrest.
I closed my phone. I was one of those people who only used her phone while drivingif it was an emergency. I was at the tree sooner than I would have liked and he was already there waiting for me, just like I knew he would be. I got out of my car and the look of shock that he had on his face confused me. Did he already know?
“What happened to your neck,” he asked once I was sitting in front of him. I touched my neck with the tips of my fingers. I knew instantly what he had seen: the hand print of a very large man.
“It’s nothing,” I whispered.
“That’s not nothing.”
CRAP! Why did he have to care? I wanted to throw him down a flight of stairs for caring so much.
“I just got into an argument with my step dad. It wasn’t anything serious. That’s not what I came here to talk to you about.”
He looked at me curiously. This was the look that had made me interested in the first place. His eyes changed shades from time to time, but for right now they were blue, and they were killing me. He leaned against the tree patiently and I hugged my knees to my chest.
“I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
“Do what?”
“Us. I think we need to end it.”
He sat up. It was coming.
“What? Why?”
“You need somebody better and you don’t realize it. I’m not the person that you think that I am, and I don’t want you to see that person.”
“I know perfectly well, and there’s no one better.”
I hated him. The tears that had been building up were started to flow slowly and one by one.
“Don’t do this. We’re done. Don’t make this harder than it has to be”
“What are you talking about?”
I lost it. I put my hands in my hair.
“I CHEATED ON YOU! I cheated on you repeatedly and I still am! You don’t need that!”
He was staring directly at me, but he was calm, too calm.
“You think I didn’t know that?”
I was wiping at my cheeks.
“Of course I knew. I’m not an idiot. I just didn’t care. I knew you would tell me, so I waited. When I told you I loved you I meant it, and even if it bothers me that you have other guys, I can’t change that.”
I stared at him. Are you freaking kidding me? He knew this entire time!
“You knew this entire time and you didn’t say anything?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Why would you just let me go on with these guys?”
“I knew that you weren’t sleeping with them, and this is just high school. You were having your fun and I was having mine too.”
I raised my eyebrow at him.
“Really now?”
“Yep, I had a few, but they were just flings.
“You’re insane.”
“I thought you knew that before we started dating.”
He smiled at me. There was no way that this could really be happening. He was supposed to be irreversibly pissed at me, not happy. Where did this Brian come from? Wait, he cheated on me? When did this happen? UGH! My head was starting to spin. I needed to get away from him. I stood up slowly, trying to hide the shakiness in my knees. I started walking down the hill, but he caught up and stepped in front of me.
“Where are you going?”
I tried to walk around him, but he cut me off and I was too dizzy to dodge him.
“I don’t know.”
“Are we still breaking up?”
“I…I don’t know.”
“Fair enough.”
He kissed me and completely took my breath away. This was another one of my favorite things about Brian: he was the best kisser out of the entire group. And I really think that it was because he wasn’t just looking for a place to put his tongue, but rather that there was actual love in his kisses. I may not love him back, but I would always love his kisses. Not to sound sick or that I completely want you to know our business, but HOLY FREAKING CRAP! This guy was amazing! He was a teaser. He always loved to start of with quick, little kisses before really getting to the point.
If he ever took advantage of me during our long two years, this was how. He made it his own personal goal to make me make a sound every time and he always succeeded. He played with my hair and pulled away from me. My eyes were still closed. He moved on to my neck and considering the humongo bruise on it from my ‘step dad’s’ hand, I didn’t feel any pain. I hate his guts.
Nearly half an hour later, I was back in my car and I picked up my phone. I replied to Christian’s text message.
Ha, sucks 4 u. I’m free to come and go as I pleez.
These two guys were seriously going to kill me some day. They’ve probably already cut twenty years off of my life from all of the stress. Right now, it’s just my goal to make it to thirty. I think that’s possible, don’t you? Sure, I was being sarcastic, but the truth was that some day, I would have to make a decision. One of them, if not both, would have to go; and what about the others? Was there really any point to keeping them around anymore? They really served no purpose and they were starting to bore me. Who should I get rid of first? Hmm.
