you caint keep us apart

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when tyler and kacee meet its love at first sight.kacee never felt this way towards any guy she has ever ment.but when her parents find out that shes dating tyler they do everything they can to to make sure they dont go near each other.devasted tyler and kacee plan on leaving town.but they arent as safe as they thought they where.something is attacking earth and know tyler must do everything he can to protect kacee.know the question is will they make it back home and can there parents finally accept that there happy toghter?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - you caint keep us apart

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



chapter 1

'' god there needs to be new guys in this school all these guys are boring'' says emma

as where sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch i have to agree with my best friend on that one.not only are they guys boring but this town is awful maple grove isent the type of place you want to stay caint do anything in this town. i grew up living in this town and i swear if i moved i wouldent miss this cellphone rings and i groan when i realize its mom calling me.this pisses me off she knows how embarrasing it is when she calls me in front of all my friends.thats my mom for ya.i could spend an hour recalling all the times shes embarssed me but i think that would take hours and hours to explain. i look up and see that emma is laughing a littel i dont know why she thinks this is so funny so i just roll my eyes at her.she can be so annoying some times.

''hey hunny'' mom says

''seriously mom i told you not to call me at school''i say

'' sorry i just wanted to know if you where okay''mom says

'' im fine look i gotta go'' i say

''okay'' mom says

when i look up emma is texting like crazy i wonder how her fingers dont hurt.emma has been acting wierd lately ever since shes ment this guy from england she wont stop talking about really drives me nuts.when where in class i'll she her doodling his name all over her notebook.then i'll sneak up on her and start reading all these notes on her notebook cause i know shes talking about him. as where walking down the hallway i see josh leaning on my locker.when he sees me he grins at me.i just roll my eyes at him.

'' what do you want'' i ask

'' you'' josh says

''your disgusting'' i say

'' ouch you really hurt me come on kacee go with me to the dance'' josh says

'' ya sure josh in your dreams buddy  sorry gotta go'' i say

'' wow your really are a bitch some times'' josh says

'' no josh only when im around you'' i say

with that i turn around and leave josh hes still calling my name but ignore him he such a pain.and he happens to be my exboyfriend.i broke up with him two years ago when i found him in my bed with another girl.and ever since then he wont leave me alone.he thinks he has a chance to get back toghter with me.after that i decided to give up on guys.there to much work.and i pick all the wrong types of guys but i caint help down fall is that i litterly trust every guy i meet.

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