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October 25.5

Kyoko’s POV

Umm.. Hello, I am Kyoko. Wait, is anyone actually going to be reading this diary thing? Well it doesn’t matter, moving on. Hello, as I’ve stated before that I’m Kyoko, It’s actually Kyo Koura Azuraine, but people call me Kyoko.

So I stole the guys journal, diary, whatchamacallit, and decided to read through it. I have now learned that his name is Dennzyte (Weird right), or Denny (Better), that’s a new name to me and probably you too. Well, from reading through the first couple days, it seems he didn’t have a good time growing up, me neither so it seems that is one thing we have in common besides the attitude.

I’ve been in The Underworld since I was born so I haven’t seen many humans, especially there were none of them that were like him, most just yell at me, tell me that I am a monster, and give in. I think that’s kind of rude, I am a lady after all; I take care of how I look even though I wear a mask, tough armor, and a cloak. I still care about how I look.

If you have gotten this far into my writing then congratulations, I am very happy for you, : ). I bet you didn’t believe Id draw that smiley face, did you? Well since you are here I am not going to just write random stuff in his diary just because I can. I feel like filling you in about why I came after Mr. Macho here.

I’ll give you a background on me first, so you can relate, or not, with me. I don’t talk very much unless I need to extract something or the person is generally above average in conversational skills. Luckily Denny is, despite being alone most of the time he can hold a conversation quite well. Anyways on to me, I was born in a little town called Xerces, the city of lost souls. Depressing name, right? Sadly, it is basically the capital of the whole Underworld.

Why do I live there you ask, well good question. I am forced to. I have no say in where I live, actually no one does, and it’s all “predetermined” by the Efferets Coucil, which is basically the government of all countries. It is full of greedy assholes that chase woman and drink all day. They are all pigs. Anyway, I am the unluckiest of all; do you want to know why? I am the king’s daughter, a freaking princess. Some may say sentiments such as “Lucky you, you can buy whatever you want and never struggle. I don’t like that I am pampered, but I am.

Since I was born into that family, I was always fed lies that beauty and grace was everything. “Stand up straight, don’t let anyone see you yawn, act ladylike.” ACT LADYLIKE? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I get up at six every morning to learn piano and cello, and go to bed at midnight after learning table manners and presentation all day.

I have always hated it, from the itchy dresses to the overly profound galas, where men only seemed like they wanted to be the next prince-to-be because I was beautiful and also the daughter of the king of everything.

I always enjoyed playing with the Vice Duke’s son Alfonse. He was always nice to me, whether he had feelings for me I never knew; I did have feeling for him but never knew how to tell him. Anyway, he would always play as if I was one of his other kid friends that were boys, playing trucks, roughhousing, it was never dull.

Until, he moved to Andervell, which truly crushed me. All the rest of the kids that my “loving” dad set me up with were little girls who wanted to play tea party and play with dollies. You know what I did with any dolly that my dad gave me; I told the butler to burn it in the incinerator.

As you can tell I dislike anything adorable or fluffy, cute though is a different story, I enjoyed cute. Okay, sorry off topic. So basically I grew up rejecting my parents ideas of what a princess should act like, and actually, I had quite a fan base being a normal person as princess. Well we aren’t technically people; they range from (in order):

Mercentry - Half man/Half pig. Just don’t get me started on them

Alfertain – Elves. I have friends that are Alfertain, also our guard is Half-Elfertain. They mainly use plant based magic. As for their nature, they are good hearted people, but sadly they are low on social status.

Tealwoes - Bear men. They are pretty insidious and plotting creatures, they are meant for strength and building.

Owos - Basically Ghosts. We get our camoflauge from these people, technology wise they are pretty advanced.

Ushias - My race, we are basically human in shape. Each person has some distinctive ability; some are alike but never the same in degree. The main difference between humans and Ushias is that Ushias have tails normally ranging from feline to reptilian in nature. Thought I should mention that we normally hide it from society unless we are in a relationship, or feel attracted towards someone, little tidbit.

So anyway back to the story aspect, I grew up as a princess as much as I could to make my parents stop bothering me. I begged my parents to be a Royal Guard, but they kept on telling me, “No, royal ladies don’t participate in such brute like behavior.” Of course I was furious, so I started to ask Junlos (my Royal Guardian), to train me.

So we trained every day whenever my parents were dealing with guests or generally out around the town. I did this for six straight years until I was about the age of twenty, stepping up the latter of every skill I could learn until I was easily able to overpower Junlos. He was more than happy to have been able to teach me his fighting techniques.

I told my parents that I was going to leave on a mission and since I was an adult (Twenty is considered an adult in Xerces), they couldn’t say no. I packed up all of my necessities (Clothes, money, and a knife), and headed out for the nearest forest, which was about ten miles due south. So I trained as much as I could in the forest for about six months before I deemed myself worthy enough to convince my dad to be put on any type of military. I gained quite a few decent sized scars underneath my clothes, invisible to anyone that saw me in a “normal” type of situation.

I bought a suit of armor from this extremely nice and hardworking blacksmith in a nearby town, I don’t know the name of the town, so I can’t write it, sorry. I took about 300 gold coins (Equal to about three thousand silver) from my small bag of change, and I bought a suit of armor named the Dragon Rainer. This armor was beautiful; it was full titanium plated armor with extremely bendable flex joints, Adjustable defense mechanism on telekinetic command (not impervious, just boosts defense to one area), and it can be embedded with the ability that the user has from birth.

