Not As I Know It

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Chapter 9

~Drake Austins~

As I watched her from behind, she has been changed plenty. Not like the old innocent Ingrid again. She was strong now, all the body built up, I could find more confident about herself and she’s a lot more strong and firm about her own tone. I didn’t appreciate of how her father’s been treating her like that.

That wasn’t even the part where she terrifies me, it’s the part where now she’s aware of everything and if I made myself in front of her in my own form she might shoot me in the head and burn my body and laugh at it later. That was not what I had in mind, her father defiantly hurried everything. This wasn’t even her stage, but as I could see she’s having a lot more faster process in engaging everything.

Nothing pulls me down until I meet her and explain her everything is going on around her. It’s a very tough relationship but I was looking for this anyway. I must make her mine and I earned her. If this is not working for me. Well, it must work though. She could find me and kill me or she could also just come by my side like the Ingrid I once knew.

Ingrid is now buried under everything. Just as I was watching her, I got a someone nudging me from the back. “Hey, you should tell her.” The girl whom I’ve seen with, Spencer, I’m guessing would be her name. She had dark hair and everything gave in that she’s the straight line of the Herbs legendry. Of course, everyone knew her and her family legend just like everyone were aware of the Gonthiers.

“You’re Spencer, right?” I asked her even though I was sure that she was. She nodded as she looked around her hesitantly. “I know, but I’m just waiting around the corner for her. I’m confident that she’ll know me.”

“Make it quick before everything goes.” She muttered, before I could stop her she started disappearing around the crowd. I could handle her scent but then it would better if I left her alone, it would be a reason why she’s running away and not telling me more about what she meant. But I sure took it dead serious because anyhow, Ingrid will need to be ready with it.

~Ingrid Gonthier~

I parked my car over the parking lot as I saw the same students walking around the entire place. Walking inside the campus, I got someone knocked over by my side as I grabbed the guy’s arm. Totally taken by surprise by my quick reflex, he stared at me with his cloudy eyes.  

“Sorry about that.” I apologized, leaving his arms and I got a couple glances to my direction from other students neaby.

“Wow. You sure must have played basketball back in high school.” The guy complemented as I shook my head to him. Starting to walk again, I heard someone come by behind but before I could, they wrapped their hands over my eyes causing me to not see their face.

“Leshawna?” I asked, as I smelt her fresh rich perfume. Her giggles were another clue too. She removed her hands, so I could see her entirely. I hugged her tightly as I knew for what reason she left town for. “Sorry about your mother, I got your text.” Her mother passed away a couple of days ago before even getting in for a surgery.

“It’s okay. I’m slowly adjusting to it.” Her face fell a little. Me and my stupid mouth, even though I clearly knew that her mother had passed away. “Look at you.” She changed the topic as she took a good look at me. I looked down at myself as I was wearing a lush neon studded sleeveless shirt and a light blue knee jeans and noticed if there are any marks or bad stink on me. But I remember spraying a deodorant than what it could be that Leshawna is surprised at.

“Look at you, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

“When have I ever been fat?”

“But you look like you...”

“Worked out right?” Chimed in Trish. I hugged her tightly as she let out a giggle. “Wow. Now you’re strong too, I faintly notice some abs down there.” She said, poking my flat tummy. As all of them stared awkwardly at my changed body, I saw Spencer come by the background and rushed in as she saw our small group.

“Hey.” She smiled with her amazing eyes.

“Do we know you?” Leshawna asked her narrowing her eyes, I could find a little jealousy in her eyes and her voice. As I guessed she might be since Spencer’s eyes. Sure, I think she would be jealous since Leshawna was always the perfect and hot girl in college; she’s got a competition now. As Spencer is equal to her, boys could get her attention.

“Oh yah. Leshawna, this is my new friend Spencer.” I introduced her, Spencer already put her hand but Leshawna didn’t take it. “Spence, this is Leshawna.” I nudged Leshawna’s shoulder who was still being such a snob. She smiled casually just for the sake of smiling. She grabbed my elbow and left Trish and Spencer alone as she decided to talk about it privately.

