Not As I Know It

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Chapter 13

~Spencer Herbs~

“Alright, just texted her. And she’ll be here by seven.” I informed Drake as we started walking through our backyard. He smiled at the ground, as he started to already become happy to wait to meet his soul mate.

“Can’t wait.” He muttered to himself. I opened the door to get him inside. The cool breeze swept across us over the chandelier in the hall, as it dangled giving out a smooth echo around the house.

I closed the door behind me and placed a cupcake over a plate offering him some. We sat over the counter, as the boiling stew on the stove started to cook. I glanced for any sign of my mother or Grandma Juliet, but none was there except for us. My mom came talking over the phone and she realized who was sitting on the counter.

“I’ll call you later, Claire.” She said, to whoever was talking to her on the line. Then, she looked at me and Drake. “Well, hello, you must be a shifter.” She smiled at Drake, giving out a hand.

“Yes, I’m Drake, and I belong to the Clearwater Tribe.”

“Ah. The famous Clearwaters, I’ve met one of them before. That also explains the tattoo.” She smiled, greeting him. “Now you make it two.” She said shaking his hand.

“Will you join us for lunch, Drake?” She welcomed him over the table. “We have enough for you.” And just then, Grandma Juliet arrived calling out for James. Everyone got introduced to Drake as we all sat for lunch. “Since James eats a lot than any of us. I always add extra in every dish.” She said.

When we finished our lunch, we got inside my room planning in our plan. It wasn’t much since time passed really fast before we could know it. By then, James went for a boy’s hangout in his friend’s house. Mother and Grandma Juliet had left for a small gathering in our witch world. The house now only was left for us. We had to order pizza and ate some left-over bread sticks.

By then, it became seven already. And we were still talking about it, when Drake stopped me from biting another bread stick.

“She just drove in outside.” He said, getting up from his place. “I’ll be in your room and hide in your closet.” I said, nodding as he ran though the stairs in super speed. And I could hear him slam my closet door shut.

I looked through the window as Ingrid stepped inside the porch. This was it, the moment that I’m helping two star-crossed lovers reunite. It felt really good, actually, to make someone happy.

~Ingrid Gontheir~

  I took a look down at myself. I was wearing a thick coat over my tight sleeveless top and polka dotted white pajamas shorts. I had the rest of my things inside my bag, which was hanging over my shoulder lazily. I took a deep a breadth as I rang the bell.

The light came in from her familiar scented house, as Spencer opened the door. She was wearing an old jeans and a Linkin Park band t-shirt. I went inside finding it awfully quiet; I took out my heavy coat and hanged it over the rag. She closed the door as she kept walking towards the stairs.

“Where is everyone?” I asked her as she still kept climbing over the stairs.

  “James has gone to his friend’s house for the night, and my mom and Grandma Juliet are at witch’s gathering for the night. They won’t be home till 12 in the night.” She answers casually.

  “Weren’t you meant to be there?”

“Trust me, it’s exactly like some old lady meeting up and playing bingos. And they have dinner and they do some magic, meeting with their old friends and wiccan groups.” Spencer rolled her eyes. “It’s boring.” She extends the verb too much.

  “What exactly do you do there?” I asked her with curiosity.

  “Nothing really. Grandma Juliet has loads of fans, and there are these other young wiccans who surround me talking nothing but asking me silly questions like” She cleared her throat as we stood on the mid-stairs. “Ohmigod, you’re a straight line from the Herbs family line? That’s so cool. How does it feel like to be a Herbs. You are so lucky. Every girl would die for that, Spencer honey. Blah blah.” She said with a high pitch of girl’s voice.

“That sounds like you’re a celebrity of the witch world.”

“You can say that again.” She laughed. We started walking again towards her room. “Listen, I need to show you something.” She said, hesitantly before opening her room door.

I stood there, waiting for her to continue and she opened the door. Her window was wide open, letting in the cold air of the night from outside to her room. “I want you to be quiet and deal it like a woman.” I gave her a confused look as she moved towards her closet. She had her hands on her knob, as she started to bit her lips.

“I’m still waiting.” I sang. Then, she opened the door. First, all I could see was darkness inside the closet. And then, a leg, a hand emerged from the dark place. Later the torso came into view, as I stared at the person’s face. Without thinking for another minute, I sprang towards him slamming my body over him. Hugging him tightly, and my arms catching over his shoulder. His fresh cologne giving out a different sensation on me.

His soft dark hair was now in fingers, as I closed my eyes in happiness. “I missed you, beautiful.” He murmured in my ears. I was a lot taller for him now than I ever was before. Drake, the name rang through my mind in a million voices.

