Perfectly Imperfect

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Miley is the perfect picture everybody looks up at. Acing every exam, being the head of the cheerleading team and having all the fortune in the world. She's treated like royalty, like a princess but, she knows she doesn't deserve it. She doesn't deserve to be treated like a princess because in her heart, lies a deep secret. A secret that only Sabina -- a rude and trouble seeker transferee -- finds out. Will Miley be able to keep her secret or will she reveal it as Sabina grows closer and closer to her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Perfectly Imperfect

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013







"Hey Miley." I looked up from my book to see who called my attention.



"Oh, hey Brit. What's up?" I gave her a friendly smile.



Brittany is one of my friends and she also happens to be a member of the team. She has a natural blonde hair that goes perfectly with her pale blue eyes. She's a little shorter than me and like me, has an amazing figure too.



"I just passed by to tell you we have practice this afternoon." she reminded me.



"Yeah. Tracy already told me a while ago."



"I just figured I'll tell you again, because, you know, with you in the library, you can't be always aware of time." she grinned at me.



"Yeah. Yeah." I gave her a dry look and raised my hand to gesture to the door.



Finally, some peace again. I can go back to reading my favourite book. You might think, what's a cheerleader doing at a library? Or better yet, does she even understand what she's reading? Well, to tell you frankly, not all cheerleaders are just pretty faces and dumb. I'm a proof of it. I'm practically a genius cheerleader, wait, not just any cheerleader, I'm the leader of the girls.



I continued reading my book and then, suddenly, I looked at the clock. Crap! I'm going to be late. Brittany's right about me and the library. So I hurried to the locker rooms to change.



"Oh Jeez. The girls are going to give me a hard time today." I muttered while I'm fixing my uniform.



Then, a girl I don't know -- and seriously, I know everyone in this school -- entered the locker room. She's wearing her P.E. uniform so I'm guessing she just finished running laps. She has those beautiful grey eyes that looks so sad and quite pissed off, black hair that goes perfectly with her heart - shaped face and other god - like features. She's quite taller than me, to my surprise, because I'm 5'11. She must be a-



"Hey! What are you looking at?" her gaze went to me and I could see that those beautiful grey eyes are really mad.



"Hi." I gave her a nervous smile. "You're new here, right?"



"Yes. Why?" she still has that look that could burn through me.



"I haven't seen you before. I'm Miley by the way." I told her.



"I'm not here to be friends with you." she answered me coldly and then went to her locker.



I was taken aback by what she said. She seemed to have a hard personality.



"You see something you like?" if I was taken aback with what she said, this totally caught me off guard.



"I'm... I'm sorry." I looked away uneasily. Have I seriously been staring while she was naked -- well not really naked, she's wearing a bra but you get the picture -- and changing? But, if I am, I can't help it, her body is like perfectly carved by the most famous artist in the world.



She just gave me a smirk then put her clothes on. I hurried to the door before I embarrass myself further. Then I walked briskly towards the quad where the girls are waiting for me.



"Where have you been Miley? You're not always late." Jessie asks me as soon as I came near them.



"I'm sorry girls. I was at the library, and kind of lost track of time. And, just had some acquaintance on my way here. Can you forgive me?" I ask them with pleading eyes.




"Ok. Ok. We understand." Tracy said and gave me a smile.



"Now, can we start practicing?" asked Pauleen.



"Yeah. On your position girls." I gracefully shouted aloud as we form a pyramid. "A one, a one, a one, two, three go!"

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