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October 27

“Denny, let it chase you and try to keep it on its toes, I’ll give it a run around in the meantime. Are you ready team? Break!”

She said as she started running in the opposite direction out of view from the looming monster running towards me.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!! I HAVE TO ENTERTAIN THIS THING, IM A HUMAN FOR PETES SAKE. OH GOD OH GOD.” I was too hyped to be wholly frustrated at her, to be honest this made me feel kind of alive. Okay umm dead? Well I felt amazing either way. I sprinted toward the east corner when I heard the beast start after me.

Wait how am I running so fast? I feel like I could run as fast as a car on the freeway, this is cool. I’ll ask Kyoko once were out of this. Either way the beast couldn’t keep up. Ha-ha sucker. Just as I had that thought, every part of my being shook as the blade flew past me at breakneck speed.

I froze for the moment shocked. The beast pulled on…. Wait! It has a chain now? How many tricks does this thing have?

The pullback was a little bit slower than the throw but not by much as it sailed straight for me, I somehow managed to dodge it by tucking and rolling forward, but it did manage to cut the edge of the cloak’s hood.

Damn, good thing this isn’t mine but Kyoko is going to yell at me for it. Not that I honestly care much.

I don’t really feel like this is going to go well because he managed to break the wall quite easily as if slicing a butter knife through butter, it crumbled into a fine powder.

“How’s it going over there Kyo? Are we at least halfway through some sort of plan? Or are we going to just say there’s a plan and flail around hoping we hit something vital, cause I can handle doing that,” then I whispered to myself, “Not that I have actually held a short sword before.”

“Oh I have a plan, just not completely done yet. Give me about three more minutes.” She said while standing perfectly still. The area around her started to shine and glow, almost as if she was using some sort of magic, I didn’t truly believe in that. But hey, a first time for everything, right?

I decided the best way to attack a giant would be to take out the legs via the knees, so I took out the sharpened short sword from my pocket and stopped mid step.

I then proceeded to turn on my right heel one hundred eighty degrees and as soon as my foot faced forward, I was gone.

The speed at which I was running as if I was being chased by demons that represent themselves as horrors from those old campfire stories. I didn’t stop nearing the beast, it clamored to turn around.

Ha, too slow beasty.

I flipped back the shroud that I had and as it flapped by my sides from the now overbearing wind, the blade glistened slightly. Two knees, two major veins, one knife, which should I capitalize on first?

I decided on the left since it would make him fall in the opposite direction of Kyoko. I had to protect her while she is off doing whatever the hell she is doing. She is still glowing, still silent.

I ran at full speed while I flipped the handle of the knife so that the blade was on the outside of my arm, waiting.

Right as I was underneath this big beast, I looked up. I saw that his arm was already in motion as if it anticipated my movements.

Now I regret running at full speed because the brutes swing acted as it would be a gold club, me unwittingly being the ball.

He hit me as hard as he could as I flew almost at the same speed backwards, hitting the wall behind me. I don’t know how I was still conscious let alone alive at that point. As I started to fade in and out of consciousness, I heard a type of clink from my right.

I attempted to lift my head but the highest I could lift it was three inches off the ground due to the immense pain in my neck and back. But what I saw shattered my perception of what the unknown was.

My vision was hazed from the pressure but that didn’t affect how the situation looked. I saw Kyoko pull something out of mid air; I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The light that she was once holding was not that of a big ball of white but was quickly turning into a shapely bright silver sword with a bronze handle, which was laced with a stark orange jewel the size of a pigeon’s egg, planted on its hilt.

This sword had a weird vibe to it, not of negativity but of something I never would have believed, greed. This masterpiece that was spawned by the imagination of some blacksmith was something that could only come from otherworldly legends. Or at least no one’s ever documented it in the normal world.

I would say it most likely resembled Excalibur, but it had a different variant and vibe to it. But that’s enough about the sword. The next scene was like as if it was from an action film that depleted most of its budget on the first fight.

Kyoko started to run and I could tell that the sword started to slow her down because she didn’t have the normal luster that she usually exuded when she ran. She still shone but more at a forceful and pained level, like the sword was already draining her of all of her energy.

But that didn’t stop her; actually I think it made her more furious. She kept on moving while holding the sword by her right hip at the ready, with a fierce gleam in her eye that I was the unwilling to notice. It was more of hate than of passion but it worked all the same.

She was about three yards away from the giant when he decided to go on the attack. He started to swing his oversized butcher-like sword when Kyoko was at the two yard mark. He swung down with all his might with a single grunt and a short moan.

But he was at the disadvantage now as the sword missed its target. With one swipe, the beats arm wasn’t with him but lying on the cold floor next to him cleaved in half.

Then I started to hear a chuckle; it was a soft but kind of crazed one that was easily noticeable.

I turned my head to see that it was Kyoko. She started laughing at the beast, almost hysterically.

I didn’t know what to think about the situation before me. She started to run at the beast again as she held the blade sideways, almost flush to the beast legs.

She separated them as if her sword was one half of a pair of scissors and his legs were made of fresh paper. She didn’t seem like the intended to stop brutalizing the enemy who can now be called a victim.

I need to stop this. I tried my best to stand up but couldn’t keep my balance. I didn’t care about pain at this point as I grabbed the now dulled blade and used it to try to start the blood flow to the other parts of my body by gripping the blade. As quickly as I did so, my body kicked into high gear as I rushed at Kyoko as quick as my body let me.

Nothing stood in my way as I ran at her yelling for her to stop, she sadly didn’t. The last idea I had was probably a very stupid idea but I truly didn’t care. It was going down anyway, why let it suffer more?

I ran straight into her, grabbing hold of her, begging her, pleading her to stop. But I felt a pain, almost unbearable. I looked down to see the mysterious blade stuck in my side.

Luckily it was shallow enough that I’ll survive from it but deep enough to cause worry. “St…op it, why… go… this… far? What’s… wrong… wi… yo...” I said while gasping and choking on my own blood.

I blacked out at that point; I’m hoping that I stopped her. That’s all could do at that point, Hope.

Submitted: November 23, 2014

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