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A plague has scattered across the small town of Yieldfarm. A plague worse than any other encountered before, a plague that could be the cause of human extinction.
When Jamie witnessed her parents turning in to vicious flesh-eating monsters she did not think she would survive much longer than a day. But soon with the help of a few friends and her uncle Mason she manages to enter a small group of people who have heard of a refugee camp that they are venturing to. Will Jamie manage to survive? Or is she going to fall another victim to the plague?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 'Plague'

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



*This story contains swear words!

Chapter One : "Awfully Sick"

Jamie gasped for breath as she reached out for her water-bottle. She'd been practicing for the Yieldfarm annual marathon which was only in two days. "Haven't you been practicing a little too long, today?" Natasha asked as she applied another thick layer of lipgloss.

Jamie shook her head. "It's only been two hours! The least I could do was 4 to 5 hours!" She sighed in frustration. The marathon would have tough competition this year. Ben O' Grady was in it, and she was not going to let that ego-filled jerk win.

They taunted each other ever since announcements for the marathon were made. For the last two years, Ben had won first place in all the marathons. Since Jamie was officially old enough to join, she was adamant to beat that little dickwad and show him that girls could be as powerful as boys.

Natasha flicked a strand of her curly blonde hair back and stood up. "Well I've certainly been staying here watching you run around and around and around for a leetle too long. I'm going yeah?"

Jamie scowled at her best friend unapprovingly. Natasha had a solidly-built body and long legs that best-suited running yet she loved to do anything but that. Jamie thought Natasha could eaily beat anyone (including Jamie herself) at races. However, Natasha felt modelling was more her 'thing'

"Fine." Jamie mumbled. She looked at the racing track, it was nearly empty now. That morning it was brimming with athletes ready to practice for the 'big day' as people liked to call it. No one had, however, practiced as intensely as Jamie since she seemed to be the only girl who looked upon this marathon as a real important one than just an annual event that hardly anyone here in this god-forsaken town bothered about.

Jamie was very pretty, slightly tanned skin (from all the running, it was hard for her to avoid the stifling hot sun) and chocolate brown eyes that was used as a persuasive tactic whenever she wanted something (and it usually worked too). Her hair matched her eyes though it did have honey-coloured highlights to emphasis it's beauty. Many boys admired her head-strong attitude along with her immense gorgeousness.

She, unfortunately, was too devoted on running then frolicking around with snotty-faced boys with baggy jeans. Jamie's strict schedule never seemed to have time for anything fun, much to Natasha's dismay.

Natasha sighed as a soft breeze blew. It was only 12 something yet the sky had gone dark and cloudy, a gloomy atmosphere settled itself on them.

"Damn you Yieldfarm," She muttered clicking her make-up compact shut. Natasha ushered to Jamie with a frown growing on her face. "Oh c'mon James, it's going to rain any second now. Practicing in rain? Now, even you wouldn't go that far would you?"

Jamie knew she wouldn't. Even though she was a bit of a tom-boy, there was still that touch of feminism in her. She didn't want her hair getting wet from the water. Especially since tonight was the night she had a date with....

Jamie sighed happily as they gathered their things and stalked back to the town. The racing track was far from the tiny little houses inhabited by the Yieldfarmers, surrounded by a lush forest which Jamie felt was a tad small but hid many dark and dangerous secrets.

As Jamie reached the gates to the old cottage she lived in, Natasha pulled her in to a warm hug. "Good luck with your date with Sam. Sam Fuller, wow, never thought you'd have enough 'girl' in you to snag a date like that," She giggled and let go of her best friend.

"You sure you don't want to come inside? After all, it is raining." Jamie walked to the front door. Natasha shook her head, her curls bobbing along with her. "Nope. I feel like curling up in bed, got a bit of a headache,"

Jamie tutted and waved to her friend. "Night, bitch"

"Night, darl. Call me when you realize you're in love with me," Natasha grinned and Jamie snorted as she pushed open the door.

"Yeah, that'll happen soon alright," She replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Natasha gave her a wink and walked down the pavement towards her home which wasn't that far away.

There had once been a rumour spread by a rather nasty girl called Karen in Year 5 that Jamie had lesbian feelings for Natasha. Of course the rumour was ridiculed, however, Natasha, being the cheeky girl she was, never stopped teasing poor Jamie about it.

Not even now when they were going off to Univeristy together.

"Talk about childish." Jamie grinned and shut the door.


"Strange Virus found by scientist, epidemic spreads.."

Recently, a scientist by the name of Daniel James Salter has discovered a strange microbe, which he has named "Letum Virus". It is not known how it has appeared or where it started since it has already spread across the North of South Carolina and parts of Asia. The symptoms of this peculiar virus are as follows;

Deep red rashes appearing on underarms, foreheads, genital areas and chests. Fevers, hallucinations and severe paranoia, muscle spasms , deep or incoherent sounds at the back of the throat , coughing of blood out of the mouth and nose. It seems to be causing havoc particularly around Dene, a small town located in the East of England, where nearly 20 people have been affected. Dr. Satler is looking for ways of descreasing the amount of infections.

"The only one I can think of now," Says Salter, "Is stay indoors, fully-equipped with daily needs. Stay safe."

Other scientists ridicule this virus as another hoax created by Salter who has been known widely around the world for finding other viruses and continuously being caught lying about them.

"Don't worry folks," Proffessor Carmen says,"We all know Salter's doing this for the cash," However, many have long stopped listening and are already planning ahead for what could possibly be the biggest plague after the 'Black Death', which occured hundreds of years ago in England, wiping out nearly half of it's population.

Jamie rolled her eyes and shoved the newspaper away. It was three days old yet she was worrying. I don't care if I get the darned infection, she thought, I just hope it's after the marathon.

She'd had many virus infections before, all seemingly with worse symptoms than that of in the newspaper. Well except for the blood and the paranoia part. Besides, like the article said, that crazy Salter man was nothing but an attention-seeker. Rumours had it that he'd tried applying as a science teacher at Yieldfarm Secondary School.

His application had been denied.

Jamie smirked. No way was this guy talking the truth. The people who believed him were as crazy as the other idiots who believed in the damn Mayans and the world ending shit. She jumped as someone knocked the door.

"Uhm...come in," Jamie couldn't help feeling a tiny bit scared after reading the newspaper. And admittedly, a very, very tiny part of her had believed in the Mayan rumours too.

Jamie's mother came in looking rather peaky. Her eyes bulged and there was a tiny red spot forming on her forehead. The... virus?

Jamie mentally shook her head. Shut up, she thought to herself, it's a zit. Not the virus. "You alright there?" Jamie frowned as her mother sat on the edge of her bed. Wiping away some sweat, her mother sighed.

"Ooff...nope, definitely not alright. Uhm...but I'm not here to complain to you about this awful thing I've caught lately, god no. It's..a phone call from that boy you were going out with tonight...whatshisname-"

"Ooh Sam!" Jamie got out o her bed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her mother sighed and shook her head sadly.

"'M afraid he had to cancel the date...." She let out a wheezy cough. Jamie felt herself getting cold. Sam...cancelled? Why?? WHY?


Her mother shrugged, "Dunno, love. He said he was awfully sick."


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