Not As I Know It

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Chapter 5

 ~Ingrid Gonthier~

We were just thirty minutes away from the diner to start, but some of my relatives already showed up. And we weren’t yet to come out until it was the right time. Since Trish and Leshawna wanted to get ready in my room, they got all their make up kit, flat irons and curlers including their dress lying around my room on the floor.

“Guys, I should confess something.” Trish suddenly said, while Leshawna was applying a coating over her toenails over my bed, we were all in our robes because we just our shower. My skin was still a bit red from all the heat it took in minutes ago.  I looked at her reflection but she was busy curling the ends of my red hair.

“Fredrick studied with us back in high school; he used to come for my biology classes.” Trish said giving out a grin across her face. Leshawna stopped what she was doing and listened closely. “I didn’t know that Fredrick actually attended the same college I went, and then he just asked me out the day before.” She screamed. I smiled at her, as she was still busy making hair. She started to loosen my curls a little, and plaited them up in a loosely manner.

“Awe.” I cooed. “I’m so happy for you.” I said, and hugged her tightly. Leshawna came along and hugged her too. As soon as I was done with my face, I went inside my closet and changed to my dress. Trish and Leshawna came out together, and I was stunned for what they picked for themselves.

Trish was wearing a sleeveless peach short tight-to-skin fit with a big bow to her left side tilted. She looked beautiful with her messy bun tied to her head. Leshawna was bright and bold with red, her spaghetti strapped at the back, the bottom of the dress showed off her long legs. Noticing that her cocoa skin wen so well with the screaming out red dress. And it definitely boasted up her body shape.

Both of their personalities’ was described with the dress selection. Trish just gave out the neutral look, and more patient essence. Leshawna gave out a positive energy about her dress aura, and it suited her inside too. Her dress reminded more of Marilyn Monroe in it.

I went beside to my full view facing my backyard, and everything decorated with dim light everywhere. Families were huddled around together all around my backyard. Now my entire backyard seemed too small tonight. Trish and Leshawna took a deep breath staring at the families all around, they were nervous a little. We got over it and went downstairs, as I tried to get my arms into those gloves she gave.

“Are you girls ready?” I asked standing between Trish and Leshawna. We all took out the eye masks we were holding and let the doors wide open. People all around started to look over us. We placed the eye masks over our eyes together.

We walked outside the autumn wind over our heads, but tonight wasn’t really chilly or cold. They looked our way as I made it to my dad, who was in an amazing tux. I have never seen him that way before. He was busy chatting with a couple of my family members; he smiled when he turned around to look at me.

“Ingrid.” He said, gazing at me. “You look beautiful.” He said. The others around him said nice things to me and introduced them to me. Apparently, they are my far relations. And that they bought most of their cousins around. I could really see that because I could miss a couple of hot guys around the corner, I took it in as they were my cousins.

“I’ll be right back.” Leshawna hissed at my side, as she made her way to the boys. Trish went to the buffet since she was really hungry and hadn’t eaten much this morning. But I couldn’t make the same excuse, due to my father’s eagerness in introducing to every one of these people. And I stayed by his side. When I walked around the backyard, people stopped and asked question to my health like they cared a damn about me, may be they did or maybe they did not.

But all I know is, so many people turned up tonight taking for my father’s words. That just proves how good of a nice man he might be for others around him.

I gazed upon the back of Leshawna who was busy flirting with a couple of boys who were fascinated by her. Small kids were running around playing, their innocence found inside the children’s faces. How was my childhood? I couldn’t possibly be still alone all through it, couldn’t be isolated from my father like I am now. Just when I was about to take a cheese crackers, I noticed Trish sitting over a stall chatting with a guy. He was on a tux, but I couldn’t see his face, he had dark auburn hair. And every five seconds, he ran his fingers through it.

“How are you doing, Trish?” I said, walking by her side. She looked up smiling at me, and I noticed the guy beside her. He was one of a smart guy. Hell yeah, he was. He had really great dark blue eyes, similar to mine but way more darker than mine which looked amazing on him. “Mind introducing me to your friend?” I joked.

“Gigi, this is Fredrick.” She introduced. “Fredrick, you know Ingrid before back in high school, right.”

“Yah, of course.” He said, giving out his hand for a very formal way. “I’m really sorry to know about your accident.” He says.

“It’s okay. It’s been a while now.” I assured him. But before we could continue, the music started to take in a smooth tune. Trish grabbed Fredrick’s hand and walked past me.

“C’mon, Gigi.” Trish gestured over the centre of everyone who got into pairs and started moving with the music. I searched for my father, but I couldn’t find him anywhere around. Instead, I just stood there watching everyone else dancing. Leshawna in the corner found a guy for herself and danced with him.

“May I?” A soft voice beamed from behind, as I turned to the voice which sounded very familiar to me. A guy in his tux, but he was wearing a Venetian eye mask which covered his entire facial feature. Compltely covered making want to know more about him, it was just too mysterious. His hand directed towards me.

I smiled and took in his hand. “Sure.” I whispered shyly, a blush forming on my cheeks. He gently led me through centre and I joined my hands with his. And this was the moment where I stood with, and getting some glances at his eyes. Since I was caught there without looking at anybody else, I was much too focused with him.

In the depths of those green eyes, I could find softness side in there. This also looked familiar to me, not taking my eyes off him. We started to move with the music very slowly. The moon light played as the spotlight, in these arms I could depend on them the entire if I want to. When the music was nearing its end, we moved closer to kiss. Finally, to feel how his soft lips were.

