More like her; that beautiful girl

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Emma Is a fifteen year old girl who has no confidence in herself it makes someone really close to her to show her that she is actually very beautiful.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - More like her; that beautiful girl

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Emma...Emma...Find me...I need you now...please...I don't know who but someone hurt me...please Emma...Find me...SAVE ME!...

"Ahhh!" I jumped up screaming because the face I saw flash through my head looked just like me except burned and cut up.

"Emma what's wrong?" my mom asked as she ran through my black bedroom door. I looked at her and said "I'm okay but I have a twin or something?" I asked curiously. "What? Ha-ha are you crazy? You watched "I know who killed me" last not didn't you?" my mom asked with a laugh. "Yeah I can not believe my mind played that card trying to make me think I have a twin that is messed up" I said with a huge smile, me and my mom had a huge laugh and she shooed me out the door for school.

"Do I have to go? School is sooo boring mom" I said with the puppy dog face. "Ha! Nice try, now little lady you better go catch that bus or you'll be running to school" my mom said hitting my bottom making me go out the front door. "Fine, but if Jack hits on me again I'm punching him" I said sticking my tongue out at my mom. "Go now!" my mom said in a stern voice "Sheesh" I said and hurried to the bus stop.

"Hey Emma! Over here!" My best friend Hannah yelled and waved at me, Sheesh I see her she is so dang hyper. "Alright Alright I'm coming" I said as I walked over to her, we have been friends since pre-k but she's just been annoying since she started hanging out with Chelsie the head cheerleader. "Have you seen Jack? We kinda started dating yesterday" Hannah said and my eyes widened "What" I asked putting my hand on my hip. "Me and Jack got together last night he wants to get over you so I offered to date him until he did" Hannah said while putting her strawberry lip gloss on. "Okay.." I said in a whisper, the bus pulled up and I decided to sit with Melvin, I looked over at Hannah and seen Jack go up to her and kiss her.

I know I said I would punch him if he hit on me but we broke up two weeks ago, seeing him kiss another girl breaks my heart. "Hey Em what are you doing this weekend?" Melvin asked as he took out his sketchbook. "I don't know bout you?" I asked taking his sketchbook out of his hand. I flipped through the sketchbook and when I got to the last page it was like looking into a mirror. The long wavy bright blond hair, White fair skin, plump pink lips, bright sky blue wide eyes, the small yet normal nose it looks just like me. "When did you draw this?" I asked as I looked at my best guy friend. He has brown medium hair, green droopy eyes, a small yet normal nose and soft looking lips. "Art class when we drew each other for our projects I just never showed you cuz I said I didn't finish it" Melvin said with a worried look, why does he look so nervous? "Oh well it's beautiful can I keep it?" I asked with a smile. "Sure but don't lose it because I worked my as-" he cut himself all which made me giggle. "I wont lose it I promise"I said still looking at the picture, She looks so confident and beautiful, I wish I was more like her; that beautiful girl.

20 minutes later

I hate this school everyone knows how me and Jack broke up but not why, they blame me of course. He's the one who cheated on me he took my virginity and like an hour later cheated on me, how messed up is that? I wont fall in love again I probably could if I was more like the girl on that paper who looks like me. "Hey amazon I see I stole your best friend and your best friend stole your boyfriend its such a beautiful world huh?" Chelsie said and put her fingers to her forehead in the shape of an L. Chelsie and Hannah started walking away and Hannah turned around. I thought she was going to apologize but instead she put her hand to her head like Chelsie did "so long loser" she said, her and Chelsie just laughed their way down the school hall.

"Hey Emma...How have you been?" Jack asked me while he shut his locker and walked over to me. "My best friend Jack? I really can't believe you! You think its okay to hurt me because I;m a loser but its not! Its really not okay! Have a wonderful life on your own because I don't want you in mine!" I said and then went into my english classroom.

2 hours later (Lunch)

"Hey Em..What you doing?" Melvin asked as he sat down beside me at the lunch table for losers. "Nothing just sitting here..I swear guys are such bummers no offence" I told him angrily.

"None takin'...what happened?" Melvin asked curiously. "Well your my only best friend now..Hannah started dating Jack and she called me a loser" I said looking down holding back the tears.

"You don't need them Em..I may not be enough but i'm your friend and I care for you regaurdless" Melvin said as he pushed his glasses up when they slipped. "Thank you Melvin your such a great friend! Please don't leave me okay?" I said as tears came streaming down my face. "I wont I promise...Em...Please don't cry" Melvin said with a worried look. I wiped the tears from my face and smiled "I'm okay I promise" I said as I took a bite of my nasty pizza from the school lunch. 

 "Hey Melvin..can I ask you a question?" I asked as I looked him in the eyes. "Yea sure what is it?" Melvin asked sweetly "Am I pretty?" I asked couriously I always throught I'm an ugly girl I don't believe i'm skinny I honestly believe I look like a troll. "Yes you are, your beautiful Emma..I love you just the way you are so please don't ever change okay?" Melvin realized what he said and flushed a deep red and he looked at his feet. "Thank you so much Melvin...I won't ever change I love the way I am" I lied.