I didn’t really want to go back home, but I needed to check on my mom. I went back and as expected, she was doing terrible. She never would’ve expected that the current ‘love of her life’ would ever hurt us like that. Bull freaking CRAP! I knew the very second that he walked through our front door that he was a woman beater. He had never put his hands on my mom, but it was obvious that he would punch a kitten in the face if it looked at him the wrong way. He would have to come back some time though. His stuff was still here, but when he does, he had better pray that the house is empty. Because if I’m there, my dad’s bat is going to be waiting for him, and that won’t be good for anyone except for maybe my stress level.
Ooh, text message. Aw, darn, it’s from Drey. Did he honestly not have a life outside of me and football? Oh wait, he swims, my bad. Well, he seriously needs one, because unfortunately for him, I have one, and it’s spiraling out of control. I was still a little bit light-headed from the shock of the conversation with Brian and even more from what happened when we were done ‘talking’, but I could still read and I was okay to drive.
Hey babe. R U ok? I heard about the fight. What was that about? I think I’m rubbin off on u, ur goin around fightin guys now. Giv me a call, I miss u.
As you probably already guessed, I wasn’t planning on calling him back. I didn’t care. I would be back in school soon, but until then, I was planning on enjoying my little vacation. I started my car and my phone lit up. It was another message from Christian.
Ha, I’m hurt. U didn’t have to rub it in.
I smiled and replied to his message.
Well if it really hurt ur feelings that bad, then mayb I could make it up 2 u. Would it b ok w/ ur sis if I came ovr?
I sat my phone next to me on my bed and waited for him to reply. How was it possible that I was here? I still had Brian, but it was like he was a completely different person. And then, of course, there’s Christian. I can’t just let him go, now can I? But on the other hand, would it really be so horrible to be just friends? It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those, but maybe I could do it. I guess it’s really up to him. Of course, there’s always the option of being friends with benefits, ha. He was just so cute and so different. Besides, he knew my story and he was cool with it, which apparently, Brian did too. Maybe this thing between me and Brian could work out after all. And Christian didn’t know about all that Brian knew, but he knew of him and that was enough for me. Now I wouldn’t have to be so vague with my details of my whereabouts.
And speak of the devil; I had a text message from him. Christian’s name flashed across the screen.
Well, she’s not home and I don’t think she’ll be back til tomorrow at the earliest.
I smiled. I could practically see his expression while he waited for me to reply.
Give me about 10 mins.
I wasn’t done with his clothes, so I guess I would just have to make another trip later. I checked on my mom one last time before leaving. She was still asleep. I grabbed my keys and slipped out of the house quietly. There wasn’t much traffic and I was there earlier than I thought that I would. He opened the door for me and for the first time, I was completely aware of just how much he had done for me. He had a few scars on his face. The damage on him couldn’t possibly be anywhere near as bad as it was on Jack. I felt terrible. He wasn’t even a part of this. It was me who was supposed to have those scars instead of this small, greenish bruise under my eye.
I gave him a hug and he pulled me inside. He tried to hide it, but I saw the quick expression of pain. I frowned and let go of him. I closed the door behind me and sat down with him on the couch.
“How bad is it?”
I hadn’t realized that I was whispering. He leaned his head against the back of the couch, looking at me.
“It’s nothing serious. I’m fine.”
I didn’t believe him. I moved closer. He watched me curiously. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. We both winced. He did it because of the pain from how quickly I did it, and I did it from the look of his chest and stomach. His entire torso had one huge bruise, surrounded by a few small ones on his sides. He looked terrible and he didn’t dare to look me in the eye. This couldn’t be happening. I hadn’t even known him for that long and he was already falling apart because of me.
I know this is slightly off topic, but I know a lot of y’all are thinking it. Yes, he did have an amazing six-pack, but sadly, it was not very appreciated or noticed at the moment. I held onto his shirt tighter than I was aware of. I couldn’t believe it. I leaned back against the arm of the chair.
“I can’t believe this.”
He finally looked at me.
“I told you it was nothing.”
He reached for his shirt, but I stood up. I walked around behind the couch. I touched the tip of my fingernail to the bruise on his chest and he cringed again.
“That’s not nothing.”
I leaned my head on my arms. UGH! I still love his eyes and they were looking at me as if he was the one who wanted to apologize. He smiled at me, but it was still just as obvious that he was in pain.
“Now why is it that whenever you’re here, one of us ends up shirtless?”
I laughed.
“Don’t change the subject. That is true though. Maybe this is becoming a bit of a future tradition.”