“She’s hot.” Leshawna said, in between her teeth. “And her weird eyes, who would even have that?” She frowned in anger.

“I heard boys love weird stuff about girls.” I added for her knowledge. Her eyes went big and took a deep breath. “Let’s face it, she’s beautiful but your hot.” I smiled.

“What do you mean? My appearance is like a prostitute.” Leshawna asked in disbelief.

“No.” I giggled. “Just that there are various kind of guys who love hot girls but there are some who prefer beautiful and decent girls like Spencer.” I explained. Her face fell even a little hearing me, and she glanced at Spencer who was busy talking to Trish. Leshawna was checking her body size and compared with her. “What I meant is-“

“Yah, I get the point.” Leshawna said as she smiled flirtascouly at a guy who was passing by and he returned back her smile but went towards Spencer. “No.” Leshawna blew it off, she got even more pissed when he was talking to Spencer.

“Come on, now you could share something with Spencer.” I said, thinking about the bright side for her.  But she couldn’t take her eyes off Spencer. “Let’s go.” But as we arrived, I saw Spencer scream at the guy in front of her.

“What happened?” I whispered to Trish who was standing beside Spencer totally taken aback by Spencer’s outburst.

“He asked her for tonight.”

“Meaning?” Leshawna asked suspiciously.

“Meaning inviting her to his bed.” Trish whispered back. And then when Spencer was done, he turned being humiliated looked at Leshawna and smiled.

“What a jerk.” Leshawna groaned. “But he was so cute.” She said still being angry over Spencer; she didn’t stay with us much as the bell started ringing telling all the students to get going for the day.  I cannot notice but get the same feeling every single day, like someone’s been having an eye on me for a long, long time.

That’s when the creepy guy with the green eyes kicked in, what if he was lurking around somewhere here. Should I say hi to him and mysteriously meet him every single day and make it sound like some major romance story. Like the girl who was stalked every single day by a mysterious guy and the girl who’s a hunter. Seems more legit to me.

As I sat over to my usual desk, they started their classes as I started to take notes randomly.  The entire time, I felt someone’s glance over. But none were looking my way even though none were looking at me; they were too busy taking notes for from the lecturer. I just could sense someone was looking over me without even knowing from where. Feeling crept out, I didn’t let any of those annoy as I had my concentration entirely on the class.


“So what are you doing this weekend?” Leshawna asked excitedly. I couldn’t answer as I well knew that I cannot explain the reason why I cannot come to her planned weekend with me. She must be shopping while I’m on the other hand training my ass off.

“Wait. You’re still coming for my family’s dinner that night right?” Spencer said, as she took a bit at her sandwich. I looked at her being confused at she was talking about. Then I got it, that she’s covering for me.

“What? You’re going to her house?” Leshawna asked, pointing her long nails at Spencer. I nodded.

“Yah, we kind of had that plan when I was at her house…”

“You went there already without me?” Leshawna eyes started to part away, and I just hate this kind of moment where your friend doesn’t get along with the other girl whom you just made friends with.

“We had a project to deal with.”

“Your project partners now?” Spencer really pissed, got up and left to get something for her.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked her.

“I’m just jealous that you got a friend by your side.”  

“Never been jealous huh?”

“Yah, I’m always the one who makes others jealous.” Leshawna confessed. As we both glanced back at Spencer, who was waiting over the queue, I see some girls throw out dirty glances at her. The girls started talking to Spencer and they didn’t look very happy. Spencer was angry back and I grabbed Leshawna’s arm and stood beside Spencer.

“Oh look the whores came by their side to defend their co-whore.”

“How can you say we’re whores?”

“You’re friends with her.” The girls said pointing at Leshawna. “Listen, bitches, stay away from my boyfriend.” She said, swaging her fingers at us.

“Hey, we’re not the ones to seduce your boyfriend. He’s the one to ask her to bed.” I defended back, as I remember the guy who came for Spencer this morning.

