All because of him

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This is a story about Holly, Brooke and Ashley. They go on a small boat ride, but get drugged and sent off into the middle of the ocean lost, with only a cellphone with barely any power.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - All because of him

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



Chapter 1

"'Kay, you ready?" Asked Ashley.

"Almost." Holly said, "I just have to pack some food incase we get hungry."

Brooke stood up from her seat. "Well, can we go now?"

Holly tossed her purse over her shoulder. "Yeah."

"Love you!" Called the girl's mom.

After all the girls got on the boat, Holly unroped it from the dock.

"I'm just gonna' tan." Ashley said as she layed back on her side of the boat.

Holly brought out a book. "You go do that." She leaned back on her side of the boat and read a book.

Brooke stared off into the distance until something caught her eye.

"Do you guys see that?"

They looked off in the distance and saw something red moving towards them.

"Oh... him." Holly mumbled.

"Why hello ladies." Dylan said as he pulled up beside the boat in his red paddle boat.

"Hi Dylan..." Brooke said.

"You look lovely today, Brooke" Dylan winked.

"'Kay, I'm not going out with you."

Dylan sighed.

"Any of you other ladies interested?" Dylan said with a smug look.

"Fuck off." Holly said.


"God, I'm thirsty." Ashley said.

"Then you're in luck!" Dylan looked in his bag. "Dr. Pepper, anyone?"

"Over here." Ashley said.

Dylan grabbed some rohypnol from his bag and put it in the Dr. Pepper.

"Here you go." He tossed her the bottle.

"What do you girls want?"

"Whatever." Brooke said.

"Rootbeer it is." Dylan put rohypnol in the two rootbeers.

He passed the bottles to the two other girls.

"Drink up." Dylan said with a smirk.

The girls passed out.

Dylan lifted Brooke onto his small boat. Brooke's chi-chi bit him. Dylan screamed like a girl and threw Brooke back on to the boat.

A chi-chi is a mythical small creature that can talk. It has fur and is very human-like.

Nine hours later, Holly woke up. "Brooke... Brooke?"

Brooke moaned.



"What just happened?"

"We're..." Brooke looked off into the distance.

"In the middle of the ocean."

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