Not As I Know It

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Chapter 8

~Ingrid Gonthier~

A beep sound made me pause at my study. I closed my Physics book, placing my pencil to mark it. I checked on my phone, its 5 in the evening and probably everyone else are partying around. Coming over to your house soon. Spencer’s text clearly read. I grabbed my Macbook, and bag to carry it in. A scarf more than enough for the weather. 

Change of plan, why not at your house? I replied to the text, as I started for downstairs. I heard a faint car drive in the gararge. As I walked into the front porch, Spencer was already walking towards me. She was wearing a pink leggings over a shirt, and a jacket. She looked really tired and I hadn’t seen her in college this morning. Her eyes looked very vary, her hair was in a little bit mess.

“Not a good idea.” She winced. I smirked snatching her keys, and running over her car to take the driver’s seat. She came running right back whining about it.

“C’mon.” I waved at her. She rolled her eyes and obeyed my orders. “Can’t be that bad.” I said, as she sat down beside me with no other choice. As I sat bravely beside, I realized I had no clue where she lived.

“You don’t know where my place is, do you?” She chuckled. I nodded starting the engine. We drove off my house past the highway, and she directed towards the south side of my place. We drove past the fields where none lived but complete wastelands of grown wheat. At the far end, I saw a big house in the corner off my eye, and a couple of other houses. But before I could take another look at it, a big tree covered the look and I focused my eyes back on the road.

We neared an old farm house from far but near to it. Spencer started her whining all over again. I just laughed all over her face, to make it even more worse for her, which made me really curious to know her family. I closed the car and handed her back her keys. I stood over at the porche and she took her own steps to reach me. She opened the wooden doors and we got inside.

All of a sudden I felt the temperature down here is so much warm than any other house. It was dark and so much of lit candles. There was an aroma of a spiced incense in the house. And it gave out completely different thing to our house. There were flowers freshly put in the vase, and really quiet. I heard a faint chant being said by someone in the distant. I followed it, but Spencer caught my arm shaking her head. On top of that, I followed her voice to a room. It kept closed, and I didn’t disturb anyone in their peaceful time.

“I’m home.” Spencer shrieked finally. I heard someone come by the stairs and males voices.

“I didn’t know you’ll be early.” A guy said, with another bunch of other guys. And then, he saw me standing beside Spencer, and he and the others grinned at me. “Hello, there.” He said, winking. I looked at Spencer giving her a weird smile.

“She’s a friend of mine, who is beyond your range.” Spencer rolled her eyes, and stared back at him. “He’s my younger brother, James. This is Ingrid.” She said, introducing me to him. He gave out a glare and returned back a funny grin at his sister. She slowly moved took the stairs taking my hand, and we reached the upstairs.

The top floor of our house was small and wooden floored, unlike the ground floor. It led to nearly around 5 more rooms in the corridor leading to doors which were closed to seal the secret inside. The aroma had still stung the air, but there were so many candles lit every single corner. It was very hard to find lamps around the place, as they were being replaced by candles. She took me to a door which had a really nice handwriting on it saying ‘YOLO- You live only once”. She opened the door and came in the deep purple walls.

Rock band posters, some drawings and her own photos she had taken. She had a small window by her bed. Her bed was in a black and white tone with vintage prints on them. Her dirty socks, her curler, and other bracelets were laying all over the place. Her books were boarding her entire desk. On top of her desk, she had a schedule written down very neatly. She went by my side, and switched on a radio and lowered the volume to nearly 5.

“Spencer, I didn’t know you were very organized.” I said, reading her schedule. Yah, it is very easy to make them but hard to follow them.

“You’re telling it even after taking a look at my room.” She said, slamming against the bed for some time. I sat over her bed, and opened my Mac notebook. And started to surf through the most random things. She took some of the important parts of the wolf kinds, and I started email her some more website names. We heard a knock over the door after nearly writing in with ten minutes.

“Come in.” Spencer screamed out, tugging her underwear which were peaking out of her bed. The door opened, and a women came in with thick black hair, and grey eyes. She smiled sweetly at me placing a tray of cookies over the desk. 