“I missed you too.” I said, when my head was on his warm chest. “Drake.” I said it like my life depended on it. And I did depend on him. We stood there in each others arms for sometime, and I heard the door shut lightly. Spencer must have left for giving us more space. I looked up at him, as our eyes met. Everything played as a short memory in my eyes. Like the first time after a year, our lips met again. A soft welcoming kiss that I was happy to experience.

His hands left from my back to my hips. Our lips moved with a unique rhythm, could be the beat of our hearts. I wanted more and more. But this is not our place. We took a break to take in air, as we gasped out without air. Oh, why should I ever move away from him? For a moment, nothing mattered; it was like we could just take out all my worries in a split second. We were so close that we had to move away from each other a little space to breath in the air. I gazed at him and his physical appearance. There was nothing really a change in him, he was a lot more muscular now. A lot more older, than the last time I met him.

  A feeling arrived in my chest, a new one which I’ve never accomplished. A piece of puzzle which fit into a wonderful picture. Whatever it was, I loved it. And I enjoyed it too. Tears streamed through my cheeks as I realized how much I’ve missed him, and hide under him as I hugged him back. His hands were automatically in my hair again.

“Hey.” He said, softly. “We’ll figure this out, okay.” He said, brushing off strands of my hair off.  I gulped down, as I really wanted to believe him. It wasn’t hard to believe him, a glance in his deep green eyes is all it takes. I kissed him deeply as he cupped my face, and we let go of ourselves as we knew we had to step apart one way or another.

I climbed downstairs, as the strong aroma of popcorns hit me. “Alright, I’ll leave you girls for tonight.” Drake said, heading the kitchen meeting with Spencer again. I gave him small kiss on his lips hugging tighly, giving the last for the night. Spencer covered her eyes, as she peeked out a little. I giggled at her cuteness.

“Are you guys done?” Spencer squeaked by our side, her hands still grasping to her eyes.

“Okay, good night.” I slightly slanted my head towards my left, giving out a smile at him. He winked back at me, wishing me the same. He left closing the door behind him. I turned to Spencer with my watery eyes.

  “Save it. I don’t wanna know whatever happened in my room.” Spencer said, showing her back to get the popcorns.

  I walked towards her, hugging her from the back. “Thank you for all this, Spencer, and I really mean it.” I whispered to her truthfully. She chuckled as she turned back at me.

“I’m happy I could help.” She said, giving out a genuine smile. “Now, let’s watch some Chickflicks with these delicious popcorns.” She said, popping one into her mouth. We walked to the living room and the beginning of the movie rolling in.

“What is it?” I said, sitting beside Spencer over the couch.

“The Proposal.” She smiles. A joy erupted inside me as I loved this movie. It was one of my favorites too, since me and Trish watching this movie at the theatres.  As we continued to watch, I wasn’t really having my attention over it. But my mind was about Drake and our love that we shared. I wanted the desire to break free and live with him for how much ever I live.

Without my father interrupting. Everything would have ended very smoothly. If I could convince my father and get him unbent on the things that I’m doing wrong in, I’m sure that I could get near Drake.

The next day, I woke up from Spencer’s room and I left with my keys finding her mother and her Gradnma Juliet had arrived really late in the night. But I guess, they have been asleep and I didn’t want to disturb them. So I took my car back home.

I drove in to my driveway as I recognized a cab parked. And the cab driver unloading my dad’s suitcases. I parked my car, over the garage and ran inside the house screaming out. He came down from the stairs, loosening his tie. I hugged him tightly.

“Ingrid, I would have to talk to you.” But before he could say anymore, his phone rang. “I guess it could wait.” He said, his hands through his pockets searching for his Blackberry. I got to my room seeing he’s just he old self but only that he has hope for his daughter in the near future.

I climbed to my room and got inside to get a good nap. I hadn’t slept properly at Spencer’s since we had been up till 2 in the night. And I couldn’t dreaming enough about Drake which was another bad effect which weren’t helping me to sleep. I closed my eyes with the goodness of my sheets.


“Ingrid?” A voice woke me up from somewhere. I opened my eyes to the voice, which was familiar. I looked around the room, and the window turned dark. How long have I slept? I asked myself, realizing it my father who came in light. I get up from my bed, remembering what he had said before I had slept off.

“I would need to talk to you now, Ingrid.”

“I’ll just freshen up, dad. I’ll meet you downstairs.” I said, walking to my bathroom. I washed my face, and pinned my hair into a pony. I notice that it was already dinner time. What was it now? I asked myself, the last time I had a ‘sweet talk’ with him, I ended up making a difficult choice in my life.

