Discovering Destiny

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Ameila Johnson's life took a turn on Febuary 27 by being transported into the world of her favorite novel. After discorveing that her life is connectd to the world in an amazing way she decides to stay. One problem, her magic is uncontrolled and running rampented because of her guilty consoucious and an evil women is trying to kill her. Will Amelia bring her war to our world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Character Destinies

Submitted: April 20, 2014

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Submitted: April 20, 2014



Chapter 1: Control

Amelia Johnson sat on her bed looking at her sweaty palmsShe pushed her long blond hair out of her eyes and took a long deep breath.

"Control it."

Only three weeks previously Amelia had been a completly normal girl. She had lived in a normal home, gone to a normal school, had and normal appearence, and, well, you get it. Then, one day she fell into the world of her favorite book and discovered that she wasn't normal in any way.

Amelia was magical just like her mother Audrey. her mother could manipulate objects and Amelia could manipulate... Well, she didn't really know. she ussauly had fire powers but other times she would wake up in the night to discover it was raingin itn her room.

Amelia settled herself on her bed and looked at her reflection. she starteed to roll her hands over and over untill there was a small ball of fire laying in the palm of her hand. she tried not to get excited. She flicked both wrists and beuatiful sparks floated up into the air. Suddenly the sparks landed on her nightgown and it caught on fire.

"Oh no no no no no!" said Amelia. She grabbed the pitcher of water from the nightstand and set out the fire. Amielia's night gown was completly burned. Amelia tossed it into her trash can and sat back down on her bed. She put her head in her hands, which smelled like smoke. Amelia sighed and looked at the burned night gown.

"I'll never control it.

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