High School Horrors

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Four friends find them selves mysteriously dropped off at a school in the middle of no where, with no explanation as to why they are there. With new revelations to their existence, an army of shadows and a whole different world to discover, the friends are thrust into a new life at full throttle.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - High School Horrors

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



She glared, one eyed, at the alarm clock. It buzzed loudly, the red glowing letters telling her it was 7:30am. She groaned and pulled her pillow over her head and closed it about her ears. Something soft hit her in the back. She grumbled something incoherent. She was hit again.

“WHAT!?” She tore the pillow off her head and leant on her elbows to glare at the boy sitting on her bed.

“You know that buzzing sound?” she glared at him, “Well that means you have to get up now,” He grinned and waggled his pillow at her. She knew she should have requested a door with a lock, especially sharing a apartment with him. With another groan, she rolled her eyes heavenward and collapsed back onto the bed. The boy sighed and hit her over the head with his pillow. In one swift action, the girl was out of bed and ramming the pillow and the boys head into her bed.

“Ow! OwowowowowowowowOW!!” She grimaced and removed the pillow and threw it through her open door, into his room. He smiled sheepishly at her.

“Oh you’re such a morning person Katie,” The glare she gave sent him scampering back into his room and closing the adjoining door very quietly. Shaking her head, Katie moved to the bathroom, showered, cleaned her teeth, brushed her hair, and strolled back into the bedroom. After pulling on the black short skirt over the white tights and doing up the sleeveless white shirt she looked at herself in the mirror critically. Her long blonde hair swept around her shoulders and she sighed as she pulled it up into a pony tail, braided it and then secured it in place with grips and a black ribbon.

“Diago! Are you ready yet? It’s nearly half eight!” The adjoining door opened and Katie smiled as Diago stood in the doorway in his uniform. He wasn’t used to wearing one and looked decidedly uncomfortable. He had added a few things to make the uniform more him. Katie had wondered why he only wanted short sleeved white shirts. It was to go over the top of his selection of long sleeved tops he had bought with him. This particular one was black. The black and red tie wasn’t part of the uniform either. But their mother had said the rules about uniform was lax and students usually managed to stay within the basics (Black skirt/trousers, white shirt) yet still make it their own style. He chucked something at her as he leaned in the doorway. She caught it deftly.

“It’s a little something I bought for you before we left,” Katie looked at the black tie and black long sleeves in her hands.

“Oh Diago! I love them!!” she jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. He may be her brother, but he was the best friend she could ever have.

“Oh but I haven’t bought you anything,” she said guiltily. He waved a hand airily.

“Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to buy me anything,” he flashed her a quick grin as she did up the tie and pulled on the sleeves.

“Shall we go?” she nodded and pushed a few strands of hair from her eyes. She could tell Diago was nervous. He kept running his hand through his long blonde hair, and there was concern in his pale blue eyes. Her own silver grey orbs hid all emotion, at least she hoped so. She couldn’t let Diago see she was terrified. She didn’t even know what she was meant to be studying. At 18, she thought she didn’t need to go back to college, let alone school. Her mother had simply packed them up and drove them to the school, deep in a forest in the middle of nowhere (give or take a few miles), dropped them off, wished them good luck and left in a hurry. They met an older student, of about 21, whose face was a pallid shade of white, who lead them to their apartment. It consisted of two bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen slash dinerette and a tattered sofa with suspicious stains opposite a TV which only broadcasted static. The older student had thrust a map and a timetable, only saying the classroom numbers and buildings, into their hands and rushed off quickly, obviously in some hurry to get somewhere, or get away from somewhere. Katie was already suspicious of this place.

“What's our first lesson Dig?” Diago pulled out the timetable from a pocket in his black trousers and scanned it quickly.