“Whom am I supposed to believe?”

“I’m not sure but listen to your boyfriend’s gossip; he’s cheating on you by sleeping with your friend over here.” Leshawna informed with strong force of her voice, glaring at the blonde beside the other girl. She looked like she came out of Playboy magazine. Indirectly telling every single guy in campus that she’s open any time.

The guy’s girlfriend turned and looked at her ‘friend’. “That’s not true.” With her sentence filled with doubt.

“Hell yah, girl.” Leshawna strongly bolted out. “Now, first, you take care your relationship and then come to us. Well, then you’ll have a point, your boy is such a player, you know.” By now, we already got more attention by us. The other girl turned and slapped across the blonde chick’s face.

“I knew it, how could you do that to me?” The other girl cried out as she kept hitting the blonde girl. Fight irrupted between them, as the blonde girl threw a nearby food tray over but It landed on someone. And there, the food fight started. Spencer, Leshawna and I started to leave out of the cafeteria, and as we reached the outside, the securities ran past us.

“Thanks for being there, guys.” Spencer said, meaning truly as I could find in her eyes.

“She called me a whore that’s what made me really angry on her.” Leshawna informed, and I narrowed my eyes at her. And then, Leshawna gave in. “I just never like seeing my close friends being bullied or beaten up. Besides, that girl needed some big information about her boyfriend.” Leshawna ended with her sweetest side. Leshawna can be a nerve at times, but really a sweet and nice person in the inside. Spencer being very touched, without any warning hugged Leshawna tightly.

“Thanks a lot, Leshawna, I really feel much better now.” Spencer whispered, being left alone, I jumped in with the group hug. I took out my iPhone to capture the smile on every one of us. It’s been a while that pretty much smiled without any force but I smiled with all my heart.

When we were done out of the college, the rest of the students whoever were staying back at the dorm is compulsory for them to clean the cafeteria. As I came out of my classes, I heard the Principal’s voice go everywhere around the campus. The student, groaning already tired in the classes were heading to the cafeteria placing their things inside the given lockers.

I laughed at Leshawna as it was a must for her to clean the place. “I came back after a long time, and this happens.” She frowned as she lazily sees the students entering the messed up benches with pieces of food around. One of the head teachers were standing over the entrance handing out gloves and other supplies. The girls were completely disgusted as they saw the mess everywhere.

Feeling sad for Leshawna since she would never deserve that for the day, she left for the cafeteria as Spencer and I left outside to head off to our homes. Leshawna was always a spiritual girl and the firework in the night sky. She is really sweet girl but can be very bitchy to girls who can never respect her. It was said that Leshawna was a slut and she left with nearly every guy in campus during her freshman year. Trish confessed that I was the one who changed her into a better Leshawna. But I wished I was there to watch her change.

The day became cloudy and it seemed it could rain any minute. As Spencer and I departed to leave for our homes, I got inside my car. In another minute, I was there home eating lunch. The salad with dry strips of chicken spread around the lettuce.

I heard the engine in the driveway switch off, and my father was back to go for training for even today. As soon as I finished, I changed into my sweats and my Sketchers running shoes. I opened the backyard door and started my lapse, as the first drops of rain landed all over my hair. I was coming to the second lap, I saw my father standing over the porch watching me silently. Taking another two more laps, I finished the laps as I was drenched in sweat. We won’t go for hunting but we will soon.

“We’re heading for hunting today.” He announced as I stepped inside the kitchen. I looked at him he might be kidding even after he saw me taking laps, he still needs to go for hunting. “No matter how tired you are, you are still coming with us.” He spitted out of his cold-hearted face. I couldn’t face him like this and reject it, I obeyed his orders and climbed over the stairs to change and get ready for today’s hunting.

I took on the boots and the rain coat over my faded shorts and a black t-shirt. I took over my leather gloves and tied a bun to my hair as I didn’t want any hair coming over its way while I’m shooting. Nearly done, I came down looking as my dad was already ready buttoning down his black leather coat.

