Peering Through the Scope

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The life of a U.S marksman deployed in Afghanistan. (Fictional character but Operation Anaconda in eastern Afhanistan is real. Keep in mind that all might not be totally corrrect and if you know anyhthing that I don't, I'd appreciate it if you told me so I could revise it.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Peering Through the Scope

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



Peering Through the Scope

Chapter 1,March 2, 2002, Operation Anaconda

The burning heat hindered Colby's march near Shahi-Kot Valley, not to mention the bulky sniper rifle. The other American and Canadian snipers were as tired of sweeping for the Taliban as the allied Afghani forces. It was bad enough worrying about getting there with a Russian machine gun able to shoot down any of our helicopters, but searching around for Taliban remnants with mortars and machine gun emplacements? It was all acceptable risks though, and the reassurance of the Canadians and Afghani forces made Colby seem much safer.It seemed like only a short while ago (a few years) that he was in sniper school, crawling through mud and sand to fire one shot and then crawling back for hours on end, and now on a real combat mission seemed a bit surreal.

"There, down there..." whispered his spotter, pointing to about 3 small figures down the incline. Colby searched about the barren landscape and saw a small group of men walking. He fiddled with one of his pockets, pulling 5 long bullets from it. Swiftly pulling back the bolt, he slowly shoved them into the rifle. Adjusting his scope, he layed down on the sand and pointed the crosshairs on his first target; a rather tan man clutching an assault riflewith a wooden stock, a rather typical Taliban weapon. His spotter muttered, "700 yards, full wind. Fire, fire...", a deafing pop filled the terrain...

The spotter peered through his spotter's scope. "Miss..." he said plainly. Colby quickly slammed the bolt back, staring back down the slope. 2 Canadian sniper teams, each team with 2 men, moved over to his right and left. "Charlie 2-2, this is Bounty 2-4. Take the one on the left and we'll take the 2 on the right. Don't think they know where we are yet, so let's not let them eh'?" said one of the Canadian snipers over the radio. The man with theassault riflestared up the slope, looking for the source of the noise. Colby's heart suddenly started racing, his hands shaking steadily. He felt like a rush of adrenaline through his body, so much so that hejolted his head back from the scope, blinking furiously. "720 yards," his spotter said with urgency. "Wind, nine tenths. Fire, fire, fire, fire..." the spotter went on. Colby squeezed the trigger slowly, his arm shoved back by the moderate recoil of the rifle. The simultainious pop from all 3 snipers broke the silence. Colby watched in amazement as the bullet tore through the man's torso, twisting his entire body around.Colby uttered a slight gag from the sight of the man,his blood seeping from his clothing into the dry sand, probably the only liquid that's touched that land for eons."3 confirmed, it looks clear. Let's keep on moving." Bounty 2-4 spoke over the radio with soft glee...

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