I heard him speak with Kate and when they saw my arrival, they stopped talking. I made my way to the table sitting over the stool and staring at them, waiting for my dad to shoot at me with stupid terms of how an idiot I had been when he was away. But that’s not what exactly I was looking for, cause he stood and sat beside me. A simple gesture to know that he was going to sweet-talk into something that even he knows that I would say a no for an answer.

“Ingrid.” He breathed. Chef Norris and Kate left the kitchen, and I sat there waiting for him to continue. “Do you have any idea where I’ve been?” He asked.

“Some business trip of yours, at least that’s what I’ve heard you say to Kate.” I answered him. His eyes didn’t look like he actually went for that reason. “Isn’t it what you had gone out of town for, dad?” I asked him again.

After another moment of silence, he spoke again. “No, I had gone for a hunters’ meeting.” He says, his eyes still on the floor. “It were those emergency meeting for each of the leaders’ to get their new generation of leaders, it could be anyone he chooses, but the new leader must be good enough.” He keeps going. Something crosses my mind as I think about the result myself. At the end of the day, I’m not going to bed peacefully.

“And I’ve come to a realization that I cannot carry this leadership long enough, it’s soon to be changed by someone else who could be way better than I ever could be.” Now, he looks up cupping my hand into his. “I want you to take over my place as a leader of the hunting shape shifters. I know, you would make a better leader than I was.”

Then, I was later expecting something like “It’s alright, Ingrid, you can take your own time.” But no that was not what came out of his mouth after another second what I just expected him to say. “This isn’t your decision to make because I already gave your name to the group about you. All they need is to see if you’re capable enough to take the responsibility.” This is my father, we’re talking, nothing comes out of his mouth but demands and commands which he expects to be done quickly.

“Greater power comes greater responsibility.” I say, stupidly. “That’s a lot of responsibility, dad.” I say, not sure of myself. I’ve seen my dad of how he interacts with a lot of hunters, but will I be able to do the same?

He doesn’t say anything for me to answer back, he keeps staring at me. “Is there anything else I need to know while I’m growing up?” I ask him innocently hoping to be another no.

“Well, you would have to take over the company soon enough too.” My eyes popped out. This was just a lot for me taking in. This wasn’t happening, this was not clearly happening to me. No matter how hard I tried to tell it myself, it would never work because this was real life where everything could go downhill from here.

  First, the perfect relationship with Drake turned more complicated, then, there was my father not liking, the Gontheir’s history, the choices I’ve made for hunting the same species my boyfriend lived in. Now here comes like a cherry on an elegant cake, more responsibility to take care of. I closed my eyes for a moment to take it in. Yes, it was happening to me. I have taken a wrong life turn into a mess of life which I wasn’t even ready for.

“Dad.” I said, after sometime. “I’ll just take a walk around.” I say getting up from my stool.

He caught my wrist. “Just think about it again. I know, it’s a lot for you to take in.” He said, looking concerned-enough. I nodded my head as I left the kitchen to my room upstairs. I got a jacket around me and some money in my back pocket of my jeans. I took my iPhone with me as I left the house.

You don’t say, dad. I say to myself. I keep walking out of the gate into the town nearby. As I get inside a store, I buy myself a slush puppy and I drink with all my heart. How much ever I say that life could get any better, everything tumbles down and I’m back to square one. I think I’ve come to the point of realization that nothing could go my way for not even once in my lifetime.

I’m nearing to a park and sit over a bench drinking the cold drink. And I think about what I’ve done in my life, nothing that I wanted. Everything lived at a short term. That was enough for me to tumble down in tears. I was crying like a weak and depressed person. I guess I was really pressured into everything my father said. I let out everything there was left to cry about, starting from my mother to my father’s possession over me.

  After getting weird glances from other passers, I got on my foot to go back to my house. This was definitely helping for me to calm down, at least a little better than staying at the house pretending like everything’s fine. Only I wish it were, but that’s something I could hardly reach for.

I got back to the house finding it was already late in the night. I got back into the living room finding none around the house, and the kitchen is switched off and everything was silent. Without any distraction, I made it till my bedroom door until I saw my father’s bedroom door slightly open. This as the only chance, I opened the door and got inside as fast as possible to ignore my father.

I successfully made it inside my room without any problem. I listened closely for some time to hear any other action in the silent big house, but I couldn’t find any. So I leapt across the room into my bed, burying under the big soft cover. As I thought, I won’t be able to reach college tomorrow. Well, I should be even though I know that my college degrees won’t be helping me anymore.

Who needs to go to college when your career is already filed up? This was not my life; it turned out even worse than it could be. Every minute comes a surprise from every direction.  With all this inside, my head aches with pain. How am I ever gonna lead a normal life? At the end of the day, this is what is going on before giving myself off to sleep. 

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