“How would your guys feel about that?”
I smiled and hid my face in my arms.
“They’re clueless, except for Brian.”
“He knows?”
“Yeah he does.”
He smiled at me excitedly. I was amazed. It was like the bruises weren’t even there to him. He’s such a weirdo.
“What happened?”
“I told him to meet me so I could break up with him and then he told me. He’s known this entire time.”
“But does he know about me?”
The look on his face was practically devilish and pretty sexy. I raised my eyebrow at him and he smiled again.
“Ha, you tell me.”
“Well, I just got myass kicked for you, so obviously I don’t hate you.”
I laughed again.
“Well maybe I hate you. I never asked you to stick up for me.”
“You know you don’t.”
“Don’t be so full of yourself.”
I smiled, but then let it drop. That was Brian’s smile. It may sound weird, but I had a different smile for every one of them. This one was crooked in a good way and Brian loved it. This, of course, was what made it so awkward for me to use it now. I didn’t even mean to. I walked into the kitchen, went into the freezer, and pulled out an ice pack.
“I’m not. You just make it obvious.”
I put it against my cheek for a little while. It felt amazing! I hadn’t even realized how sore it was until then. Sadly, this is also when he noticed my neck. He squinted at first, trying to make sure that he was really seeing what he though that he was seeing.
“What happened? Is that a handprint?”
He stood up and walked over to me. He touched the tip of my chin, pushing it up carefully with his middle and pointer fingers. I didn’t want him this close to me, but I didn’t exactly want him to move either.
“Like you said, it’s nothing.”
It was his turn to be the worried one.
“And like you said, that’s not nothing. And is that a hickey?”
I moved my chin away from his fingers and sat in front of him on the counter. I hadn’t seen my neck since before I had left Brian, but now that I think about it, that had to be an odd sight to see. A hickey on a bruise, ew. I moved the ice from my cheek to my neck, covering up the hickey.
“Brian…got a little bit carried away.”
“That still doesn’t explain the print.”
I sighed.
“It’s family stuff.”
“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m willing to listen.”
There it was again. He was being sweet and his eyes were hypnotic. I crossed my legs and leaned my elbows against my knees.
“It’s just some stuff with my ‘dad’.”
“What’s with the air quotes? He’s not your real dad?”
“No. He’s my step dad. He’s a butt hole.”
“Wow. I haven’t heard that used in a while. How many people honestly say butt hole?”
“I do.”
“Fine. He hits you?”
He was concerned. Why did he have to care?
“He tried, and… I handled it.”
He was intrigued by this.
“You handled it? And how, may I ask, did you do that?”
I put my head down. He wasn’t willing to let it go that easily.
“Come on. Tell me.”
I put my head back up and told him the story. He watched me silently in disbelief. When I was finally done, he stared at me for a little while longer before speaking.
“You beat him with a baseball bat?”
“I didn’t exactly beat him. He’s just going to be sore for a few weeks.”
“That’s beating him. Is your mom okay?”
“She’s fine.”
He couldn’t miss the tension in my voice.
“You have issues with your mom?”
I had no problem with getting to know him, but this was where I drew the line.
“What did you mean when you said that I make it obvious?”
“You said that I make it obvious that I don’t hate you. What were you talking about?”
“Don’t think that I didn’t notice you changing the subject, but you make it pretty clear. You have a habit of playing with your hair and nails.”
“You haven’t noticed it? I don’t know if you do that everywhere, but whenever I see you, you’re always messing with one or the other.”
I really hadn’t noticed this. I guess it just wasn’t important to me. Actually, now that I think about it, I really do those things. I tilted my head at him and shoved the ice to the bruise on his chest. He cringed and backed up a little bit. I jumped off of the counter, still holding the ice. I softened up my grip a little.
“You need a hobby.”
“And you need anger management.”
I smiled at him. He had no idea. If I truly didn’t know how to manage my anger, a lot of people would be in the hospital right now.
“But if I got anger management, then I wouldn’t be fun anymore.”
I pouted my lip innocently. He wasn’t mad.
“That is true.”
I gasped, pretending to be hurt and pushed the ice further into his chest. I walked to the living room and lied down on the couch. He leaned on the couch over me. I put my hands under my head.
“I’m curious. Why is it that you know my history of having multiple boyfriends at once, but you’re not upset?”
“Haven’t we already talked about this?”
“Probably, but I’m still confused. I’m a cheater, and you act like it’s a good thing.”
“I’m not saying that it is, but you don’t really seem to be interested in any of these guys except for Brian.”
He walked around the couch. He lifted my head up and after sitting down, lowered my head into his lap.
“It’s not that I’m not interested…I’m just not in love.”

