The Dinosauria Chronicles

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The Dinosauria Chronicles is an assortment of truly based events that all reflect upon the possibility that Dinosaurs are still on our Earth. This fantasy evokes the deepest mysterys and unexplained events and turns them into a story that will have you guessing about the bounderies of our planet.

Jump in and explore the most horrific and mysterious events of our time.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Thing

Submitted: May 07, 2009

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Submitted: May 07, 2009



Even I couldn't of distinguish what lay in front of my eyes at that moment. My pondering eyes became glued to the mound of steaming rotten flesh. It was clear that whatever mangled creature that lay before me had been savagely mutilated and had reached a certain level of decomposition that was echoed across the winds with a bellow of gaseous, steaming pus and rotting fats. It appeared at first to be completely unidentifiable, however, the bone structure must still be underneath, and it's that logic that persuaded me to get an inch closer. I asked my assistant Michael Newton for a shovel. He threw it to me, already gagging from the intenseness of the flesh, his virgin nose hadn't smell anything less sweeter than a rose garden. Some assistant.

I rammed the head of the shovel into the front of the carcass. It was approximately fifteen to twenty feet in length and had a height of about four to five feet at the highest elevation of the matter.. I begin digging into the fatty meat. The grayish pink that was its skin was nearly impossible to break through with the shovel. This rough analysis was becoming extremely difficult. I sucked in a large gasp of air and ran off to the side to vomit. Fallowing that, my assistant Michael also vomited. In an attempt to find its head I noticed something very curious. It appeared to have four stumps, if you will. These stumps were clearly damaged and shortened by the sharks and sawfish that had eaten away at it's floating carcass, only for it later to wash up here. As my assistant, Michael, started to regain his eyesight and breathing habits he poked around near the opposite side. He called to me. He claimed to have found the head.

My first impression was that it was definitely an octopus. The stumps had indeed been tentacles, however, my mind had changed. The head was in the shape of a sea lions, quite large, about as big as a flour barrel. The neck was the same diameter of the body and it was connected to a tail, if you will, at which I presume to have been for protection. This tail acted like a sucker, of course, no octopus has a sucker, but it did look very similar to an elephants trunk, and even though it was decaying, it was clear that it had a hollow inside instead of outside suckers.

Me and my assistant stood there sweating in the summer heat. He glanced at me and asked if I had a smoke. I declined and sat down in the sand. He then asked for a cantine of water, which I threw towards him. My arms were covered in a slimish pink liquid as I pondered the mass of rotting flesh. What was this that sat dead in front of me? I tried to imagine its massive body swimming through the ocean depths, and it became apparent that it was beyond my imagination. Whatever this was, octopus or squid, it had my mind in a sudden state of complete puzzlement. How come something this massive wasn't seen commonly like whales? Did it come from the deepest and darkest places of the ocean? Had it been swept away from a secret and hidden origin? Or had it been swimming underneath of our ships and boats since the beginning of time and only now, in a mess of decay, did it fail to remain hidden?

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