“Ingrid.” My father’s voice sounded somewhere. I looked up from his eyes, but before that. This man in front of me, whispered in my ear.

“I’ll meet you soon, Gigi. Very soon.” His voice still lingered in my ears. People moved to make way for my father, when I turned to see those green eyes again. He was gone.

~Kevin Gonthier~

The moment I realized a sense of danger of holding this get-together for my daughter, I knew it he was watching her somewhere beyond her imagination. But Ingrid was unaware of what was happening around her, just like she was.

I looked for her around. Just 5 minutes I was away, she’s dancing with that kid. The same kid Ingrid dated and would jump in front of the bullet for him. How was that even possible for the kid to show up? Over nearly six months, I searched around to make sure he wasn’t around my daughter’s reach.

I even stayed for Ingrid’s first day back ot college, and met up with the administrator of the college and searched if he was still studying at the same college. But hasn’t. Even if Ingrid had seen among, she would have mentioned openly to Kate. And there’s nothing which I wouldn’t know which Kate didn’t know either.

But I knew, that time was near. Ingrid must know what her blood is worth. Only that she hasn’t used her blood for what it’s complete working for. One or another, she would have to know. And start training her by myself. Even if it would mean my business will be pulling off. Nothing comes on the way if it’s for my only precious daughter.

~Ingrid Gonthier~

“Did you see what he looked like?” Kate asked me angrily, only that her fear was shown openly in her black eyes.

“I don’t know, Kate.” I frowned. It made her even more raged than she already looked, Chef Norris sat at the other corner watching us. “He had a mask over his head, I couldn’t see anything.” I reminded her again.

“Listen, Ingrid, I don’t know if this is important to you or not, but it is to me and your father.” Kate said, making her voice get louder. “Is this clear?” She asked, I had never seen Kate act this way ever before. The Kate I knew was now put behind and the serious one took it’s turn.

“Give her a break, Kate.” Chef frowned from the corner of the kitchen. “Enough of treating her like a criminal.” He said, passing me a banana. I smiled back at him and mouth a thank you. Kate glared at him and moved her eyes over to me.

After a long pause of none talking around, a sigh came from Kate. “I’m sorry acting like this, I cannot help seeing you around with anyone without my knowing, Gigi.” She said, calmed down a little bit. I hugged her tightly, and left the room. Kate was pretty protective of me. But I couldn’t really find who he was. Since he was never a student from my college either, or my cousins who visited that night.

Before I could think any more than that, my cell phone’s vibrations interrupted my thoughts. I answered the call realizing it was only Trish. “Hey, Trish. What’s up?” I asked her excitedly.

“What is up?” Trish asked disbelievingly. “Your guy is up.” She said excitedly, giggling in the corner of her mouth. I kept quiet and her giggling finally died.

“What is it now?” She whined on the other corner. I didn’t want to talk about it, since I had enough of talking some guy I didn’t even know about. “I’m still waiting.” Trish asked from the other end.

I was still thinking when she got that I didn’t say a word yet. “Alright, fine, you don’t want to talk about him.” She hung up, clearly that she was pissed with me.

Even I could be a little annoying like Kate. My father was really angry with me too. We hadn’t talked about it much. SO I let it leave my heart, he searched about and went around asking who that guy was with my relatives. But none of them could actually notice him. He was better away and I hoped he was never found, even though I had a small feeling inside to meet him again.

The incredible warmth he had going under those familiar green orbs of his.


As I saw her standing without anyone by her side in the dancefloor, I had to rescue her from feeling lonely. I made it to the party somehow since I overheard her father talking about it somewhere with his other relatives.

Lurking around the crowd, I could sence that her father was left behind in the house, talking to one of his relatives. And I made my move over her.

“May I?” I whispered, as soon as I was standing beside her. She glanced back at me, her hidden face behind that eye mask of hers. But everything could be seen, her reaction, her blue eyes revealed everything. She was taken aback by my presence, and her lips curled into a soft smile.

After nearly a year, my hand made contact with her. Apart from we were wearing gloves, I could still feel her soft hand, and her heart rate begins to race up. Making her forget that we were watched, making her believe that everything counts at the moment where we could be together. But there was nothing in those light blue eyes except that she looked fascinated like she always did while watching me.

I let her tension drift, and her senses were on my eyes trying to figure out what I was and I meant for her. Because I could find her struggling as she found a familiarity towards me, I knew that I could get closer to her memory and make her believe that we were meant to be together no matter what.

Even if that counts going against her father, I would do that. I knew it very well that I had fallen for a girl who is one of the man-kind, the people who give their life to kill our kind. Anything to stab our heart. But her father couldn’t tell her what she actually was. With that innocent smile of hers, I could catch a grenade. Her black eyes drove into me blinding me from everything.

And that slight heart rate increased, I felt another one getting closer. Her father was back searching for his daughter, who was with me. I let her hand, and wanted to kiss her so badly with those kissable lips. But too late, he was near somewhere already.

“I’ll meet you soon, Gigi. Very soon.” I whispered to her ear. Her eyes gave out a fear, and she turned when she heard her voice called from her father. I could see my reflection from his eyes. His eyes pulled back and that disbelieving moment to realize who I was inside the mask. I left in the instant moving like a thunder bolt, thanks to my reflex’s I adopted from my genetics. I let the warmth out of hand, and ran out of the mansion, before her father could get any track of me.

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