He started twisting his fingers in my hair. I shivered. I was getting way too comfortable with this guy and it was becoming more and more obvious. I couldn’t make myself move.

“You’re leading them on,” he said quietly, looking down at me. Gosh darn him and those blue eyes!
“Why shouldn’t I? This kind of thing happens all the time. What makes it so wrong if a girl does it instead of a guy? Every friend that I have or had has had at least one of their relationships end because their boyfriend cheated on them. If a guy has a lot of girls then he’s defined as a player or a pimp. Bottom line, he gets a better status among other guys. But if a girl has more than one guy, then guys think of her as promiscuous or easy.”
“So, you’re doing this to prove a point?”
“I guess it’s more of an accidental experiment.”
“I didn’t do this on purpose. It started with just Brian, and I couldn’t let him go, but I couldn’t give up the next guy. Besides, Brian had his own flings. Mine just happened to last longer I would think.”
“Why would you be okay with that?”
“We both cheated, only difference is that he actually knew about it. He knew and he loved me anyway. Now, it would take a lot for a person to convince me that they’re truly in love with me, but he’s close.”

“What about the other ones?”

“They’re just full of it. They’re afraid of losing me, and for good reason. Brian, on the other hand, knows that he has me at least for a little while. They’ve all told me that they love me at some point and I’ve never said it back. I may cheat, but I don’t lie. If anything, I’ll be vague on details, but never lie unless I feel it’s necessary.
“I pretty much predicted these relationships before I really got into them. They would be really sweet when I met them enough for them to believe that they could ask me out and get a yes. That’s when their friends would get in on it. A few of his poser friends would try to see if they could get me away from him. I have to admit, some of them put a lot of effort into it.” – I took a second to readjust. He watched me curiously. – “And of course, considering that all of these guy were a part of some kind of sport or activity, they had that jock mentality, you know. At some point or another, I became their trophy. I was that chick who made the other guys jealous and the girlfriends of those guys irritated. That was my role and I played it when I felt like it.”
“So you let those guys use you?”
“No. I didn’t. They would have been using me if I would have been ignorant of the whole thing. I was always perfectly aware of what they were doing even when they thought that I didn’t. It just didn’t matter to me.”
“You make no sense to me.”

“I get that a lot.”