I took over the keys to start the engine of our jeep, as he lifted up the supplies into the trunk of the jeep. The jeep roared back to life and we were ready to leave for today’s hunting.

Reaching the place it was still a little dark in the forest and cold. My cousins and the rest of my family were ready standing beside their own trucks. Choosing my regular weapons, kunai and a couple of shurikens and of course the shotgun. Taking my own time for getting ready, I did my regular stretches. The rest of my cousins were ready for it too. This time we had to leave even further inside the forest to hunt.

Since today, they were hunting the forest for the activity of werewolves around. My first kill too. I had to be ready for it or else I don’t get ready to kill one, I would probably will be banned to hunt again. They better have a well one than have a weak learning hunter in this family. There were a lot of tension in the air; the atmosphere was too quiet for the evening. And I knew there was something unusual about this place.

It was already ten minutes since we arrived here. And there were still no signs of any animal. It was too late for animals anymore. Not even an owl showed itself. No more those creepy hearing, it was dead silent, like the silence before a storm. We walked even a little away from we were planning to stay for the night. Without any direction, we kept walking over with the moonlight acting as our guideline. Even then, one of us had a GTP map with them. We weren’t really far away to be lost, that was enough to make me a little shaken.

After another five minutes passed by, a conversation started about the place. “I think, we should split.” One of the older cousins called out. I came by my dad’s side to be with him, and another family joined us consisting of a fifteen year old son and his father. We went towards the west side of the forest, where the others went in different directions. As I waited lonely walking with them, the guys took their time in resting. But I was soon enough distracted by a flash coming from one of the bushes. I took in there and went further until I heard my dad’s voice calling out for me.

Ingrid.” Their scream a little far away, now I was lost myself. I lowered myself towards the ground and kept in going for their voices only that I couldn’t hear their voice anymore. Suddenly, I heard a branch’s being crushed behind me. I slowly turned back to find a black panther with its gray marble eyes looking back at me. It was almost couldn’t be seen in the dark by its smooth fur.

The panther made a snarl as I stepped backward. Now, nothing mattered between the panther and me. It’s a win or I lose and get myself ripped flesh by flesh by this panther. I got my hands on my gun, and I took one more step forward to take a proper aim. But before I could even get ready for it, the panther leapt in the air towards me.

In the blink of an eye, another flash appeared out of nowhere and caught over the panther and they fell over the floor. It was a wolf, but an extraordinary sized wolf circling the panther, its fur had a dark brown shade. Its eyes focus on the panther, and as well as the panther had its attention on the wolf. Immediately, I ducked behind a small bush, and watch the fight silently.

The panther made several snarls at the wolf as that’s what they mainly do while fighting with other animals. The wolf stood on the other side, watching the panther’s every move. But I was watching it moves very closely. They finally made another leap towards them, this time the wolf scratched across the panther’s chest blood already streaming out of this body. And bite the panther’s neck across the circle. The panther completely lost its mind; it took off making a whimpering sound. At this point, I came out of the bush to see its complete feature.

The wolf looked my way, and its emerald green eyes gave out a familiarity towards me. I gazed at it for some times, and I could get something going on in our stare at each other. But I couldn’t name what it was though. Then, I could see it what it meant. I walked across the fight to touch its head and run my fingers through its fur.

Before I could even go near it, a rumble started from the nearby branches. And footsteps sounded from the right of the forest. It took a few steps backward, its eyes still on me. I will meet you soon, Gigi. Very soon. The same voice that I heard from the night at the get-together from the dance floor.  I heard the last of it as I remember the same eyes and the voice. It was in my mind as it came like the wolf had just communicated me through telepathy.

“Ingrid. Are you okay?” the wolf’s form disappeared into the thick forest just the opposite way where my dad appeared from. I knew what he meant and I knew what he was too. It was the same guy, and now he was a werewolf. A creature I was meant to kill for, the only living what my family were for.  He made one thing clear.

That we have something in common.

Like a bond.


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