“I know you like it.” The woman said teasingly at Spencer and me. We both stood up from the bed and I took a bite from the cookie. They were even more better than what Chef Norris bakes. “Sorry, Spencer is forgetting her manners here. I’m her great grandmother Juliet.” She said, lifting up her hand. Brushing my right hand as they had small crumbles of the cookie.

“Ingrid Gonthier, you could also call me Gigi.” I said, cashually taking another cookie from the tray. “Really delicious cookies though.” I smiled cracking another cookie, as Spencer was already eating her third cookie. After she left, Spencer shook her head, eating the last remaining cookie. We took another break after twenty minutes, and started watching The Vampire Diares. And chatted how hot Joseph Morgan looked. After a moment of silence, Spencer looked at the window for a minute and saw the clock. She shut the screen down, and grinned down at me.

“Ingrid Gonthier, would you like to join me for a delightful evening sunset?” She asked with an evil grin playing off at the sides of her lips. I narrowed my eyes at her. She grabbed my arms even before I could make a choice, she opened the glass windows wide open, and climbed out. She was over the side of the roof and carefully climbed over the bricks.

I saw the unbelievable scene down from me. I slowly climbed out of the window ledge, and imitated her steps over the top of the orange, sky turned orange and it was nearly dark. The sun was just over the horizon only a few more minutes for it disappears. Spencer was already sitting over the ridge of our roof, and gazing at the sun. As soon as I put my other leg and let it dangle in air, Spencer muttered something to her.

~Spencer Herbs~

The birds around the corner started humming a rhythm to them, like it was a goodbye to the day’s sun. After sometime, I started the conversation. “Don’t these remind of something?” I asked her, hoping to remind her something. I caught her hand, so I could also feel what she would be feeling inside.

“Nothing, why?” She asked her eyes still in the sky. Her emotions brought up a little bit of herself familiarity into it, but in the next minute it was all gone and now all she could feel and see where just another sunset going down as usual. My inner soul kept shouting out to reach her and get her remembers everything that was hidden behind her.

“Alright, let’s get back down.” I said, snatching her arm, and getting up a little.

“Why? Can’t we stay a little longer?” Ingrid asked pleadingly.

“I’m not. If you want, you could.” Giving out an evil laugh, I started from the roof to my window. I had been doing this for the past six months, that I got the hang of climbing over the roof. Ingrid glared at me and then followed me down back to my window. As I stepped inside laughing at her, she copied my steps and fell into my room. But then, I saw standing in my room.

“What do you think you’re doing, Spencer Herbs?” Oh-uh. My complete fullname, I’m in big trouble now. “Not only are you doing every single day, you took your friend back there too?” My mom asked me firmly, her steady glare only placed on me.

“What if, she had fallen, Spencer?” She asked.

“Where was this big responsibility you were talking about? I’m responsible now, am I not?” I shot her back, Ingrid stood very awkwardly as we continued glare at each other’s eyes.

“It’s alright, Mrs. Herbs. I’m fine now, see.” Ingrid smiled and took a round circle herself. My mom smiled at her, replaced her angry smug off her face.

“I’m Laura, Spencer’s mother.” She said, shaking hands with her formally.

“Ingrid Gonthier.” She introduced herself, my mom gave me a strong look before contuning to talk to her.

“Wow. You’re from the royal Gonthier family’s straight line, then.” She smield, I stood there frozen to what she just was talking about. Now, everything’s going to keep falling. Ingrid stood with her smile just frozen in time.

“Nice going, mom. Really nice, keep it up.” I said, sarcastically.

“Wait, you know it.” She said, deisbelievably, then her eyes went a bit further away from her outline. “Oh. My. God.” She screeched. I smacked myself for inviting her over, and the part where she grabbed my keys and told her the right directins towards my house even though I had an opportunity that I could have told the wrong ones. Yes, I blame myself for this.

“It explains everything, the candles, the incenses, the entire house so reminds me of what witchs are.” She smiled. “Wow. This is the first time I could meet you.” She walking around. She took the crystal which I had placed over my desk to bring me luck everyday, and smelt it.

I turned to my mom for breaking it too soon for her. “Mom, look what you did.”

