Broken Elements

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A magical mirror that balanced the elements of the world has been broken, the pieces scattered across the known world. 8 Finders have been tasked to find each piece. 8 Deep Mages have to help them connect to the elements. But their adventure has a time limit, and those in possession of the Broken Mirror are not so willing to give up their piece...

Will the Finders get the pieces in time? Or will the elements cause so much turmoil it destroys the world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Broken Elements

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Diary Entry 1
Memories. Memories of feeling whole, feeling one again. Memories of others, close to me, dear to me, connected to me in some way. But the memories fade, throwing me once again into ignorance. My master makes sure of that. She does not want me to remember, though I do not know why. Apart from the memories, she is a nice person. But when I remember…well, she turns into something I do not want to discuss. I bought this diary today so I can record my memories when I remember them. Hopefully Master will not find it. I shall keep it under my pillows and in my pockets when I am moving about. Maybe this will help me remember once and for all who I am…

Chapter 1

The sun broke through the dull clouds, sending shafts of golden light on the village hall below. Many villagers were gathered outside, peering into windows or sneaking sounds through barely open doors. The Finders were holding their meeting, the most important group of eight people in the country. Chosen by the King himself to find the pieces of the Broken Mirror.

"I don't think that is a good idea!" a tall armour clad woman stood, banging her fists on the table, "It was the damn Deep Mages that stole the pieces in the first place! Why should we ask for their help?" She looked to the man at the head of the table, his long fingers steepled, his eyes closed. He sighed and opened them, his penetrating look making the armoured woman uncomfortable. She sat quickly and looked away

"I was jus' sayin'," she muttered.

"Yes I know Judith, and your opinion is duly noted. However, the Deep Mages did not steal the Mirror. Those in possession of the pieces were chosen by the Mirror itself. Did you not know of the Mirrors history?" Judith shook her head slowly, still not meeting his gaze.

"The Mirror was created for the Itachian Royal Family by the first eight Deep Mages. They gave it to them as a gift, to help see any unrest in the kingdom, or to forewarn of danger from the outside. The Mirror itself is made out of purely each element the Deep Mages represent. That is why they sealed it together, it was safer as one controlled object than eight independent spirits. However, the Deep Mages warned the Royals that if someone used the Mirror for their own selfish gain, the Mirror would shatter into eight pieces and those eight pieces would return to their Masters. Since the first Deep Mages are long dead, we can only assume the pieces have gone to their descendants. They have a spell on them to make them not remember who or what they are. But if those eight independent spirits remember, then it spells disaster, not only for our country, but for the entire world," The man leaned back and surveyed the seven faces of his companions. Nearly all of them looked as if this information was new to them, though the young blonde archer, Keioki, just yawned and looked bored.

"Keeping you up are we Kei?" Keioki smiled innocently and waved

"Not at all Keitaro, you continue telling your tales that were taught to us when we entered the Deep Academy," Judith gasped and looked at Keitaro, who just sighed again

"You are a Deep Mage?!" Keitaro looked at Judith and shook his head pityingly.

"No, because if I was I would still be with them, as would Kei. We both decided to follow different paths, I a sword bearer, her an archer. But we both know of how useful the information the Deep Mages can give us is. That is why I suggest to speak with them first," Judith looked uncomfortable, but the man beside her, a Felinuman, looked thoughtful. His white ears twitched when ever he was thinking.

"Something on your mind Gabriel?" Gabriel smiled

"I was just thinking, maybe one of the eight head mages has a piece of the Mirror perhaps? I agree with Keitaro, in saying we should go to the Mages," A tall man with deep black hair and a huge poleaxe resting on his chair behind him, nodded.

"Yes, I to say we should talk to the Deep Mages, however I shall disagree with the fact that one of the Head Mages would have a piece of the Mirror. They want to find the pieces as much as the King does," Gabriel shrugged

"Twas merely a suggestion," Judith looked about her comrades, a defeated look on her face.

"Does anyone here agree with me? Janin, surely you must agree the Deep Mages are trouble?" The red headed woman Judith addressed just shrugged and shook her head

"I'm afraid I agree with everyone else Judith. It sounds the best logical choice," Judith sighed and resigned to the fact she had lost

"Fine, but I'm telling you, I don't like hocus pocus," The girl on the other side of Judith grinned to herself then flicked her fingers at Judith, causing a white light to flash in front of the warriors face. Judith shrieked and jumped out of her chair. The girl began to laugh her head of.

"Zenta! That wasn't funny!" Zenta, a wing eared warrior with a shock of pink hair, grinned and wiped a tear away.

"Sorry Judith-chan, I couldn't resist. Hocus pocus indeed!" she chuckled along with the rest of the group as Judith sat down, scowling round the table. Even the blonde haired Kyo, usually a solemn man, was cracking a smile. Keitaro grinned to himself, then cleared his throat, forcing a serious demeanour.

"Anyways, I say we should head out in the morning to the Deep Mage fort. It is only half a days walk from this village, into the forest. For now, we should break of this meeting and relax the rest of the day," he smiled serenely as every one agreed and stood. Keitaro ran his fingers through his white and black hair as Keioki approached. She ruffled his hair and grinned cheekily.

"So you gonna do something ultra boring and useful while the rest of us relax? I bet ya are!" Keitaro feigned innocence

"Of course not, I was going to go for a swim in the lake!" Keioki looked at him sternly

"You hate swimming. What were you really going to do?" Keitaro laughed embarrassedly and scratched the back of his head

"I was gonna write out the reports for the King," Keioki rolled her eyes

"Paper work!! No way man, you're coming with me. You said we should relax, and that's what we're going to do, you included!" she grabbed his arm and pulled him from his chair. The other laughed quietly as he stumbled after her. She threw open the Hall doors and dragged poor Keitaro from the Village Hall, and down to the lake. The pink haired Zenta and the Felinuman Gabriel followed them, laughing at their leaders misfortune. Keioki finally let go of the stumbling Keitaro as they reached the edge of the lake, dropping him onto the sandy beach. Zenta and Gabriel plopped down beside him, poking fun. Keioki stretched and raised her hands to the sky

"Ahh the sun came out! Finally!" She looked up and watched as the slow dispersing cloud was letting more and more spring sunshine through. She looked down again and watched the light play on the ripple in the lake.

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