courage will find you

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This story is only 250 words long.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Courage will find you

Submitted: March 12, 2016

Reads: 298

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Submitted: March 12, 2016



I could still hear people screaming as the swords clashed against one another, is this real? The bruises and cuts stung my body, like a swarm of bees had attacked me.  

I looked at the foggy battlefield. . . This war has created bloody gore, and one by one, like dominoes, soldiers dropped dead. I had sneaked into this war, because I’m a girl. Why can’t a girl fight for her country? As I thought about this, courage started building in me, I will not give up now!  

Whoosh! The sound of an arrow being released filled my ears, I instinctively duck to avoid being hit!

The arrow was about to hit Dominic! So I ran and pushed him aside, and we both fell. But the arrow pierced my ankle, and I cried in pain.

“Violet! I mean, Carl. . . Should I go get the first aid kit?” Dominic asked, I shook my head, he is the only one who knows who I really am.

Getting up was a very strenuous task, but I did it. I took aim with my bow and arrow at the enemy's leader and shot, with anger and determination boiling inside me. Immediately I was hit again with an arrow, but this time it was my abdomen. . . as I fell to the ground, I could hear Dominic crying. But I did open my eyes long enough to see the enemy leader fall, with his hands clenched around his chest.

I lived long enough to see my country jubilant.




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