Land Of A Thousand Dances

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Land Of A Thousand Dances

Submitted: April 15, 2013

Reads: 192

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



Band was my life. It was seriously what I was made for. Yeah, I know I am in fact a band geek. When people would call me that, I wouldn't be offended, but even more proud to be in band. When I'm out there on the football field, nothing else matters to me then that moment right there. The energy just builds up inside you and you feel like a star. The lights shinning down on you make you sweat as you march onto the field with the beat of the drum. All the practicing pays off. All the time spent out on the practice field, sweating your butt off comes to this moment right here. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything. Your muscles ache as you wish you could go to rest, but you look out and see your family staring at you with a smile so wide they would need stitches. You stand there with a blank expression on your face even though you're exploding on the inside with mix emotions of excitement, happiness, and pride.

I'm Caroline Leigh Lambert. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes. I'm very skinny,but not too skinny. I play the trumpet in the Mickinly High School marching band. It is basically my life. I've never been good at any sports, so I decided to join band in 6th grade. I've always been the best trumpet player at school. Sure I wasn't popular outside of band, but in band I was probably the most popular person. I had all the right friends. The only thing I didn't like was that I was number 3 out of my trio. I could be number one, but I'm a freshman. Almost a sophomore though. My life here at Mickinly high was perfect. Wouldn't trade it for any other life. I lived in California for all my life. But, this all changed when my parents split up and told me she was taking me and my sister to go live in Georgia with her while my dad and my brother stayed in California.

Here are some band terms that you can refer to if you are not in band, they will be used a lot:

Parade rest: Instrument/sticks hanging loose in front of you and legs shoulder-width apart.

Mark Time Mark: To start the beat of marching.

Band, set, hut: The band replies loudly with "One!" And snaps to ready.

Dress right/left, Dress: You snap your head to what ever your conductor calls out and line up your line.

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