“What?” She asked cooly, picking up my laundry basket. “She was going to get it someday or another right? Why not now?” She said, closing the door behind her. I facepalmed myself, for my really nice mother.

I took her downstairs where I wanted her to meet Grandma Juliet.

“So you’re actually a hundred year old woman.” Ingrid asked excitedly over th eocunter. Grandma Juliet just sat nodding her head. “That is so cool.” She said, drinking the smoothies which my mother just gave her.

“Alright, that’s enough.”I said, grabbing her arms. “We’re leaving right now.” I exclaimed at her, as she shook her head. “You could come tomorrow.” I said, as she waved her hands over the window, I went outside and started the engine.

“Where’s your father, Spence?” She asked me, I couldn’t gulp my spit, it was stuck there not moving down.

“He walked over my mom, and that’s why she keeps hitting on men in every four months into a relationship with them.”

“I could see why. And besides, I think guys hit on her than she does to them.”

“You got that right.” I said, driving off into the highway. The traffic wasn’t much, so there were really less vehicles around. As I passed on, Ingrid sleepier and tired. “Hey, keep up your strength; you need to walk through till your room.” I said, nudged her while still keeping my eyes on the road.

~Ingrid Gonthier~

“Did you enjoy the day?” Spencer asked as she standing over the driveway before driving off. I nodded enthusiastically, because that’s what I did since she saved me from being buried at my own study and probably I would have taken a jog around the place. As I watched her drive off, I took a great look at the house in front of me, I felt like I was living someone else’s life. Like being in someone’s body and changing their life, but when did this all happen.

It’s been a while of how I felt like that. The starting was when I woke up from this strange dream and all of a sudden I had father now, and a caregiver who was equal to my mother. And I had a college life ahead, where I missed my high school life. I was just lost until I kept catching with things as Leshawna and Trish taught me about.

I walked to porche and closed the door behind and walked across the kitchen, the lights were already out and everyone probably went to bed. I got my hands on a left over pie, and started eating over them as I walked over the guest room to sleep. I lay over the couch and listened to silence. Until  I heard faint footsteps nearby, and saw a black figure walking towards me.

“Dad?” I called out making sure it was him, he came beside the curtains where his face could be seen, really sleepy and tired. I set aside the plate and stood up.

“You didn’t do run or any training for the day.” He asked, full of anger. “I don’t want to know where you were, but you should have done your training or running at least.”

“Sorry, dad, but I wa..”

“No more. Walk out of the room and start taking 4 laps across our backyard.” He said, firmly loud in the room. I stood there staring at him digesting the words he had just spoke. “Don’t make me repeat them, Ingrid.” He stamped his feet over the wood. I grabbed a jacket and my running shoes. And started up my pace. My mind stood frozen but my body just moved along his words. He sat there over a bench in his robe watching me sternly. As I completed around two and half, I already started to slow my pace from what I started. My legs just gave up like that on me.

I turned towards where I saw my dad last saw me, he was still sitting over there drinking a steaming mug. It was already freezing in here, and I felt for my lips which were now frozen like hell.

“Complete your laps.” He screamed. Taking another cold breadth, I started again. My toes were hurting too badly, and I was already starting to get hungry. And finally, I took two more laps and finishing off it, I was pretty sure it was getting really late.

“I. Have. Completed.” I said, between my gasps, and landing over kitchen’s tiles.

“Good.” He said, dumping his mug over the sink. “That is what you get before not doing your regular exercise. Look you chose this over your normal life, and you better get working on it if you want to stay alive.” He growled angrily leaning on top of me. He stood there for some time and he left for his bedroom, I lay there on the cold floor and looked up for the time. It was already midnight, nice now I’ll have to go to my room with my bloody toes making marks over the floor all the way to my bedroom.

I walked slowly as my foot were sour by now and my face was cold and frozen. I opened the door and faced the soft mattress in a moment later. I dragged over my head the blanket and closed my eyes for one complete sleep.

A/N: OMG!! I love Vampire Diaries. I've been watching that since grade 8. So sad that Jeremy Gilbert passed away. Sadest Moment of my LIFE.  Team Klaroline Forever. <3 Well, anyway, let's talk about this chapter. How was it???

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