Black Veil Break (An Andy Biersack Fan-Fiction)

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



Chapter 2

(Andy’s POV)

I watched Scarlett go back to the house. I stared after her, a smile plastered my face. She was such a sweet girl. I felt pretty bad for taking advantage of her like that. But, when a girl kisses you first, and you’ve been dying to kiss her since the day you saw her, you’re going to kiss her back right? I didn’t mess it up did I? Nawh, I laughed to myself. If anything I’m just setting us up for a great beginning.

I went back to the dock and grabbed both of our towels, then slowly walked back to the house. Why had she stopped? Had I done something wrong? I mean, she had obviously been enjoying herself, she moaned didn’t she? I wasn’t going to let this bother me. I walked into the house, as I passed to bathroom to go and change I heard that the shower was running. What was she trying to do? Wash our kiss away? And why the hell was I so paranoid about this?

I quickly changed into another pair of skinny jeans, throwing on the tank-top I had had on earlier. As I walked past the bathroom once again I realized the shower was still on. It took everything I had not to strip and get in there with her. But I wanted her to like me, not think I was a crazy rapist. I smacked the wall as I walked into the kitchen. Why the hell was this bothering me!?

The shower stopped. I heard her rustling around looking for a towel. I stared at the door with wide eyes, waiting for her to walk out in a towel. But what I saw next was even better. Scarlett walked out of the bathroom, long black hair dripping down her bare back. The droplets on her skin shined under the hallway light. She had on a pair of black panties. That was it. She didn’t even notice I was standing there as she dried her hair in the middle of the hallway. She walked back to her room and shut the door behind her. Never once. I smiled. Had she known I was there? Was she doing that to make me mad? To turn me on? Or had she truly not realized I was in the house? And why the hell was I still asking myself these stupid ass questions? I went to sit down in the hallway and wait for the beautiful Scarlett.

I sat down on the couch. It was actually really comfortable. I laid back and smiled at the ceiling and began to sing;

“Alone at least we can sit and fight,

I’ve lost all faith in this blurring light.

Stay right here we can change our plight.

Storming through this despite what’s right.”

Scarlett stood in front of me, “I didn’t know you were inside,” her face blushed deeply.

I jumped a little at the sound of her voice, “I didn’t know you were standing in front of me.”

“Fair enough,” she sat down on the couch next to me, “About earlier, I’m-“

“Why’d you stop?” I cut her off, sounding a lot more rejected than I thought I would.


“I asked you why you stopped. What if I wanted you to keep going? What if I was enjoying myself?” I looked down at my hands. Moving them anyway I could to keep me from saying everything I wanted to say.

“What?” Was she that clueless? Or was she honestly confused?

“Scarlett, I’ve wanted to talk to you since the day I saw you. I’ve wanted to kiss you from that moment as well. Something about you just clicked for me. I feel as if I need you to survive. I feel like without you, I’ll die. Alone,” I stared at the glass table, her reflection looking at me. I saw her green eyes grow huge. Tears forming on the edges.


I pushed my lips against hers to stop her. If she said what one more time I thought I might cry. Why did she automatically deny herself happiness? She was a gorgeous girl. Why couldn’t she just accept the fact that I wanted her badly? Out of all the people in the world. I wanted her. No one else. Just. Her.

I pushed her down onto her back slowly. I wanted her and only her right now, “Scarlett. I love you,” I bit her lip lightly as I pulled away for only a second to say those words.

Her emerald eyes stared up at me. Shocked beyond belief. As if she couldn’t believe I had just said I loved her. Maybe it was because I was in a band. A popular band, which she had worshipped for years. I kissed her again. Our lips moving as one. My hand quickly found the hem of her shirt. I slipped my hand under her shirt and soon found out she wasn’t wearing a bra. My hand cupped her breast. They were B’s maybe. But, I wasn’t really into big tits. I massaged her breast as the kisses grew more and more feverish. I pulled her shirt over her head, tracing kisses down to her now exposed chest.

My tongue played with her nipple. Licking, teasing her. A moan escaped her lips and I couldn’t help but smile. She was not only beautiful, but extremely sensitive. I loved it. I smiled as I kissed a path slowly down to her belt. I began to undo it.

“No Andy. Stop,” her breath came ragged. I couldn’t help but smile.

“And why not Gorgeous?”

“Because… Because I’m not ready for that,” her face blushed brightly. She was so cute. I smiled at her and handed her her shirt off the back of the couch. She smiled at me.

“It’s late. Why don’t you go to bed?” I stood up, pulling her along with me.

“True. It is. I guess I’ll go then,” she sighed and began to walk. She stopped at the door, “Andy… Thank you,” she smiled that beautiful smile and closed her door.

I walked into my room and laid down fully clothed, “You’re welcome Love. But it’ll happen sooner or later,” I smiled and quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.



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