His fingers were still in my hair and I was actually starting to get tired. This guy was seriously putting me to sleep in a good way. He was perfectly aware of the effect that he was having on me and kept right on doing what he was doing. I struggled to wake myself up.
“So, every time I come here, we end up talking about me and my issues. What about you? Are you with anyone right now?”
“Do you honestly think that you would be here like this right now if I was dating someone?”
His face was perfectly calm. I realized for the first time in a while that I was still holding onto his shirt.
“I don’t know, you tell me.”
“No. I’m not dating anyone right now.”
“And why is that?”
“I don’t really have much of a thing for long term relationships.”
“Does anyone really?”
“No I don’t think so.”
“And that is exactly my point.”
He jumped suddenly, making me scream a little bit. He laughed at me while taking his hand out of my hair long enough to pull his phone out of his pocket.
“Hey…No, I can’t… I’m busy…. Alright.”
He closed his phone. I didn’t bother to ask who it was. It really wasn’t my business and I hated it when people asked me about things that didn’t concern me.
“So you’ve never cheated?” I asked once he put his phone back into his pocket.
“I have.”
He seemed to be thinking really hard about this question.
“I don’t remember.”
This time, it was my phone that vibrated. Brian needed to see me. I honestly couldn’t imagine what for. I had just seen him. I stood up reluctantly. I really didn’t want to move, but I was curious.
“I gotta go.”
“Can I have my shirt first?”
I smiled at him and started walking closer to the door, keeping the shirt behind my back. He stood up slowly taking a few steps in my direction. Once I was just a few feet from the door, I spun around and ran out. I could hear him laughing close behind me. He was just lucky that we didn’t do this yesterday. Today it was around sixty degrees. Yesterday, it was snowing. I ran full speed to his backyard. I knew I couldn’t outrun him, but that was the best part of it. Within seconds, I was yanked up and off of the ground.My squeals blended in with hislaughing.
He put me back down, but kept his arms wrapped around my waist. I could feel his breath on my neck and it tickled. I stretched the shirt out in front of me. His lips brushed across the top of my collarbone and I froze. This was no accident. They went from my collarbone, to the base of my neck to my earlobe.
“Can I have it back please,” he whispered. I smiled.
“No,” I whispered back. I moved out of his grip and turned to face him. He simply watched me as I took a few steps back, creating space between us. I put my hand on my hip and held the shirt in front of me. It only took him two large steps to fill the gap and he grabbed the shirt. I didn’t let go. I pulled on it one good time, surprising him, and kissed him. He put his arms back around my waist. He had studs in his lip as usual today and they were so warm! Both of our phones vibrated. I was tempted to throw it down a flight of stairs, out a window and under a moving truck, and I didn’t need to look at it to know who it was. The last thing that I wanted to do was to leave.Imessed with the left stud with my fingernail and sighed.
"I have to go."
"So doI," he whispered back.
“You needed to talk to me?”
I was talking to Brian, but it was Christian who was still on my mind. I mean, come on, if you just had a moment like that, this guy would be stuck on your mind too. I kept playing with my ear and hoping that Brian wouldn’t notice. I had to admit, Christian had truly gotten under my skin, and he didn’t even have to leave a physical mark. You know, a friend of mine once told me that a true lover never leaves a mark. Maybe there was more to that than I thought at the time. There was not a single hickey in sight other than the one that Brian had left earlier that day. We were back under our tree and I was still curious as to what it was that was so important that it had to interrupt my make out session. Sure, I know that sounds bad, but what would you call it?
“I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the game with me tonight.”
That was it? This was a serious waste of my life. Whatever, maybe I can break up with Andrew while I’m there.
“Technically, I’m not allowed on school grounds for another two days.”
“I won’t tell if you don’t.”
He put his arm over my shoulder and led me down the middle row of bleachers over to a few of his friends. They watched me. I ignored them. They were probably surprised to see that we were still together. It had been a while since Brian and I had been seen together. I had decided that if I was going to be here, I might as well look the part and wear a little bit of school spirit. I wore Brian’s letter jacket, my favorite black and gold school shirt, and the dark blue jeans that I had already been wearing.
He leaned back against the row of bleachers behind him and I leaned against his chest just like we used to. I looked over and saw Drake watching us. I gave him a small smile and he did the same. Drake was one of Brian’s closest friends and I guess you can say we had a small fling. Brian and I had been together for a few months and Drake was always with his friends, thus I was there too. I had to admit, Drake was pretty cute. He had the cutest hazel eyes; he was about my height with light brown skin, and shaggy brown hair that always bounced when he ran.
I turned around and told Brian that I was going to go to the concession stand. I stood up and I could practically feel both Drake and Brian watching me. Sadly, the concession stand didn’t sell Vodka, but brownies were good too. The money that they were making from selling the brownies and cookies were going to some charity, so I decided to buy four. I would give Brian one…maybe. I paid the little girl at the table and turned around to see a familiar person on the wall across from me with a not so familiar person attached to his face.

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oooooooo yay! I completely forgot I never finished this chapter. I had to pick up in the middle of it. On to the next!

Mon, August 11th, 2008 2:00pm

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