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Cameron was having the perfect love with Chase, but one night she reveals her feeling to her best friend, she said I love you...Its an House Md fanfiction.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ConfrontationN

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



Title: Confrontation

Pairing: Thirteen/Cameron, Cameron/Chase

Summary: Cameron was having the perfect love with Chase, but one night she reveals her feeling to her best friend, she said I love you. What would happen after this night, when Thirteen discovers that Cameron didn't tell her that she was with Chase before they slept together and revealing her feelings.

P.S. Thoughts are in Italic. English is not my first language, my story was beta. If u sees any mistake u can tell me. Thanks and be nice.

Chapter 1

Thirteen was sitting at the bar, drinking Tequila. She had a bad day due to the fact that she lost a patient. She regretted it so much; she said everything was her fault if he didn't survive. She ordered the bartender to give her two more shots, but Cameron came and said no to him. Thirteen was drunk; she turned around to face Cameron.

"How are you?" asked Cameron.

"Let me think... I lost a patient and I'm drinking at a bar. I'm fine!" she answered sarcastically.

Cameron raised an eyebrow and replied, "Okay, I see you're not in the mood for conversation."

Meanwhile Thirteen was popping some nuts in her mouth.

Cameron then spoke. "I think you need to go home," she suggested to Thirteen, who was falling asleep on the bar.

Cameron offered one hand and added, "Let's go!"

Thirteen rolled her eyes and sighed like a little girl. They got in the car and drove toward the apartment.

Cameron unlocked the door of Thirteen's apartment, and pulled her inside by the waist, closing the door behind her. She went to her room and put her in the bed.

"I'm not tired," she stated as she sat on the bed. Cameron sat beside her and looked at her carefully.

"You need to sleep, Thirteen. It's already 12 am and tomorrow we have work," replied Cameron. Thirteen sighed and went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Vodka in one hand and two shot glasses in the other. She poured the vodka in the glasses and handed one to Cameron.

"So how was your day?" asked Thirteen, taking a sip in her glass, changing the subject.

"You know, you're already too drunk to drink again,"she replied ignoring Thirteen's question as she smiled at her. Thirteen smiled back.

"It's not a big deal, now forget about me... How was your day?" she asked for the second time.

"Chill, I have a new patient who drives me crazy and..." she answered but didn't finish her last sentence. Thirteen watched her, confused, then finished her glass. Cameron changed her facial expression and looked down at the floor, feeling sad. Thirteen placed their glasses on the nightstand and turned around to look at Cameron.

"What's wrong?" Thirteen asked softly.

Cameron looked up to see Thirteen staring at her, concern in her eyes. "I really like her eyes" she thought.

"Nothing," she lied. Thirteen didn't believe her, so she decided to say nothing.

"Okay, if you say so," she replied, filling the glasses with Vodka and gave back Cameron's glass. Cameron sighed and drinks. "I know she's hiding something from me!"

One hour later both girls were very drunk. They fell on the bed, one beside one, still laughing. Thirteen turned around to look at Cameron who was on her back.

"I think I drank too much," she said with a laugh and Cameron laughed back before turning to look at her companion.

"I can't kiss her because I'm with Chase. I can't make this mistake because I really like him. And I think I like her, I'm not sure what to do. I'm so scared to watch her because I think she like me too and-she was cut off by Thirteen's lips. Cameron kissed her back without thinking of the consequences. Thirteen was on top of her, Cameron helped her to take off her shirt and kissed her deeply and added, "I love you."

Thirteen was surprised, they were both drunk and she replied, "me too," and they kissed again.


It was 8am, the sunshine was streaming in the window of Thirteen's bedroom. Cameron woke up before Thirteen with a big headache, when she turned around, she jumped up, flashbacks from last night coming back to her. She stood up and grabbed her clothes in silence, and left the house.

Thirteen jumped up, her head was hurting. She then heard the door close and looked over to see Cameron had left. "Why did she leave without saying good bye?" She shook her head and stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and prepare herself for work. She grabbed her keys and left her apartment.

Thirteen went to the locker room before walking towards the conference room; she was already late. She opened the door and sat beside Foreman.

"You're late, again, for the second time. What's wrong, you meet a new girl or what?" House asked with a smirk.

"I'm sorry," she answered, ignoring his last sentence. House shook his head and turned to the board and wrote some information on the patient.

"The patient's name is Carl Cruz. He has a tumor in his brain. We need to find the symptoms before it is too late," said House.

"I already examined him, but I found nothing," said Cameron while she was looking at the documents.

"I found something. I noticed that he has nausea and some problems of weakness of the arms and legs," added Foreman.

"Okay, find more information!" House ordered. The team stood up and left the room.


Cameron was in the ER, doing some paperwork before returning to the patient. Someone opened the door but she didn't hear anything because she was concentrating on her work. It was Chase. He placed his hands around her waist. She jumped and turned around to face him : you scared meshe said, hitting him on the arm.

"Sorry," he replied with a smile and a kiss on the neck. While they were kissing, somebody opened the door and when she saw the scene, she felt jealous, rejected, and sad. "I can't believe she didn't tell me she was with Chase. She used me"

"I'm...I'm sorry." She looked at Cameron and turned away to leave.

"Thirteen, wait!" Cameron yelled after her, but Chase grabbed her by the arm. He was confused. Why does she care about Remy! What's wrong with her?

"What's wrong with her?" he asked curiously.

Cameron looked him in the eye and pulled away. "Move!"

Chase raised his hands in defense and let her leave.

Cameron ran after Thirteen and grabbed her by the arm. "Remy?"

Remy turned away angrily. "Don't touch me, Cameron!" she yelled.

Cameron was scared as she took a step back, she had never seen her like this. Cameron shook her head. "Let me explain," she replied with a sad look.

"Explain what? That you didn't tell me Chase was your boyfriend or that you slept with me and said you love me? You used me!" she hissed coldly. Everyone was watching them but no one heard her last sentence.

"I didn't know I was going to sleep with you! And let me remind you that you were the first to kiss me!" Cameron hissed back.

"And you the one who said you loved me," she answered with a glare.

Cameron felt guilty, she couldn't leave Chase. "I know and I'm sorry. But I just can't do this, I'm with Chase and I love him with all my heart," she responded with discouragement.

Thirteen bit her lip and looked up at the ceiling to hold back her tears. Cameron went to touch her but she pulled away aggressively. Cameron ran toward her office with tears in her eyes and slammed the door behind her.


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