“’Blank Space’ in the Necro Building, classroom 666…,” they both gave an involuntary shiver. After locating the Necro Building on the map, they made their way across the seemingly deserted school. A cold breeze blew among the buildings and the rustle of leaves was the only sound. Katie subconsciously clung onto Diago’s shirt sleeve, something she had done since she was two when frightened. He gave her a reassuring smile and pushed open the door to the outwardly normal building. The corridor was normal, lined with bright electric lights. Classroom numbers started at 600. Sounds of people chattering cheerfully came from closed doors and the occasional person strolled down the corridor. The twins surmounted that the reason the school was deserted outside was because everyone else had already started lessons. Obviously other classes started at 8:30, not 9:00 like theirs did. Those they did see, smiled nervously at them then hurried off, throwing the twins scared glances over their shoulder. Taking the elevator up to the fourth floor, they located the classroom and slid open the door, breaths bated. They silently let the air go as they saw the only thing strange in the room was the giant pentagram on the floor. Apart from that it was perfectly normal, filled with normal people, some whose faces Katie recognise…

“Kyo! Dae! What are you doing here?” Katie, closely followed by Diago, made her way past the other kids, to her best friend, Kyo Freundich. She hugged him tightly and gave Dae, Diago’s best friend a hug too. The others in the class room watched the friends re-united, but Katie took no notice of them. Diago, however, scowled round the room at the boys eyeing his sister. They soon stopped and Diago adopted a smug look.

“Our mums just dropped us off without warning and drove off,” explained Kyo. Both he and Dae had no idea why they were here either. The room began to fill with murmurs as other students began wondering why they were here. Katie and Diago sat next to their friends. Katie guessed there was about twenty people all together. Glancing at her watch, she noted the teacher was late. Just as she thought this, a voice behind her ear whispered.

“Miss Jones, are you bored already? Class hasn’t even started,” Katie squeaked and jumped out of her seat, staring at the tall man in a long black robe. He chuckled to himself and gestured with his hand.

“Please sit Miss Jones, class is about to start,” His hand swept up and through his deep purple hair, which contrasted boldly with his chalk white face. He made his way towards the front of the class room as Katie sat and stood behind his desk. A drawer rattled on it and he hastily jerked it open, hissed something incoherent, and slammed it shut. Looking up, he saw twenty pairs of very confused eyes staring at him. He smiled a honeyed smile and swept his deep blue gaze across the classroom.

“Hands, they always want to return to where they were taken from,” he shrugged, mostly to himself, “They make good help though, if you’re firm enough. Handy you could say,” he chuckled, but nobody else shared the joke, so he coughed and tried to look serious. He only looked about 25, Katie reckoned.

“Twenty three actually, Miss Jones,” Katie jerked and blinked. He smiled and brushed a stray hair from his face.

“Anyways, I am your teacher, Mr Mitzuki. You can call me Ghost though, everyone else does,” he sounded slightly bitter. The moment passed and he rubbed his hands together, almost cackling in glee, “Let’s get started with our lessons then shall we?” A hand immediately shot into the air. Ghost focused on the white haired boy beneath the hand.

“Yes Master Yundai?” The youth blinked his amber eyes and gulped.

“Excuse me Mr Mitzuki..”

“Ghost,” Ghost interrupted

“Oh, er, Ghost, sir. I was wondering what exactly is this class? I mean I am eighteen and I thought I had left education behind me,” Ghost looked slightly of put for a moment.

“You don’t know what you’re here for?” Yundai shook his head and blushed slightly, almost matching the colour of the red bits in his hair. Ghost looked at the others in the room, his eyes meeting Katie’s gaze. It lingered slightly, before moving on. Katie felt herself blushing slightly.

“Do any of you know?” The room shook its collective head and Ghost suppressed a cry of despair. He slammed his hands flat down on the table and looked at the floor, taking deep breaths. After about a minute, the one called Yundai spoke up.

“You okay there sir?” Ghost looked up sharply and the fire in his eyes almost made the youth wither.

“You mean to tell me, none of you, and I mean none, have had any training?” Another collective shake of the head, though somewhat confused. Ghost collapsed into his chair and sighed heavily.