For me and my magical powers, this thing wouldn’t be seen. It also had a strong camouflage unit for easier hunting or sneak attacks. I have never loved something so much in my life. Besides that I got a gas mask for my face, the armor didn’t have a mask but I didn’t mind, to easily pass any poison trap and a hefty but pliable cloak to hide the armor so it is not too suspicious.

So I marched back to the castle after thanking the man for his hard work and wondrous craftsmanship. I walked through the front gate after talking to the guards that were currently on post and went straight to my father’s chamber to beg him to put me on the Royal Guard. He saw the determination and passion in my eyes, and saw my Dragon Rainer armor. He also had a nod from Junlos to that I was an admirable fighter. I waited two days for his decision, and with heavy resistance and consideration, he let me join.

I managed a few main missions that included about two to three different guards and a few solos. They were easy with very small payout. Then he gave me my first big mission. He gave me a mission to kill a man who he should’ve killed the entire family of when he was in the Royal Guard. I immediately asked, “Why do you want this kid dead? He doesn’t seem like the type to cause any harm, he looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Dad immediately replied, “Are you questioning authority now after all this time of training?”

“No father, if you wish so, it is my command that I will follow.” I started to make my way to the portal to observe my target. Why do I feel so bad for him, I don’t even know the person but I am sympathizing with him. Why do I feel this way? I quickly blocked my emotions and looked at the portal. At this point I saw the boy climbing the stairs slowly towards the roof; I felt this would be the best opportunity to strike.

I quickly pressed the button on the side of my right leg that activated the camouflage receiver in my helmet, weird design, but hey it worked so I didn’t really care. I quietly snuck through the portal, and made my way behind the already frightened man standing all alone on the roof. “What a piece of cake this will be,” I told myself in my head. Sadly this guy could feel something was not right and jumped backwards than proceeded to run where I was first standing.

Can he see me? Is my camouflage malfunctioning? Then he yelled, ““Is anyone there? If you are, don’t mess with me, I am not in the best mood today. Just come on out.”

At that point I started to get anxious. This is just the way I like it, some prey with a feisty side. I decided the best course of action would be to flank from his left. Yeah that will throw him off guard quite nicely.

I started running in his general direction preparing to attack with the armor cushioning the blows of my feet on the hard cement; he didn’t seem to hear me. Until, he turned and looked towards where I was running, then directly at me, intently reading me.

“What the hell is going on? Does this curse I’ve heard about allow him to see through my disguise or am I imagining things?” I yelled to myself. As I kept on running at him, regardless of if he could see me or not, he began to cock his right arm back and took a shot.

I slowly laughed cockily at him; he thought he could punch me, one of the elite royal guards. I grabbed his fist and started to bear down on it like a dog and its ball. He started to crumble under the pressure.

What he did next wasn’t what I entirely expected because he decided to sweep me. “Stupid decision,” I thought but sadly I was mistaken as it managed to hit my right leg and shattered my invisibility sensor. He somehow managed to break free of my grip while my legs started to twist.

Now I’m pissed. I stared directly in his eyes for most of the battle to strike fear into his heart. He decided to capitalize on releasing his hand and started to run towards the left bench on one side of the rooftop. I followed suit as I picked up the nearest pipe and ran towards him with a small limp that my knee brace quickly compensated for.

I started to catch up to him rather quickly. I started to pick up the pipe that I was dragging along my backside to take a swing at him, but sadly he dodged my advance as if by a miracle.

At this point my breathing was starting to labor and the mask did not help quieting it down. I quickly caught up with him, who was running towards a whole in the gate on the far side of the building. He’s just asking to be taken out now.

I swung the pipe with half of my strength to subdue him and it finally hit. He dropped to the ground after staggering and falling onto the nearby fence. I didn’t see what he was grabbing for, but I prepared for the worst. He threw whatever he could with what seemed like that last bit of his strength and threw it at towards my head. It hit me directly on the top of the gas mask.

“Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, I need to regain my balance, it’s not over until one of us dies.” I yelled inside my head once again. The man was clearly yelling something off the edge of the building, but I couldn’t quite make any of it out. He then proceeded to grab yet another chunk of concrete and took a defensive stance after pulling himself up. I finally regained my pseudo-sense of balance but decided not to start moving right away.

He then started to get angry which is understandable; this is a fight to the death. “Don’t you dare mock me!” He yelled as he started to cock his arm back, concrete in hand, ready to attempt to turn the tables.

I still didn’t feel it was safe to move so I rerouted most of my defense to my upper body (neck, shoulder, and chest.) He then ran full force at me staggering a bit as his steps started getting closer together.

He then drove the cement block into the right side of my neck, it hurt quite a bit but the armor helped soften the blow, I still was able to maintain eye contact. My armor tightened around my legs to prevent unnecessary movement so I couldn’t stagger even though I knew I needed to.

I was happy that I had enough control over my arms to deliver the final blow, the knife to the abdomen, my famous signature death kill. He started to staggers with blood all over his hand with a look of helplessness as started to bleed out.

I regained my normal sense of emotion that is normally shut off during battle. I had the overwhelming need to help him in some shape or form. I can’t bring him back to life but I can transfer his life over to the new world while keeping his body as a human.

So I opened the rift and carried him into the room right next to the interrogation chamber, he rested as his body slowly started to heal itself over the course of two days. You know the rest from the other parts.

I…. Oh… He’s… He’s waking up after his giant revelation, I need to tear this page out and hide it so he doesn’t see it. If you eventually were able to read this, thank you, and See you next time.

Submitted: November 23, 2014

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