A Novel Fate

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Past of Queen Audrey

Submitted: January 19, 2014

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Submitted: January 19, 2014



Chapter 8: The Past of Queen Audrey

A young woman sat in a small cupboard that stunk of radishes and bleach. She had her legs curled up to her chest and her heart was pounding. In her arms, she clutched a small baby that was wrapped heavily in a blanket. It squirmed around in her arms not liking a smell that was more putrid then its own diapers.

“Shh,” whispered the woman to the baby in a soothing tone, “we can’t cry now can we or the Meany outside will take you.”

The woman went to stroke the baby’s forehead but in the tight space she knocked over a bottle of bleach. It ran all along the floor, seeping into her cloths. It also caused a loud “Thump!” The woman swore scooting away from the spill but still only making more noise. Footsteps came thumping toward her and… “BANG!” the doors flew open exposing the woman and her baby. A man with a bushy red beard and dark beady eyes stared down at her harshly.

“Give me the baby Audrey.” Said the man in a gravelly voice

“No!” exclaimed Audrey pulling the baby closer to her. “Amelia belongs with me! I am her mother!” The man made a grab for Amelia.

“Your sixteen Audrey!” he began “You know the rules! A person under the age of 20 is not allowed to have a child! Give her to me!”

In one last attempt to get away from the man Audrey jumped out of the closet and began to race down the hall. The man however, was too fast and he grabbed her by one arm. He grabbed Amelia out of her hands and ran down the hall. More guards came and held Audrey steady as the one man walked down the hall. Audrey was crying hysterically and thrashing, trying to break free of the guards grip but she couldn’t do it.

“AMELIA!!!” wailed her mother struggling even harder as the baby turned the corner. When she did, Audrey crumpled to the floor sobbing. Amelia, who had been watching her mother suddenly couldn’t see her anymore. Where was she? The baby began to cry, without warm arms around her. So, at that moment, the whole castle heard both the sobs of a mother without her child and the wails of a child without her mother.

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