5 hours later (after school)

I got on the bus and saw Jack and Hannah making out; there was no other seat but behind them with Melvin. "Hey Melvin" I said as I sat down putting my bag on my lap in front of me. "Hey Em" Melvin said with a smile, he must have noticed me looking at Hannah and Jack sadly 'cuz he spock up about them making out "Hey cut it out we don't wanna see you sucking face freaking idiots" he yelled. I smiled and grabbed his hand as if saying it's okay, don't worry about it.

Melvin got up and told me he would be right back, Hannah looked back and grinned at me kissing Jack again just to piss me off. I rolled my eyes and held back the tears, I never once thought she would turn into another Chelsie. I felt a tap on my shoulder so I looked up and saw Melvin and two other people beside him. "Their gonna trade us seats okay?" Melvin said grapping my hand and helping me out of the bus seat. I looked at the two people and smiled weakly "Thank you guys it means alot" I said. They looked at me and smiled sweetly "No problem we're on the football team with that jerk we understand why you would be sad" The tall blond said. "He told coach I was on steroids to get quarterback.." The short blond said with a roll of the eye. I picked up my bag and walked over to Jack I bent down and looked at him and Hannah. "You steal your best friend's love and call her a loser and shine off the man you stole..Pathetic!" I looked at Jack "And You? You cheat on your girl friend the day you take her virginity and you treat your team mates like crap making up lies about them..HA! Now that-is-so-PATHETIC" I yelled. I stood up strait and walked over to Melvin and the two guys "What your names?" I asked with a sweet smile "I'm Alex and this is Timmy" The tall blond said with a bright smile. "No offence but aren't you guys to nice to be on the football team?" I asked raising a brow. "Haha Not all of us are like Jack ya know..hey we should hang out sometime you two seem cool what's ya'll names?" Timmy asked. "I'm Emma and this here is Melvin my best friend" I said grabbing his hand and smiling. "Okay cool we should all trade numbers so we can hangout sometime soon" Alex said taking his phone out of his pocket. We all traded numbers and me and Melvin went to the seat Alex and Timmy were sitting in. I can't believe they are so nice were they actually Jack's friend? I mean they are so sweet and nice and Jack is such a jerk not a common pair of friends If I say.

I went home to see a letter on the frige that read


Honey I going out won't be home til tomorrow morning I met someone and I think he might become your new daddy someday wish me luck!

Love, Mom.

Story of my life she always does this to me its a new guy every week who could as she says "Be my new daddy". They get what they want and leave..ever since dad died she can't seem to get committed to anyone. She just brings them here making sure I'm asleep and sleeps with them..Half the time I'm not really asleep it's really sad to see her like this.

I'm just gonna call Melvin for him to come over I don't want to be alone it scares me so much. I dialed Melvin's number and hit send.

"Hello?" Melvin answered in a raspy voice, his parents are probably fighting again.

"Wanna spend the night? Mom will be out all night again and I'm scared to be alone.." I said in one breath.

" and dad are fighting so I need out of here" he answered happily.

"Okay see you in ten?" I asked.

"Nah five" I could tell he was smiling I don't know how I just could.

"Alright good see you then bye" I said smiling a huge smile, whats up with me? I'm acting so weird.

"Bye-bye" He said and then hung up.

I don't know what it is but I can't stop thinking about how nice he is and why I never realized he was my only true best friend.

Five minutes later I heard a knock on my door, I opened it and saw three other people with Melvin. I looked at Melvin confused on who the girl is and why Alex and Timmy are with him. "Hi! I'm Emily! Melvin's girlfriend as of today!" the girl said with a huge smile. Wait girlfriend? I'm so confused. I slowly backed away so they could come in and Emily grabbed Melvin's hand hard. They all went to the couch and sat down, seeing Emily on Melvin's lap pisses me off what is going on? I asked myself. I went to the kitchen to get everyone something to drink when Emily came up beside me. "Stay away from my boyfriend I want you to go in there tell him he has to leave, I could careless about my brother and Alex but I want you to kick me and him out alright?" Emily said crossing her arms. "And I have to because? Like I would listen to you I'll kick you out but not Melvin" I said putting my hands on my hips. "You kick me out you lose his friendship..You kick me and him out and he just thinks somethings wrong..OR you kick us all out but keep in mind my brother is very sensitive so you might wanna just kick me and Melvin out okay?" Emily said with a evil smirk. "Why?" I asked with a eye brow raised "Because he's my boyfriend now and I don't want no skank near him got it?" she said pushing me. I went to the living room and stood in front of Melvin "I want her out! No one calls me a skank in my house got it!?" I yelled. "She wouldn't say that Em" Melvin said defensively. "Fine if you can't believe me then you get out too!" I yelled as I went to the front door and opened it. Nothing can explain how pissed off I am right now. Melvin gave me a sad look and walked out of the house with his stuck up girlfriend.  Alex and Timmy followed behind and I slammed the door and ran to my room. I jumped onto my bed and put my head in my pillow it hurt so much that I started crying. I feel like he couldn't trust he abandoned me it hurts so much I feel so betrayed like I can never trust anyone again..I can't even trust my mom..what did I do to deserve this? I slowly cried myself to sleep wishing all that went down was just a dream and that when I wake up in the morning it will all be okay.

I didn't know that things were going to get worse because if I did I never would of kicked Emily out.

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