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October 30

I didn’t want this moment to end. If it could last forever I would let it. We both leaned back for a breath and we looked into each other’s eyes. Her face showed nervous pleasure. I kept my hand of the right side of her face as I leaned in to continue this moment; there was a clap right next to my ear.

 “Okay that’s enough loving for one day!!” Elsa yelled quite loudly while clapping.

“God, ahh. Do you seriously have something wrong with moments? You just love to ruin them don’t ya? Jumping at me earlier out of nowhere and ruined this kiss…” It just hit me, I just had my first kiss and with this beautiful woman standing before me. So that is what that whole kissing thing I heard about was, I now understand. I looked up at Kyoko nervously, who was looked at me while looking slightly downward as she brushed the right side of her silver/blonde hair back. So cute…

Anyway, I was kind of mad at Elsa for ruining the moment but I knew the circumstances we were in. They weren’t good, but they weren’t horrible. Especially with the event that just took place. That cheered me up a bit.

“Anyway, what would you need us to do? I can help with whatever I can but what are you two planning to go from here?” Elsa asked, in her serious way again.

Kyoko responded still a little flustered but she managed, “We need to get to the village named Hauk to take out a man named Oracle Navarro. He was the second person I was ordered to kill after I had succeeded with Denny here.” She looked to me, and in a hushed tone said, “Sorry.”

“So what can we do for you? You are perfectly fit enough to take almost anyone out, being the best of the Royal Guard that you are known to be. Like I said I can get almost anything for you since I consider you family, as long as it is currently available in the village I can get it.” Elsa replied less serious but more leaning on the neutral, emotionless side.

“Well, for starters, we need clean clothes and a specific Ushia armor that I know your personal blacksmith can make for Denny. Two, we would like to have your brother, Jalac, for the mission. And the third, we will be in need of new weapons, I have a sword and Denny has a dagger. I also believe we need to train Denny in sharpshooting because as you know, I am speed and close combat based. If Jalac joins, he is meant more as an assassin who can use low range magic, if any at all. Denny is quick but he has more strength and honing skills then speed and accuracy with a normal blade.” Kyoko listed the needs while Elsa nods as if she wasn’t really listening.

“One, of course he can, Jacob will just need Denny’s measurements to be able to get the right material sizes. He can also get you some upgraded weapons as well. Two, that’s up to Jalac if he wants to, I won’t force him to go. I doubt he will decline though, he is a weird case. Three, I would say that you should go find Aster to teach Denny archery. He is really good at teaching anyone the art, and since you said he has good honing skills, it might even take less time than that.”

“I believe it shouldn’t be too hard, right? I recently have been able to pick up new techniques and skills relatively easily. I am also ready for some sort of training. Why don’t we do this, Kyo. While I go and learn from the master archer, you should go to the blacksmith for those new weapons, I believe you’ll be able to pick the best one for me. Also I don’t believe Jalac trusts me yet so could you see if he’d be cool to join us? After archery practice, I will ask around for information on Oracle Navarro, sound good?” I had a gleam in my eye that projected happiness but showed determinism.

“Sounds solid enough, don’t get too hurt. You may be able to heal almost instantly but that doesn’t make you invincible. Remember that, if you go down, I will mourn you. Not well, but I will.” Her joking manner never seizes to amaze me. The last sight I saw was Elsa doing weird movements through space and Kyo’s smiling face slowly fading as the door closed behind me.

I quickly made my way past the two waterfalls, which I actually stopped at both to look at the crystal clear water seemingly dancing off the edge of the hill. Once past I finally got past the waterfalls and hills, I saw two houses in front of me, both equally beautiful. Elsa only told me to look for a house with a blue ribbon hanging on the front porch shutter. I have never seen a ribbon placed on a shutter on Earth. New places, new ways of doing things, I guess.

I looked at each of these two buildings, one was labeled, “Aftershop,” the other being named, “Oltos.”  I decided to pick the abnormally named one because curiosity was beckoning. As I walked up to the door, I realized that I had picked the right one since the house did have the desired ribbon tied to the front facing shutter. I am one for one, I feel great so far.

I didn’t even put my hand on the door handle when I heard a deep almost hardened voice call out.

“Come on in, I have heard from Elsa that you need my help.” How are they able to talk to her so fast? “She sends messages quickly.”

“I don’t see any letters, did you...?” I didn’t even open my mouth for the next word when he answered me.

“Yes, she sent a message through her mind; I can receive messages but not send them out. Neat, right?” This man seemed like a nice guy so far.