“Well that is interesting. I might as well come out with it then. You are all the next generation of Necromancers. You will learn other professions, but Necro’s are what you are. And I am to teach you everything, and it seems to be everything, about the art of Necromancy. Woo,” He looked at them and a new realisation suddenly dawned on him. Katie watched it rise into his head like the rising of bile.

“I bet you don’t even know what races you really are?” The class did not move its head, but rather radiated confusion like it was heat.

“Well at least that part is easy,” He stood up, cracked his fingers, then wriggled them decisively, “Hmmmm, lets see,” he closed his eyes. Then pointed to the four people at the back. Katie’s heckles rose. He was pointing at her lot.

“You positively reek of Angel,” Katie felt funny all of a sudden. Then Ghost snapped his fingers. Extreme pain exploded in her back. It felt like something was trying to claw its way out of her. She heard Ghost’s voice, sounded so far away, telling her to relax, let it out. Gritting her teeth, Katie stopped trying hard to push away the pain and just let it wash over her. It felt like a soothing rush as something tore through her shirt and shadowed her desk. Looking up, she saw Ghost grinning at her, and the rest of the class looking amazed, terrified, or both. She glanced sideways at Diago, who was sat next to her, and nearly fell of her seat. Diago, who was breathing hard and focusing on his desk, had huge white birds wings sprouting from his back. He looked at her and she saw the shock in his face. He pointed to behind her.

“You have wings!”

“So do you!” The shared a look only twins could know and smiled. A groan interrupted them and they looked next to Diago, where Dae and Kyo were sat. Kyo groaned again, the closest of the two, and leant forwards. His great fiery red wings actually dripped fire, which hissed on the floor. He smiled weakly at them and jabbed a thumb at Dae. Dae sat quite calmly in his chair, yawned, and winked at them. His wings were mechanical like and there were four of them. Ghost clapped his hands together in one sharp sound, looking delighted.

“Amazing! Not only are all four of you Angels, you’re different types! Marvellous!” Katie weakly raised her hand. Ghost looked at her.

“What do you mean different types?” Ghost blinked, then his confusion cleared.

“Ah yes, all of you in here are completely ignorant to the magical world aren’t you? Well Angel’s are a winged race. And there are several different types, like there are many types of winged creatures. The rarest are the Pure Angels which is you my dear Katie and your brother, Element Angels and Mecha Angels, your friends. Elemental Angels and Mecha Angels aren’t as rare, but still pretty damn rare. We have none so far in this school. A lot of Eagle Angels. And Dragonfly Angels. But not you three. I am so happy!!” Ghost positively squeaked in delight. Then he shut his eyes again and turned to the rest of the class, who shuffled away from the teacher slightly.

“Now lets see what else we have here?” He stopped and squealed at four girls sitting together. They jumped and cowered. Ghost opened his eyes.

“Nekos!!” He snapped his fingers and Katie watched as the faces of the four girls screwed up in pain and their body began to re-arrangethemselves. Their ears moved from the side of their faces to the tops of their heads, growing and changing shape, into what looked like cat ears. Tails ripped through their skirts and they collapsed on their desks. Ghost did a little jig on the spot.

“Wonderful!! I feel extremely special to have such a distinguished class!!” Over the next ten or so minutes, Ghost danced round the room, snapping his fingers. Three boys were turned into half bull half man beasts, muscles bulging beneath their uniforms, horns bursting forth from their heads. Two girls and two boys were turned into shadows, pure black shapes of what they once were and three girls and two boys were turned into tall elegant people with long rabbit ears on tops of their heads and their finger nails sharpened into claws.Ghost moved back behind his desk and beamed happily, rolling on his feet.

“Well, this is wonderful! Now you may change back to your human forms now,” Ghost turned to a sea of confused faces. He sighed deeply and looked to the heavens.

“Now you are going to tell me you don’t know how aren't you?” he grimaced and ran his fingers through his hair. Katie half smiled to herself as she thought about this little mannerism. By the time the lesson had finished he wouldn’t have any hair left. Ghost looked up briefly and their eyes met. Katie blinked and looked away, wondering once again about the physic abilities of their teacher. The moment passed and Ghost looked out the window.

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