Her Revenge, Her Passion!

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Hello, here's my first novel. It's horror with a touch of erotica..haha yes i'm trying to make one! Hope I made it coz I struggled for the rights terms hehehe...

enjoy reading and pls tell me what you think.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Her Revenge, Her Passion!

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Her Revenge, Her Passion!

“You have to take care of the baby, feed him, bathe him, play with him, keep him safe and protect him, everything a mother does. I will pay you enough for that.” Sandra told her 17 year-old newly hired nanny.

“Yes ma’am, you can count on me. I will take care of baby Justin” Emma said slowly as she watched the 6 months old baby playing with his hands putting them into his mouth.

Emma left her hometown after a dreadful incident and after her mother told her about their bloodline and the awful legacy that runs in their blood. She believed that living on her own away from her family will prove that her mother’s word was a mistake. Being so naïve and ignorant to city life, she was lucky enough to find a home with a working single mom who immediately gave her trust to her, probably finding it difficult to get a nanny at low rate.

Emma easily coped up with her job; she’s quite fast and clever at 17 her body was fit. She managed to clean the small apartment room, do the laundry and cook food while taking care of the baby. Everything went well.

Sandra worked as a call center agent with unpredictable schedule, but most of the time she was assigned to do the night shift. It’s been a week since she found the young girl walking aimlessly in the street, scared. Sandra knew the feeling of being scared, of being new in the busy city.

She was satisfied of Emma and how she took care of Justin. She can see that her baby was healthy and happy plus the small room looked great now.

“Thank you Em.” She said heartily as she picked her son up and kissed him goodbye.

“I should be the one saying that.” Emma timidly said giving Sandra her best smile.

“By the way, Tomorrow will be your first pay day.” Sandra was still kissing her chubby baby who can now utter “ma”.

“The food and shelter you offered is enough for me.” Emma gratefully said.

“No, don’t say that. You did a wonderful job here, see Justin can now say ma!” Sandra happily said while playing with Justin’s beautiful curly hair. Emma smiled she learned to love the child.

“I will work the whole night, so don’t expect me to come home. If someone knocks on the door it’s not me.” She reminded Emma, her voice was firm her big brown eyes were sharp sending an unspoken command to the young nanny.

“Don’t worry ma’am.” She said softly as she took Justin from Sandra’s arms.

Sandra waived and went.

It was 7 pm, the baby was asleep and so was Emma.


“This is what we are. We are beast Emma! We eat flesh and drink blood. When you turn 18 you will attest my word and whether you like it or not you will become monster like us. Like your father and brother and me!” Emma’s mother was furious her fangs shimmered.

“No! I will not become a monster like you, you and you!” Emma shouted as she pen pointed her mother, father and elder brother. “I will prove that to you ma!”

His elder brother stood up with speed and grabbed Emma in the neck his breath smelled blood and his grip were tight, Emma choked. His sharp fangs came out and wanted to plunge on Emma’s neck, but he was stopped by Jack, their father throwing him on the wall.

“Stop! Your sister is too young to understand. Give way to patience Hector.” His father’s voice was deep and strong. Hector growled out of anger.

“You better shut up because months from now, you will be joining us!” Claudia said as she was holding Hector who was getting wild unable to control his rage.


Emma woke up soaked with sweat. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to forget them but they kept coming in her dreams. The words were trapped in her head.

“No! I will prove that to them.” She shouted angrily and baby Justin wailed.

“Oh I’m sorry baby. Go back to sleep now. Ssssh Ssssh…” She comforted him patting his back. She eventually carried him in her arms and rocked him as his wail got louder.

The baby went back to sleep after 15 minutes of rocking. Emma caught a silhouette lurking in the window pane as she put the baby in the crib. Her senses were provoked as she saw a tall man with broad shoulder and long hair stood by the window. Her brother!

“Hmmm. That baby smells delicious!” Hector said sniffing the air while he walked toward the crib.

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Emma warned his hungry brother.

“What will you do, slap me? Punch me? What? You know you can’t defeat me!” His irritated, again his wild voice sent a vibration of fear to Emma.

“Before I’ll scare my gorgeous defiant sister to death, I just want to remind her that she’s turning 18 the next day. Father wants you to go back home, he supposed to be here but he got ill.” Hector was in front of Emma so abruptly, they were face to face, chest to chest and eyes to eyes.

She felt Hector’s aggressive hands in her cold arms, gripping tightly. He pushed her on the wall and she winced out of pain. Hector smelled her like a predator to his prey; his eyes were crimson, his fangs stuck out then he buried his handsome face to Emma’s chest.

“Father was destined to do this but since he was ill and I am very much willing, he blessed me with a brilliant task.” With close eyes, Hector whispered to Emma’s ears as he undressed her.

“What are you doing?” She said with a low voice pushing her brother away but he was strong beyond Emma’s muscles.

“This ritual needs to be done before your 18th birthday so that you can bear the painful transformation you will soon experience. If I fail you will die and you don’t want it!” He held his sister’s struggling body and nailed her on the floor after saying some kind of spell.

“Please Hector, let me go!” Emma started to cry.

“Ssssssh… You don’t want me to hurt this little innocent!” He said while touching the baby’s face with his criminal hands.

“No! No please…” Emma begged.

She moved violently hoping to be free but the floor was like a magnet pulling her body, she was unable to stand. She can see lust in her brother’s crimson eyes as she watched him undress. The room was dim but Emma’s vision was incredibly clear, her senses were sharp lately.

She stared at Hector’s naked body and in her shock, she adored it. A wild surge of blood was coming from nowhere and filled her veins with desire. Her eyes turned green and Hector smirked, he kneeled down and caressed Emma’s full breast; her pallor skin was attractive contrasted in the dark room, and her perfect figure ignited Hector.

Emma’s mind was confused, she did not want it! But her body and her soul craved for it, for the thing she never experienced before, sex. Hector move swiftly with no mistake, he kissed her and she responded. His lips traveled from her lips down to her neck then to her pink hard nipple, he sucked like a thirsty baby.

“I am so lucky that father got sick.” He hissed as he touched the patch of hair between Emma’s legs.

She felt his brother’s finger slowly stroked between her folds, she moaned satisfied of what her brother was doing. Her soft moans fueled Hector to rub hard, he felt her shivered. He moved down and kissed her most sensitive part, he played her clit with his tongue and she was lost.

He entered her slowly; Emma felt his hot body and accepted him. She felt his fangs buried in her neck but it didn’t hurt it was like Hector poured something warm to her veins. His muscled body wrapped her and thrust her to orgasm. Her legs were tight on his waist, she was holding her brother’s strong arms as she let go a sharp pitch sound in every push. She could feel Hector’s satisfaction as he tilted his head upward and groaned.

The ritual was done.

Emma woke up shattered as she recovered her senses, she clinched her teeth. “He raped me” She hated him for doing that; she wanted to take revenge by killing him, but how? How will she do it? She stood up dragging her weight, the answer bouncing inside her head.

To be continued…

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