I walked into the house to find a normal sized man with a darkened skin tone, two white eyes, and pointy ears. I sat down in the chair opposite him. “So, you are Denny? You want to learn Archery or do you need to? Ahh, okay. So you don’t need to but you want to be able to effectively help Kyo. Protect her. That’s enough to reason, it seems. Will do; let me prepare the bows, arrows, and targets. Come out back and wait five minutes but be on constant guard.”

He slowly got up but seemed to have to feel the space, albeit barely. “Yes, I am blind. I heard you ask it in your head, you shouldn’t be so curious.” He smiled as to show me he was joking.

He seemed to look at me perfectly, I wonder. Not really, but I will learn from the archery master the way to use a bow and arrow without needing sight. This will be painful to watch for anyone who happens to walk by.

…………………Kyoko’s point of view

Where could any of this be? I think Elsa was being really vague in her directions on purpose. “Down the corner and to the left.” Who does she take me as, I was always smarter than her, at least led myself to believe that. Down the corner, to the left. Down the… Oh there it is. Good job Kyoko, you are good at this.

I’m hoping that this man isn’t going to charge me above face value because he knows who I am, I hate that. I wonder if Denny found the place well enough, again Elsa doesn’t give good directions, never has, never will. Anyway, Blacksmith, Blacksmith.

“Oh ain’t it the princess herself? How you been doin’, holdin’ up” The blacksmith was an older man maybe in his 60s, each wrinkle on his face seemed as if it might have a story. Most likely a boring one but I didn’t want to hear it anyway.

“Yeah, Jacob, it is. So, I have a big job for you. I need an Ushian armor set for a man about seventy inches and a pair of weapons that will supersede these five fold.” I took out my sword and Denny’s dagger that he had left me, knowing he didn’t need it anyway. My blade was dulling but still had life in it. Denny’s dagger was an old blade, barely even still held together.

“I’ll make one up quickly, I am guessing flexible material? Fiberglass or carbon fiber maybe? What’s are ‘is abilities?” He was a simple man, since he only asked three questions.

“He has the ability of near instant healing and an advanced ability to learn new things two times faster than normal. I would say Carbon fiber and mesh around the joints, on the back add in an arrow and ammo holder. The mask should be attached with a scope already on it since he will be our marksman. I believe…” He put up a single bony finger.

“All you had to say was, “Yes, Carbon fiber, ‘e is a marksman.” I know what to do, give me about six hours and then we will talk about weapons. See ya then, Princess.” No matter how many times that I saw him, his smile still freaked me out. I saw him off with a semi salute, force of habit.

Okay, where would Jalac be? I believe the east wing second floor, but it might be moved. It has been over six months since I have been here, I am hoping it hasn’t.

Good, the stairs, the magnificent stairs. Okay not really, but I finally found them. I need a place to sit or rest at least. This place is a small manor on the outside but surprisingly huge on the inside. I still get lost here even though I have been here about fifty times in my life. The stairs were strong and well made, “God, I am so tired.”

“Then sit down in the lounge.” I heard as I heard a thump at the top of the stairs.

“Guess who came to me, thank you. I didn’t want to walk up these, even if they are short. So I have a proposition for you, Jalac. Will you hear me out?” I squinted while barely even containing my laughter; I don’t do movie type conversation as well as I should.

“I am hearing. If it is what I need, I will do. This is fun by the way, and how is my voice?” He fired back in a typical movie mob type of accent. He is still the same fun kid I know.

I started to bait him, “It is an adventure.” He moved down two steps, “I involved walking through forests.” He moved down three steps, “third of the bounty rewards.”

He jumped to the bottom of the stairs, in front of me. “Sold, you and Mr. new guy, right? Done, I am on. I just need to get my stuff ready, where is Den anyway?” He jumped back and forth, kind of like an excited monkey.

“He is currently training to be our spotter and marksman with Aster, I think he should be done by the end of today.” I said that way too confidently.

“But that shouldn’t be possible to be a great marksman, especially half as good as Aster, him being blind and all. It would take two weeks to even learn his intermediate style of Archery but both by the end of the day?” His mind looked like it was going to explode from the question.

“That’s the wonder of Denny, he has two practical abilities. I should make cool names for them, my names aren’t that bad, Bulk and Dagger then Aftershock. My defensive/offensive power and my drawing of the After Bringer, not going to try that again for a while.” I looked away slowly as to draw attention.

“Okay, I’ll get everything ready and say my farewells to some town folks. I’ll see you tomorrow; get some good rest, Kyo.” He said as he leaped up the stairs. He is a weird number, isn’t he?

I should check on Denny while I am at it. I heard an explosion coming from the middle of the lake. My heart dropped and the only thought running through my mind was the worst possible solution. I didn’t even take the time to run down the cliff, I just jumped for it. It is not the right time for an attack, not good at all.

Submitted: November 23, 2014

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